Are Dogs Allowed In Pret?

Are you in the mood for a coffee? Perhaps you have signed up to Pret’s Coffee Subscription and you’re working your way through your allocated drinks, for the day. This time you have your dog with you. But will they be welcomed inside, too? Well you’ll be pleased you checked. Here’s why.

So, are dogs allowed in Pret? Dogs are generally not allowed in Pret, unless they are certified assistance dogs (which will always be allowed). It does however, appear to differ by store and be at the managers discretion.

A little bit confusing, huh?

The truth is, not every Pret store abides by the same rules here.

There appears to be no company-wide policy.

In fact, this was even confirmed via Pret’s official Twitter:

Though I would ay this.

Assume your dog is not allowed in Pret.

That way, it will save any situations where you want to take them in, but you cant.

And this would be especially more likely at Pret’s in large shopping centres, like Westfield for instance.

Or where a Pret is inside a precinct, or enclosed area.

But why would dogs not be allowed in all Pret’s? Let’s find out!

Why Dogs Are Not Allowed In All Pret‘s

Dogs are more often than not, not allowed in Pret’s for hygiene and safety reasons.

While it does appear to differ by store and location, here is why Pret do not generally allow dogs in their chains:

Hygiene Purposes

Firstly, we must appreciate that Pret serves food.

And there is a lot of food in fridges and in areas where dogs could get close too.

Sure, most of it is wrapped and packaged, but still.

And then in most Pret’s there are seating areas where people are eating.

So from a hygiene perspective, it makes sense for dogs not to be allowed in.

Besides, not all customers would want to be around dogs while they are eating.

Then we have to consider that some dogs are not the most behaved. Yours may be, but not all are.

And some dogs shed a lot, drool around food or with enticing bakery smells etc.

Customer Safety

Secondly, Pret has a social responsibility to keep its staff and customers safe.

Again, most dogs are well trained and socialized.

But not all are.

And even well behaved dogs can be a trip hazard.

Pret is often quite a busy, chaotic place – with staff carrying food/mugs and other items on trays.

Now small dogs could be missed.

And that’s where accidents can happen.

Then you have lively, energetic dogs too.

Not perhaps the ambiance Pret as a chain would quite want.

Then there are people, most often children, who are generally frightened of dogs.

And let’s be honest, this isn’t a place where dogs are typically found.


Lastly, we do need to consider peoples dog allergies.

Some staff and customers may be allergic to your dog.

So, not allowing dogs, automatically makes their stores an allergy-free environment.

The Exception – Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed in all Pret stores. They must be legally allowed to enter Pret, or other coffee shops and public places, and cannot be refused.

Chances are, you are aware of what assistance dogs are.

But if not, here’s a gentle reminder:

Assistance Dogs UK define these dogs as

Assistance dogs are trained to support deaf and disabled people and people with medical conditions in a variety of ways.

So, such dogs have been thoroughly trained and socialized and are formally registered.

They are often certain breeds, quiet, reserved and calm in temperament.

These dogs are often easily identifiable by a harness, badge or the there may be some form of identification being carried by the individual they support.

Pret, and any other business, must allow them entry. Or otherwise, they would be subject to prosecution for discrimination under the 2010 disability act.


Dogs are not generally not allowed in Pret unless they are certified guide or assistance dog.

But as we have seen here today, this is not always the case.

But I’d say, for the most part, assume that you cannot take your dog in Pret.

Make other arrangements.

Whether that be leaving them with a family member, or have someone with you to wait outside with your dog while you run in and get what you want.

Just don’t leave your dog outside on their own. It’s generally not a good idea.

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