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Are Dogs Allowed In Camping World? [Is This Store Dog-Friendly?]

Are you heading down to camping world for some new gear but wondering whether your dog can come along with you? Will they allow you inside and are they considered to be a dog-friendly store? Here is what you will want to know.

So, are dogs allowed in Camping World? Most Camping World locations are dog-friendly and will allow you to bring your dog inside; so long as they are well behaved and on a leash. Although, it is best to call the store you intend on visiting ahead just to be sure.

For the most part, this is a very welcoming place for dog owners.

As we shall now see below.

Is Camping World Pet-Friendly?

Most Camping World stores are pet friendly, with some stores even having dog treats on the counter, others even have signs on the door that state “pets welcome”.

With this being said, not every store necessarily will be.

It will depend on the store’s management, employees, and their general attitude towards welcoming dogs.

For this reason, some stores may only permit service dogs, others may even have restrictions depending on the dog’s size and general temperament.

So it does depend and it is best to check ahead of time.

That way, you won’t be left hanging around outside or needing to engage in a perhaps difficult conversation.

You can easily find the contact information for the store you intend to visit by using the interactive store finder on the Camping World website.

They’ll soon let you know.

Nevertheless, if you find out you can take your dog into Camping World, be sure to keep them close and on a leash at all times.

Even if your dog is very well behaved and well socialized, people do have allergies to dogs so might want to be kept away from them for these reasons!


Most stores without food will let you bring your dog, so long as they are well behaved. This includes Camping World, for the most part, too.

Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to keep your dog calm.

It is generally best to leave if your dog starts to bark, gets agitated, or would otherwise disturb or upset other customers.

But other than that, a trip to Camping World can be a great way to not only get the gear you need (perhaps even size your dog up against a product) but it can also be used as a means of socializing your dog.

You should find they get a lot of attention, and can be a means of getting them exposed to a lot of different stimuli – people, sounds, sights, and experiences.

It can actually do them good.

Just be mindful of other customers and appreciate the concerns of others, should they arise.

And if you are wondering where else you can take your dog inside, check out the following guides below: