Are Dogs Allowed In Gas Stations? [What You Should Know]

If you’re taking a trip, then naturally you will need to stop from time to time – especially to get gas. If you have your dog with you, you may be wondering whether you can enter the gas station with them; besides you may not be comfortable leaving them in the car. But can you do so? Let’s find out

So, are dogs allowed in gas stations? Dogs are typically not allowed in gas stations unless they are service dogs. Thankfully, many gas stations will have patio areas or dedicated areas for pets where you will be able to take a break or exercise your dog.

Of course, a lot of what is possible, and best, is going to come down to context.

The weather, the gas station you are visiting and their amenities, the age and temperament of your dog to name all but a few.

Nevertheless, there are some practical ways and tips when traveling with a dog without being caught out at a gas station!

Let us now take a look at them.

Tips When On A Trip With Your Dog

The following tips will help you ensure your trip with your dog in the car runs smoothly.

Plan Your Journey

First and foremost, plan your route and journey ahead of time before you set off.

You can even schedule stops at any pet stores or pet-friendly ones that have rest stops that you can use.

It may mean going out of your way a little, but stores like Petco or PetSmart often allow dogs in the restrooms with you.

Check Gas Station Reviews Ahead Of Time

In a similar fashion, if you know you are going to need to stop for gas, try to locate a dog-friendly gas station that you can stop at.

Even use Google to look for reviews and comments from others who have stopped there, specifically looking at the amenities they offer.

Other customers may reference outdoor seating areas, outdoor service hatches, or even an area of grass dedicated to dogs.

Bring A Friend

Who does not mind sitting with your dog while you pop inside the gas station.

They can keep your dog company and attend to any of their needs, should they arise.

Leave Your Dog In The Car, But Only Briefly

This may not be applicable for all of you reading.

It depends on the age, training level of the dog, and how comfortable you are in doing this.

But, you may be able to leave your dog in the car briefly. Just make sure you are as quick as possible.

Beyond this, ensure the car is sufficiently cool and out of direct sunlight – try to park in a shaded yet public spot.

Drop the windows a little bit to give your dog access to cooler air.

For puppies or untrained dogs, it might be worthwhile getting a travel crate for them.

Better yet would be to give them a little practice with this ahead of time in the weeks leading up to the trip – just so they get used to being left and know you will come back.

Lastly, be sure to leave access to water, toys, and blankets to make it as comfortable as possible for them.


Dogs are not generally allowed in gas stations.

The only real exception is service dogs; those that work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities.

So do bear this in mind.

That’s why it is generally advised to look for dog-friendly gas stations ahead of time.

Those with dedicated areas where you can take a break with your dog.

If you do need to nip inside, then you will need to leave your dog in the car though.

Just be sure it is cool, comfortable, and secure – and don’t be away for too long!

And if you are wondering where else you can take your dog inside, check out the following guides below: