Are Dogs Allowed In UK Hotels? [I Contacted These To Find Out!]

Are you planning on a trip, or need to book into a hotel for a night or two? Wondering whether you can take your dog along with you and if you’ll be welcomed inside? Well, I decided to contact some of the largest hotel chains to find out their own policies when it comes to this very thing.

So, are dogs allowed in hotels? Most hotels will not allow dogs, unless they are service dogs. That being said, different hotel chains (and even locations) may have their own policies, so it’s always a good idea to contact or call ahead and enquire.

That’s the general answer, but what about specific hotel chains?

Besides, chances are you have a particular hotel in mind.

So let me walk you through the ones I contacted and their direct response.

Are Dogs Allowed In Premier Inns?

Dogs are not allowed in Premier Inns, with the exception of registered assistance dogs. This includes guide dogs and assistance dogs only.

Are Dogs Allowed In Travelodge?

Travelodge does allow dogs, though you do need to purchase an ‘extra’ when making a booking and you do need to let the hotel know your dog will be staying with you in advance.

In fact, the Travelodge has over 570 pet-friendly hotels in the UK.

Do just consider that it will cost you to take your dog. This ‘extra’ acts as a cleaning charge – which is payable upon booking. This covers a deep clean of the hotel room once you checkout.

Guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing dogs are exempt from this charge.

Are Dogs Allowed In Ibis Hotels?

Most Ibis hotels will allow small dogs; this includes The ibis, ibis Styles and ibis budget hotels. However, you do need to notify the hotel if you intend on bringing your dog, you will be required to pay an additional charge and your dog has to be considered small, or under 15kg.

This charge is typically within the £5-£10 range, or currency equivalent, and is used to cover the cleaning costs incurred by the hotel. You will pay during check-in.

Are Dogs Allowed In Marriot Hotels?

Dogs can stay in the majority of Marriot hotels, but not all. Hence, it is important to contact the hotel you are considering booking ahead of time to confirm.

Marriot actually classify the hotels that accept dogs as ‘Pet-Friendly Hotels’, and you get a complete list over on the companies website, or contact a hotel specifically and enquire.

If searching on the companies website, you can apply a filter called “pets-welcome” and it will only show you the Marriot hotels that allows dogs.

When booking online, you also need to select the option of “bringing a pet” under the room features section.

Do consider a ‘pet fee’ will be charged to cover the cost of cleaning after.

Related Questions

Are emotional support dogs allowed in hotels UK?

Emotional support dogs are not considered as support dogs under UK law. Therefore, an emotional support dog will only be able to stay in a hotel if they welcome dogs, generally.

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