Best Dog Food For Picky Yorkie [The One You Have To Try]

You love your Yorkie. There’s no denying that. But it’s not ideal that they are such a picky eater.

It’s resulted in a lot of wasted food and money, right?

If you are here, chances are you’ve decided that enough is enough.

It’s time for you to get them a food that they will eat.

A food that even the pickiest of Yorkies cannot refuse.

We will soon look at the options in much greater detail and explain why these are the ones to consider.

But first, let’s look at my #1 recommendation based on my own experiences with our dog that we just could not find a food they liked. Well, until now.

Best Dog Food For Picky Yorkie - Sundays For Dogs

Best Dog Food For Picky Yorkie – Sundays For Dogs

My #1 recommendation is Sundays for Dogs

This customizable human-grade, shelf-stable dog food is exactly what you are looking for.

In just 60 seconds, you can design the perfect dog food for your Yorkie based on all of the most important parameters – their gender, age, weight, activity, existing diet, tummy sensitivity and most importantly of all, how picky they are of an eater.

Why I Recommend Sundays For Dogs For Picky Yorkies

Vet Formulated/Approved

First and foremost, I am a huge advocate of feeding a dog food that has been formulated by licensed veterinarians, with the latest research and animal food nutritionists/scientists.

That’s what you get if you order through Sunday for Dogs.

This is not a large conglomerate company with a focus on profits and sales (where cheap ingredients are often subbed in to boost them).

Designed With Picky Eaters In Mind

Of course, this is why you are here.

Not only are the ingredients highly appetizing and incentivizing, but the process of how the food is made makes for a natural texture.

It has a unique, jerky-like texture and taste, making it more ‘treat-like’ than most other standard dog foods on the market.

It’s also ready to eat (requires no preparation or refrigeration) and, best of all, will not make a mess, so there is no cleanup required after.

Fully Customizable

When you visit Sundays for Dogs, you can use their highly interactive and user-friendly questionnaire to quickly design/find the right food for your dog.

It takes under 60 seconds (there are around 6-8 questions or so), with one even being on the most important topic of all:

Sunday For Dogs Picky Eater Question

100% Natural Ingredients

The core of Sunday for Dogs food is offal – which is incredibly nutrient-dense and will really support the health of your dog.

From there, the ingredients are fully recognizable, ‘clean,’ and unlikely to cause issues in your dog.

Ease of Ordering

The whole process of ordering with Sunday for Dogs is effortless.

The website is simple and easy to navigate, checkout is swift, and customer service is always there when you need them.

Samples Available

Before you buy a load of dog food that your Yorkie may potentially not like (as you know, it’s always possible), it’s useful to purchase small samples first for testing to see how your dog reacts.

Sunday for Dogs offers this service, something I have not come across too regularly in my own search for dog food for my picky eater!

Countless Positive Reviews

Let’s be honest; the reviews of other customers are paramount too.

Sundays for Dogs has a whole library and collection of them.

I’ve included a couple below for reference (though you can take a look at the range on the site).

Sundays For Dogs Reviews Of Picky Eaters

Alternatives To Sundays For Dogs For Picky Yorkies

It’s always good to have options when it comes to food for a picky dog.

So below, I would just like to mention another brand to consider that also ticks all of the boxes, and your Yorkie will be sure to love.

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs For Picky Eaters

Just Food For Dogs is another highly reputable premium brand of dog food, again with a team of certified veterinarians and animal nutritional specialists behind it.

They offer a variety of different food options, from fresh frozen and pantry fresh to the ability to custom design, again all of which are based on real, whole food ingredients and organ meats.

The particular food I’d recommend for your picky Yorkie would be their Pantry Fresh Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe.

It was actually designed with picky eaters in mind, with a focus on being both entirely appetizing, and well-balanced.

Lamb hearts, rice and vegetables make up the recipe, and it comes in versatile Tetra Pak packaging, ensuring you can store it unopened on the shelf for up to two years.

What To Look For In A Food For Your Picky Yorkie

When purchasing food for your picky Yorkie, it’s essential that you consider the following items to ensure that this won’t be another food they neglect and ignore!

Flavorful and Appetizing 

First and foremost, you need to ensure the food you offer draws your Yorkie in.

It should have a desirable smell, taste, and texture for your dog.

Not only will this help you to prevent waste, but it will also help to ensure your Yorkie obtains all the nutrition they need.

The best dog foods will tap into a dog’s instinctual and natural preferences while also allowing you a few options depending on your own dog’s preferences, too.

Storage and Preservation

Dogs can start to go off food if it does store well or goes ‘off’ quickly when put down.

As such, you want to order a food that naturally stores well (comes in resealable, well-designed packaging) and that won’t also quickly spoil when exposed to air.

Nutrient Dense

Of course, you want the dog food you offer your Yorkie to provide optimal nutrition.

That is entirely dependent on the ingredients it is made from.

The best dog foods will provide a range of vitamins and minerals to support your dog.

Organ meats and offal are great sources of these, and the best dog foods tend to focus their foods on these particular ingredients.

Plus, the more premium brands of dog food ensure that this nutrition is not lost in the manufacturing/production of it – such as can happen when exposed to high heat, for instance.

No Potential Allergens

Many of the cheaper, inferior brands of dog food often include ingredients that can cause allergies and/or exacerbate issues in dogs.

You obviously don’t want this.

Nor do you want your dog to develop an aversion to their food as a result of this.

So, opt for foods that are free from cheap filler grains (such as wheat/corn).

Instead, opt for foods based primarily on protein, first and foremost (and then safe grains/ingredients thereafter).

Generally, the fewer ingredients in a food, the better.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying Food For Your Picky Yorkie

The factors referenced below are also worth considering. Thankfully, both Sundays for Dogs and Just Food For Dogs stack up well against each point.

  • Cost- Dog food is expensive, particularly if you opt for premium food based on whole ingredients and prepared in a mindful way. Nevertheless, food still needs to be affordable and cost-effective – so that you can feed it long-term.
  •  Ease of Ordering – Physically visiting a store each month to order food is no longer necessary. The ability to order online, get food delivered to your door, and even get on a repeat order (subscription service) can make the whole process much easier and save you a significant amount of time in the process.
  •  Ability to work out feeding sizes – Ensuring your Yorkie consumes the right amount of food (neither too much nor too little) is essential. It should closely match their age, activity, and body composition, among other important factors. The premium brands of foods will allow you to more easily work out how much food to feed and when.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for high-quality dog food for your picky Yorkie, you really won’t go wrong with Sundays for Dogs.

That’s because they do not just offer one ‘type’ of dog food.

They will literally customize it to meet your own Yorkies’ preferences and needs.

And the truth is, ordering through a brand like this comes with countless other benefits, even to yourself!

Ease of ordering, the process of storing. I could go on.

The same could be said for Just Food For Dogs, in many ways, to be fair.

But for me, Sundays for Dogs is the brand to go with. At least to start with.

Being able to order a sample and test it first just swings it in their favor.

And that’s what I would personally do if I were you.

It’s what I did.

And my dog (Bailey) and I have never looked back.