Are Dogs Allowed In Chester Zoo?

Are you looking to take your family down to Chester Zoo. And when I say family, that obviously includes the dog! But can you? Will you be permitted entrance with your dog by your side? At least in the outside areas? Well, you’ll be pleased you checked first. Here is why…

So, are dogs allowed in Chester zoo? Dogs are not allowed at Chester Zoo, with the only exception being registered and fully-trained assistance dogs. Even then, they are limited in where they can go for animal welfare reasons.

In fact, Chester Zoo have actually released an Assistance Dog Map to help those navigate the zoo without spooking other animals.

So certain animal houses, and certain pathways should be avoided.

And assistance dogs need to be kept on a short leash at all times too.

“Assistance dogs are trained to support deaf and disabled people and people with medical conditions in a variety of ways.”

But for the average lay person, if you cannot take your dog to Chester Zoo, are there any alternatives for you?

Well, let’s find out

Which UK Zoos Allow Dogs?

The majority of UK zoos do not allow dogs, with the exception being Cotswold Wildlife Park. This is the only zoo that welcomes dogs, even winning awards for being the ‘Most Dog Friendly Day Out in the UK’.

If you do intend in visiting, dogs can be brought into the Park so long as they are kept on a close lead and are fully under adult control at all times.

Again though, there are limitations to where you can go.

For instance, you cannot take your dog indoors or into the Bat Belfry, Reptile House, Children’s Farmyard, any areas with free ranging animals or in the restaurant or gift shop.

Do consider that it’s quite the drive from Chester to the Cotswold – around 3 hours on a good run, which may or may not be too long (especially for a dog in a car).

So frequent breaks will be required if you attempt it!

Chester to Cotswold's

You may want to consider other, dog-friendly days out!