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  • Golden Cockapoo [Guide From A Golden Cockapoo Owner]
    The Golden Cockapoo. Does a dog get any cuter? I’d argue not! Though, I am a little biased. I’m a proud owner of a charming golden Cockapoo named Bailey, and since welcoming him into our lives, we’ve learnt a thing or two about the breed …

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  • Cockapoo Coat Types [& Why This Really Matters]
    There are various different cockapoo coat types. How do I know? Well, let’s just say I have put in the research. I have a cockapoo (Bailey), and I’ve learned firsthand how coat type impacts everything from appearance to grooming needs. If you are considering getting …

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  • Best Brush For Cockapoo [I Sourced This Brush For My Dog]
    As a fellow Cockapoo owner, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to find the best brush for these adorable hybrid dogs. When I brought home my Cockapoo, Bailey, I was excited but also nervous about properly caring for her cute, curly coat. Like …

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  • Best Brush For Pomsky [The Brush For Grooming Success]
    With so many brushes and combs on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right brush for your pomskies coat. When you just want to find the perfect brush, the options can seem endless. If you’ve already bought and used one and been …

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  • Best Brush For Bichon Frise [The Tool For Optimal Grooming]
    As a doting Bichon Frise parent, you know that maintaining your pup’s cottony soft coat takes work. Or at least, you soon will! Regular brushing prevents painful mats, removes dirt, and keeps their fur looking like the perfect fluffy cloud you adore. But with so …

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  • My Dog Ate A Receipt [What You Now Must Do]
    You’ve just discovered remnants of shredded receipt paper strewn across the floor—the chaotic calling card of your mischievous canine! Upon further inspection, you find key sections missing. Your mind races with distressing questions as you try recalling when you last saw that important receipt. Could …

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  • Whimzees Made My Dog Sick [Your Next Step Should Be This]
    Does your dog seem a little “off” after eating a Whimzee dental treat (or two)? Perhaps they vomited, had diarrhea, or just lacked their usual pep and appetite. It’s a troubling thought when a treat you thought was safe causes distress. While Whimzees are marketed …

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  • Why Does My Dog Sniff My Face? [Should You Stop Them?!]
    Does your dog’s tendency to constantly shove their snout into your face leave you puzzled? You’re not alone. While this behavior may seem intrusive or unnecessary to humans, face sniffing isn’t uncommon (as we shall soon find out!) Before pushing your pooch away next time …

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  • Purina Busy Bone Review [You’ll Be Thrilled You Stopped By]
    Twisted, tantalizing, and tempting – Purina Busy Bones promise hours of chewing entertainment and dental benefits for dogs. But are these chaotic-looking chews all they’re cracked up to be? If you’re wondering whether Purina’s bestselling treat is right for your dog, you’re not alone. We’ll …

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