Are Dogs Allowed In Fleet Farm? [Is This Store Pet-Friendly?]

You want to head down to a Fleet Farm. But can you do so with your dog? Will you be allowed in-store, or would this be violating their company policies? Let’s find out!

So, are dogs allowed in Fleet Farm? There is no official company pet policy stating whether dogs are allowed, or are not allowed in Fleet Farm. For this reason, dogs may be permitted entry. However, this does differ by store, city, and state – with the universal exception being service dogs, who are permitted entry nationwide.

All in all, whether you can, or even should, is going to come down to context.

Are you aware of your state laws on dogs in retail stores?

If not, that’s a good place to start.

Otherwise, its generally best, and advised, that you call a store ahead.

Particularly one that you intend on visiting.

Find out before you set off – besides, they could have some tips and suggestions to ensure a more pleasurable shopping experience, should you be permitted.

And this can save a lot of time, hassle, and trouble believe me.

And if you want a quick disqualifier to help prevent an unnecessary call; if your local Fleet Farm sells food (which some stores are starting to do), chances are dogs will not be allowed.

Nevertheless, let us look at some quick suggestions should you be able to visit.

Suggestions For Taking Your Dog To A Fleet Farm

If you are allowed entry, then the following best practices will ensure a much more pleasurable experience for all involved!

  • Visit the larger stores, so that you can be afforded less interactions and more space for your dog,
  • Visit at quietier times, when the store is much less likely to be busy with other people, or perhaps even dogs. This will reduce the chances of your dog getting overwhelmed or excited.
  • Keep away from other people in store, as much as you can. This is not the time to socialize your dog!
  • Ensure your dog has been to the toilet prior to your visit, being ready and able to leave the store should you suspect it, or swift in picking up any mess should it happen,
  • Keep your dog on a leash and close watch at all times, preventing them from doing anything innapropriate,
  • Have dog treats on hand, to help get your dogs compliance should the need arise for it.
  • Keep yor dog calm, and ensure that the environment does not become too stimulating.
  • Keep your visit as short as possible, try not to hand around, get what you need and leave in good time!


You might be able to head to Fleet Farm with your dog; you might not be so lucky.

It all comes down to where you are and where you are based and where you are visiting.

Nevertheless, assuming you can, visiting a store with your dog can be a challenging experience.

Especially if it is not something your dog has done before or is used to.

Of course, we all need to start somewhere.

But do consider the age, temperament, and training level of your dog.

Are they ready to visit a retail store?

Will they be able to behave and not cause trouble for you and other shoppers?

Only you can answer those questions.

And ultimately know what is best to do.

And if you are wondering where else you can take your dog inside, check out the following guides below: