Are Dogs Allowed In Greggs?

Are you planning on heading down to a Greggs for a satisfying and delicious sausage roll? Maybe you’d rather a bacon butty, or perhaps you just want to pop in for a quick coffee. Nevertheless, if you have your dog with you, can they go in too? Well, you’ll be glad you checked. Here’s why.

So, are dogs allowed in Greggs? Dogs are not allowed in Greggs, as per their policy which is nationwide. The only exception is assistance dogs, which are can enter legally and by law.

I actually have a local Greggs store which I visited to find out.

First, I started by checking the doors (as often signs are put up with the companies policy).

Then I proceeded to ask the staff.

I quite quickly found out that most dogs are not allowed inside.

With one exception.

Guide/Assistance dogs.

These are legally allowed to enter all public places, including eateries, cafes and restaurants.

They are protected under the 2010 Disability Act.

So they should always be allowed admittance.

Now, for those of you reading who are not aware. Assistance dogs are those that have been purposefully trained to support an individual with a disability; such as blind or deaf individuals, or people with other medical conditions.

These dogs typically wear an easily recognizable leash/collar or harness, although individuals with an assistance dog may also typically carry documentation outlining the need for their dog.

So, this may be why you may see a dog in a Greggs. Even if it usually against company policy.

Just bear that in mind.

So, in summary – dogs aren’t allowed in Greggs. Even briefly. Even if there isn’t a queue.

And it’s not a good idea to leave them outside either.

Unless you have someone with you waiting with them, for the full duration while you are away.

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