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Are Dogs Allowed In Wetherspoons?

Are you hoping to swing by Wetherspoons for a pint or two, maybe even a glass of wine or something a little stronger? Wondering whether your dog can join you – not drinking of course, but sitting by your side? Well, you’ll be pleased you checked first. Here is why.

So, are dogs allowed in Wetherspoons? Dogs are not allowed in Wetherspoons. In fact, this is a nationwide company policy so all Wetherspoon pubs have a ban on dogs. The only exception being assistance dogs, which are legally allowed to enter any public space by law.

Bit of a shame right.

Especially if you’ve got a well-socialized dog that’s well behaved and you don’t want to leave them at home while you go out.

It’s even more tricky if you’ve gone for a walk and fancied a quick drink on your way back.

But what about sitting outside?

Surely that’s an open space, right?

Besides, you can usually take a dog with you in other beer gardens and often other public spaces.

So let’s see what JD Wetherspoon have to say on that, shall we.

But first, what about if you did just want to grab a quick drink?

Can You Take Your Dog In Wetherspoons?

You cannot take your dog into Wetherspoons; even if it’s briefly or to get a quick drink. If you were to attempt to do this you would likely be challenged by a member of staff, who in turn may ask you to leave.

Do Wetherspoons Let Dogs Sit Outside?

Wetherspoons do not let dogs sit outside; this includes beer gardens, car parks or any other outside pavement area owned by the pub. This is true for all Wetherspoon locations.

Now this may seem a little strict. And the truth is, it is.

But the company have decided to take this policy and stance, nationwide.

Here is why.

Wetherspoon pubs are busy. They also often have families and young children present.

Plus, they serve a lot of food, too.

So, Wetherspoon have taken the executive decision to not allow dogs – to keep everyone safe and to minimize chances of disruption.

Even well-socialized and well-trained dogs can act up, and there are other things to consider here too, such as other customers with a fear of dogs, allergies etc.

So all in all, no dogs allowed – even outside.

The Exception – Assistance Dogs

The one exception to this nationwide no dog policy is for assistance dogs. Wetherspoon have to legally allow these dogs, just like any other pub under UK law.

It’s actually well-documented in the Disability Act, that came into effect in 2010.

Now an assistance dog is any dog that has been purposefully trained and installed to help an individual with a disability; such as blind or deaf individuals, or people with other medical conditions.

Often, these dogs are easily identifiable by a leash/collar or harness, although individuals with an assistance dog also typically carry documentation outlining the need for their dog.


Dogs are not allowed in Wetherspoon, or even outside it.

So plan ahead and leave them at home.

Failing that, do consider another pub chain that may allow dogs – you’ll likely be sitting in a beer garden, mind you!

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