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Are Dogs Allowed In Westfield?

Are you hoping to do a spot of shopping down at Westfield? Well there are over 450 stores, so it’s an ideal place to go. And it’s easily connected, with Stratford station around the corner too. But what about if you want to bring your dog along with you. Will they permitted and allowed inside – it is mostly inside, after all. Well, I decided to get in contact with the centre to find out once and for all.

So, are dogs allowed in Westfield? Dogs are not allowed in Westfield Shopping Centre; either within the centre itself, or even the outdoor open store area. The only exception is assistance dogs, which are legally permitted under the 2010 Disability act to enter all public places.

Perhaps not what you had in mind.

And this is a policy that applies to all dogs – of all size and temperement.

So yeah, even if you had a small dog that you could fit in a bag – it’s just not permitted, I’m afraid.

It’s all stated in the terms and conditions page on the Westfield Website.

But is this a standard policy across all UK shopping centres? Or could you perhaps go elsewhere, like Lakeside or Bluewater perhaps?

Are Dogs Allowed In Any UK Shopping Centres?

Dogs are not allowed in most UK shopping centres, including the likes of Lakeside or Bluewater, unless they are a certified assistance dog.

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual shopping centre – though it’s fair to say that most UK shopping centres have a ‘no-dogs-allowed’ policy.

So, assume they don’t.

If you have the time and inclination however, you can check ahead of time.

Most shopping centres have their own websites, or a contact number that you can call.

Otherwise, this information may be available on local council websites of where the centre is located.

Now back to the exception.

Assistance dogs.

An assistance dog is any dog that has been purposefully trained and installed to help an individual with a disability; such as blind or deaf individuals, or people with other medical conditions.

Now, these dogs are typically easily identifiable via a leash/collar or harness, although individuals with an assistance dog also typically carry documentation outlining the need for their dog.

So this is why you may see a dog in Westfield from time to time; they’re likely an assistance dog.

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