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Are Dogs Allowed In Costa? [The Answer Is Not So Simple…]

You want a coffee. Perhaps you need a coffee. But can you pop into Costa and order with your dog by your side? Will the staff allow you inside? Well, having taken a look at their official pet policy, here is what you are going to want to know.

So, are dogs allowed in Costa? Dogs are not allowed in Costa, as per their policy which is nationwide. The only exception is assistance dogs, which are can enter legally and by law.

That being said, there has been some controversy and confusion.

Some stores do appear to have allowed the admittance of pet dogs.

In fact, some stores have even been known to publicize that dogs are allowed (which is even against store policy).

You can see this in a Twitter exchange below between the official Costa Coffee Twitter Account and a customer:

So what do we take from this?

Well, dogs are not officially allowed in Costa. As per company policy.

However, you may be able to take them into a particular store; depending on the location of the store, the staff, and their own stance toward the policy.

Whether you should, however, is a different matter altogether.

Why Dogs Are Not Allowed In Costa

Costa’s no-dog policy is in place for both hygiene and safety reasons.

While some stores appear to have not taken this policy too seriously or ignored it altogether, here is why Costa as a company typically do not allow dogs in their coffee chains:

Hygiene Purposes

First and foremost, we must appreciate that Costa is a food and drink store.

And it is a place where people eat.

From a hygiene perspective, it’s generally not a good idea to allow dogs around food.

Nor is it nice for customers who are eating.

While some may not mind it, not everyone would appreciate it.

Then we have to consider that some dogs may even be able to get up on chairs, reach for food on the table.

Dogs also may drool, or shed their hair too.

Customer Safety

Secondly, Costa has a social responsibility to keep its staff and customers safe.

Now, dogs are a trip hazard.

It’s easy not to see them.

Particularly if you are carrying a tray of coffee.

And then there is the fact that some dogs just are not very well behaved.

Some are quite energetic, quite vocal.

These dogs do not really set the ambiance or setting that a coffee shop is looking for.

Some people are even frightened of dogs and are not expecting to have to come into contact or deal with them in a setting such as a coffee shop.


Lastly, we do need to consider allergies.

Some staff and customers may have pet allergies.

So, not allowing dogs, automatically makes their stores an allergy-free environment.

The Exception – Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are the only exception; they can legally enter any Costa, or other coffee shops and public places, and cannot be refused.

Now, here is how Assistance Dogs UK define these dogs:

Assistance dogs are trained to support deaf and disabled people and people with medical conditions in a variety of ways.

Such dogs are highly trained, going through at least 2 years of training and being registered and accredited by certain organizations.

This is not your typical family dog.

This results in a dog that is much more likely to be well-behaved in public settings.

They will not wander, they will sit or lie quietly, they will not go to the toilet unless told to and they are instantly recognizable by a harness or other form of identification.

They are also dogs of very particular breeds, often low-shedding too.

Now, these dogs also enable an individual to go about their day-to-day lives.

And as such, if Costa (or any other business) were to refuse them entry, they would be subject to prosecution for discrimination.


Dogs are not allowed in Costa unless they are certified guide or assistance dogs.

Well at least according to their official policy.

Even if you have seen something different.

For the most part, it is safe and right to assume you cannot take your dog in Costa.

So you will need to make other arrangements.

And whether you can leave your dog outside briefly, well that’s going to depend a lot on the circumstances.

You may need to find an alternative coffee shop that is based outside, or that you can order through a serving hatch!

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Does Costa Do Anything For Dogs?

Costa offers one item for dogs. It’s called a Puppuccino and it’s an espresso-sized cup of whipped cream. Puppuccinos are not listed on the menu, so you will need to ask for one when in-store.

Does Costa Do A Puppuccino?

Costa does offer Puppuccinos, although these are on a ‘secret menu’. You, therefore, need to specifically ask for a Puppucinno for your dog. Staff should be aware of what they are and how to make one.

How Much Does A Puppuccino Cost?

Puppuccino’s are typically free of charge. They come in an espresso-size cup.

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