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Are Dogs Allowed In Garden Centres? [I Contacted 15 To Find Out!]

Would you like, or even perhaps need, to visit a garden centre? Wondering whether you can take your dog along with you? Besides, most garden centres have large outdoor areas right? So it should be okay – or is it? Well, I decided to contact some of the largest UK garden centres to find out for good.

So, are dogs allowed in Garden Centres? Dogs are allowed in most garden centres; though it does depend on the garden centre in question. Most have pet policies and rules you need to follow, including where you can and cant take them (such as indoor/outdoor stipulations, keeping them on leads, and at ground level, for instance). Some garden centres do not allow them at all.

There is one caveat here though.

All garden centers allow certified assistance dogs; so guides dogs, assistance dogs, hearing dogs. They have to, by law.

But for the average dog owners, that doesn’t include us.

Chances are, you want to know about specific garden centres.

So other than calling them up directly yourself or checking company websites, you can check out my list below.

Besides, I have taken the time to already do this for you – so you might aswell benefit from my research!

Dog Friendly Garden Centres

The following list of garden centres allow dogs:


Dobbies allows dogs; both in-store, outside and in the dog-friendly area of their restaurants. However, you will need to keep them on a leash at all times, and you are not allowed to put them in trolleys.

Dogs are not allowed in the Food Hall or children’s play areas.


Squires does allow dogs, so long as they are well behaved. Dogs are allowed in most areas of Squires (including outdoor seating areas), though they are not allowed in indoor Café Bar areas.


Dogs are welcome in all Hillier Garden centres, though cannot access indoor areas of their restaurants (unless they are a service dog). All dogs can, however, be in outdoor seating areas of restaurants.


Wyevale does allow dogs, except for cafe areas. Some Wyevale stores have an outside eating area which you can use instead.


Tates does allow well-behaved dogs, though they do need to be kept on a lead at all times. Dog-friendly tables are available in coffee shops and restaurants, though dogs do need to be kept at ground level at all times.

Blue Garden

Blue Garden garden centres are dog friendly, but must be kept on a lead at all times. You are also not allowed to take your dog into restaurants upon visiting.


You can take your dog to all Notcutt Garden Centres, except the Rivendell garden centre. Indoor restaurant areas are out of bounds, however.

Chelsea Gardener

All dogs are welcome at the Chelsea Gardner garden centre in London. I rang up and had this confirmed to me on the phone as it is not specified on their website.

Clifton Nurseries

All dogs are welcome at Clifton Nurseries. This includes their garden centre and Flostsam and Jetsam Café.

Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is dog friendly; this includes both the café and restaurant.

Hayes Garden World

Dogs are allowed in the garden centre and nursery at Hayes Garden World, though they are not allowed in the café. They do however, have an outside terrace that you can take your dog if you did want to eat while there.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond allows dogs in all of their garden centres, though they are not permitted in the cafes and food areas.

Non-Dog Friendly Garden Centres


Burford Garden Centre does not allow dogs, unless they are certified service dogs. I rang up and had this confirmed to me on the phone.

Otter Garden Centres

Otter Garden Centres has a no-dog allowed policy. The only exception here is support and assistance dogs.

Barton Grange Garden Centre

Barton Grange Garden Centre does not allow dogs, with the only exception being guide and assistance dogs.


So there you have it.

But if I could offer a piece of parting advice, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call the garden centre ahead of time.

While I spent a significant amount of time contacting these garden centres above, it’s also true that policies change – so do be mindful of this and don’t assume!

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