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Are Dogs Allowed In Kew Gardens?

Are you planning on taking a visit to the stunningly beautiful wild botanic garden that Is Kew Gardens? Are you wondering whether you can take your dog along with you, for a nice day out? Well, you’ll be glad you ran your search and found this here today. Here is why.

So, are dogs allowed in Kew Gardens? Dogs are not allowed in Kew Gardens. The only exception is assistance dogs; those that are trained to support people with disabilities or medical problems.

Seems like a shame, right?

But I suppose it’s all part of keeping the gardens in pristine and peak condition, year around.

Nevertheless, you’ve got two options here.

  1. Leave your dog at home and enjoy all that Kew Gardens has to offer,
  2. Find another garden in London that does allow dogs.

To help you with the later, I’ll be introducing you to some alternatives below.

Besides, I firmly believe a day out is best when your dog can come along with you!

Other Gardens In London You Can Take Your Dog

Chiswick House and Gardens

Location: Chiswick, West London.

You can take your dog to Chiswick House Gardens, and even let your dog off the leash in certain places. You can even benefit from free dog poo bags and deposit them in dog waste bins.

That being said, there are designated dog-free zones which you will need to abide by.

Note, that dogs are not allowed inside the House, Kitchen Garden, Conservatory, Shop or walled garden.

Osterley Park and House

Location: Isleworth

Dogs are not allowed in the house, but are allowed in the park so long as they are kept on leads.

There is also an off-leads area for dogs, should you feel inclined.

Ham House and Garden

Location: Richmond

Ham House and Garden have a dog-friendly policy, with the only real exception being that they are not allowed inside the house.

Nevertheless, you can walk them in the garden and even take them in the shop and in certain parts of the orangerie/cafe.

There are certain dog etiquette rules they ask you abide by, such as ensuring you keep your dog on a short leash at all times and use the dog waste bins should you need them.

Ham House is great because you can get free doggy treats at reception and there are tie up points available outside the toilets and shop.

Marble Hill House

Location: Twickenham.

Of you want to let your dog off the leash for a run about, Marble House could be for where you need to go.

Dogs are allowed off leads in most areas so long as they are kept under close supervision.

Claremont Landscape Garden

Location: Esher, Surrey

Claremont Landscape Garden allows dogs all year-round, so long as they are well-behaved and kept on a leash.

They even have dog water bowls near the kiosk and doggy biscuits too.


Location: Cobham, Surrey

Dogs are welcome at Painshill so long as they are kept on a short fixed lead at all times, and kept out of the dog-free zones (the follies and Tea Rooms).

Dog waste bins are available throughout.

Charlton House and Gardens

Location: Greenwich, London.

Another great place to take your dog, where they are allowed in the grounds.

Charlton House and Gardens has also been known to host dog-friendly events, including dog shows so perhaps check ahead before you visit!

Kenwood House

Location: Kenwood, London.

Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome in the parkland, and you can even take them off lead in the West Meadow only.

Consider that only assistance dogs are welcome in the house.


So while Kew Gardens is off limits for you and your dog, you’ve got 8 other great alternatives to consider!

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