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Are Dogs Allowed In Gail’s?

If you are after a pastry, then there are few bakeries as good as Gail’s. I cannot get enough of them. So much so, I find myself in there every weekend – even if my wallet disagrees. I go so often, I suddenly wondered whether I could take my dog along with me. Besides, it saves having to leave him at home. Well, I decided to investigate. This is what you need to know.

So, are dogs allowed in Gail’s? Dogs are not allowed in Gail’s. The only exception is assistance dogs, who are legally allowed inside. You may be able to sit outside with your dog, though this does depend on the Gail’s bakery as not all have outdoor seating areas.

I actually visited a Gail’s bakery to find out.

Interestingly, this sign was up on the door:

Gail's Dog Policy

If you are struggling to read what it say’s, here it is for you below:

“All Dogs Welcome for Takeaway…

Assistance Dogs Can Stay For Eat In”

Now, the reason why assistance dogs are allowed in, whereas others are not, is because they are protected in the 2010 Disability Act.

Now an assistance dog is any dog that has been purposefully trained and installed to help an individual with a disability; such as blind or deaf individuals, or people with other medical conditions.

These dogs are typically easily identifiable by a leash/collar or harness, although individuals with an assistance dog may also typically carry documentation outlining the need for their dog.

So do bear that in mind.

That may even be the reason why you do see a dog in a Gail’s. Even if they are not as easily identifiable.

So, in short – dogs aren’t allowed in Gail’s. Even briefly. Even if there isn’t a queue.

And it’s not a good idea to leave them outside either.

Unless you have someone with you waiting with them, at all times.

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