Are Dogs Allowed In Charity Shops? [You’ll Be Glad You Checked]

You want to do something charitable; donate some old clothes or household items. Or perhaps you fancy a bargain. Either way, you are wondering whether you can take your dog inside a charity shop, right? Well, regardless of why you are here, this is what you will want to know.

So, are dogs allowed in charity shops? Dogs are not generally allowed in charity shops, with the exception being assistance or guide dogs (which are legally allowed to enter all public spaces). That being said, some charity shops will allow all dogs – it’s ultimately at the discretion of the volunteers working that day.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer.

The truth is, it depends on the charity shop’s policy (e.g. British Heart Foundation, Oxfam, Salvation Army etc.), along with the location in question.

Then there are the volunteers; of which most charity shops have several

And then there are other factors like weather conditions (if its raining and your dog is wet as an example), how busy the charity shop is, etc.

Pull this all together and your left with a situation where sometimes you may be welcome in, other time you may not.

So my advice would be this:

  • Assume your dog will not be welcome in; either leave them at home, or swing by another time when your dog isn’t with you
  • Bring someone with you who can patiently wait outside with your dog; preferably on a leash and not directly outside the front door.
  • Call ahead; ringing the store you intend on going to and finding out from them directly.

Those will ensure there’s no wasted journeys, potential embarrassments, or worse still – altercations with what are essentially volunteers doing what they do best.

And just remember; dogs are not generally allowed in most indoor public places for hygiene and allergy reasons.

So not matter how well behaved, socialized or groomed your pooch is, it’s a general rule to ensure everyone is happy, safe and comfortable.

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