Best Litter Box For High Peeing Cat [& Why You Need It]

Are you on a search for a litter box that works well for your high peeing cat?

I know how it feels to try and find one!

It’s challenging.

Most cat litter boxes come with serious design flaws.

In fact, regular litter boxes are often not even large enough to contain high spraying urine. Or they are so uncomfortable for a cat that they may refuse to use them altogether.

The answer is finding a litter box designed with high peeing cats in mind.

So, if you are searching for a new litter box and feel overwhelmed about what features will make the best box for your cat, I’ve got you covered.

In a similar position myself, I put in the time researching what makes a litter box great for high peeing cats and found the best litter boxes the market has to offer.

Best Litter Box For A High Peeing Cat - Cove

Quick Verdict

The Cove cat litter box by Tuft + Paw litter box is my standout option and recommendation.

This award winning litter box was literally designed for cats who are not the most careful when they pee!

It’s easily accessible, easily cleanable and can be lifted and moved with ease.

After a lot of comparison, for me the standout winner is the Cove Litter Box, but the Choueer Litter Box is another one you should consider too.

Take a look at the great features these two boxes have to offer and soon your cat care problems will be a thing of the past.

The Cove Litter Box With Removable Shelter

The Cove litter box provides urine protection in a sleek, easy to clean design.

Not only has the Cove litter box won multiple awards, it has thousands of happy customers – and for good reason.

Let’s dig into the features that raise it above the competition.

Why The Cove Litter Box Is Great For High Peeing Cats

Removable High Shelter Wall

With a cat that pees high, extra side walls help keep urine contained within the box when traditional shorter boxes have failed to do so.

Ease of cleaning is important and being able to remove the shelter walls means that these pieces can easily be cleaned even if the rest of the litter box doesn’t need scrubbing.

Multiple fellow users have commented on how the removable wall raises this box above the competition that usually comes with hard to clean rounded tops or short walls that don’t stop high spraying urine.

Open Top Design

The Cove litter box designers know that large cats and cats that pee standing up can often feel trapped inside litter boxes that have enclosed tops.

Owners of Maine Coon cats, one of the largest domestic cats, can be found expressing their excitement that they finally found a box spacious enough!

The Cove’s high walled but open topped design keeps urine contained while helping a cat feel safe and comfortable in the litter box.

Made From Durable Anti-Stick Plastic

Urine spray from high peeing cats can make litter box surfaces sticky and hard to clean, but the Cove is made from a specialty anti-stick plastic that makes cleaning fast and simple.

The plastic box material can be sprayed down and easily disinfected as often as an owner desires without being damaged.

The plastic material holds up well through wear and tear which means you won’t be needing to replace your box any time soon.

Rubber Base Prevents Slipping

Boxes that move as a cat paws in litter or turns around increase the chances that high urine will escape the box.

The Cover litter box has a no-slip rubber bottom that keeps the box firmly in place before, during, and after use.

A sturdy box is one that better protects the environment from high spraying urine.

Another strength of the Cove’s rubber bottom is the added protection offered to floors from marks and scratches that can occur when a box slips or slides.

This means that the Cove litter box can safely be used on hardwood and tile flooring without fear of damage.

Scoop, Dust Pan and Tool Insert

One additional feature of the Cove litter box that both I and fellow customers love is that the Cove litter box comes with its own custom sized litter scoop, dust pan, and tool insert for quick and convenient storage .

A scoop sized specifically for the Cove makes cleaning corners and along edges of the box easy as can be.

The dust pan that fits neatly into the built-in storage helps keep everything organized and your litter box area looking tidy.

Users especially love the way the convenient storage option helps keep the litter box space presentable for any guests in the home.

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While the Cove litter box is my recommendation of choice, I know the importance of having options.

That’s why we have a second suggestion for those seeking the perfect box for their high peeing cat.

The Choueer ChouBox Automatic Litter Box

The Choueer ChouBox litter box blends modern appearances and features with research on cat behavior to create a sophisticated box that works great for high peeing cats.

Why The Choueer Litter Box Is Great For High Peeing Cats

Modern Appearance With High Curved Walls

Families who have a modern decorating aesthetic will love Choueer’s smooth rounded shape that also creates a steady barrier that keeps cat urine safely contained.

The rounded top with sides that blend into the bottom of the litter box creates a leak proof barrier that even the highest pee cannot escape.

This litter box hits it out of the park when it comes to a pleasing up-to-date appearance and effective urine containment.

Spacious Interior With Open Top

Some dome shaped litter boxes can feel claustrophobic for large cats but Choueer designers gave us a spacious feeling open topped dome litter box.

The developers of Choueer spent time studying large quantities of research on cat behavior and knew that many cats need to stand or stretch their bodies upward to be comfortable in the litter box.

That’s why they made sure to give plenty of open top space while keeping enough coverage to keep urine (and its smells) locked inside the box.

Automatic Cleaning

Auto cleaning litter boxes are a fantastic option for cats who pee high and then avoid their litter box if it is dirty.

The Choueer sifts and cleans after each use which keeps picky cats using their box faithfully.

If you are a family that likes to vacation and you worry that your high peeing cat will make a stinky mess out of the litter box, the automatic cleaning feature of the Choueer litter box will be a lifesaver.

The Choueer box has an extra deep waste box that has been tested to hold up to two weeks of waste successfully and with the help of a UV-emitter keeps scents down as well.

Quiet Operation

All automatic litter boxes come with some noise, but the Choueer box uses high end technology to reduce sounds that may disturb you or your cat.

If you have a cat that pees higher when nervous or agitated, a quiet box is a must.

One thing that users have mentioned over and over is how easy the Choueer box is to set up.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to enjoy this box and the effortless cleaning and high pee protection it provides.

What Makes A Litter Box Good For A High Peeing Cat

Its essential that you choose a litter box with specific features for a high peeing cat. The two mentioned above tick all the boxes, but this is what qualifies them as great options:

High Sides That Can Be Easily Removed For Cleaning

A short sided litter box will never properly capture the urine of a large cat or cat who pees high for any reason.

By choosing a box with higher sides you protect your walls and floor from being accidentally sprayed.

Try and reach into any box you consider purchasing and see if you can easily reach the walls from top to bottom for cleaning.

Because urine may be sprayed on the walls, you will want to be able to wipe them down even at times you might not clean the rest of the box.

If reaching the walls is difficult for you, strongly consider a box with easy to remove walls like the Cove litter box.

A Spacious Interior That Your Cat Can Comfortably Use While Standing Or Squatting

Sometimes a cat might not be trying to pee high and instead is simply too big for the box they have been given. A larger box may help solve this problem.

When you purchase a litter box with high sides it’s more important than ever to get a box that is roomy enough for your adult cat.

A cat that feels too closed in may resist using the litter box and search for another location to pee.

That’s why I am glad the creators of the Cove and Choueer litter boxes followed research to create a spacious box with a nice look and an open type for cat comfort.

Durable Material That Doesn’t Promote Urine Sticking To The Side

A good litter box is an investment worth making, but if you’re going to spend the money on a top-tier box you want to make sure the materials will stand up to use by one (or multiple) cats, exposure to urine and litter, and many washings.

This is why high quality plastics are a great material for litter boxes. Boxes made of other materials may absorb smells, get sticky when covered in urine, or wear out quickly.

Plastics tend to be easy to wipe clean, long lasting, and do not hold onto scents the way other materials do.

Consider An Auto-Cleaning Box For Particularly Messy Cats

While an automatically cleaning litter box isn’t necessarily a must have item for a high-peeing cat, they can be helpful in keeping litter boxes neat.

Some high peeing cats will quickly get the surface of a box dirty, and then resist using the box again until it has been scooped.

A good automatic litter box will sift the litter after each use and help to keep things tidy between manual cleanings.

Where To Best Place A Litter Box For A High Peeing Cat

After finding the right style of box, the next important piece is making sure it is placed in the best location possible.

To help your cat get the most use out of their box you will want to consider following these tips:

Find A Quiet, Non-Busy Place

Many cats enjoy privacy while using their litter boxes and a loud, busy area may keep your cat from using their box properly.

This can lead to even less controlled and higher peeing.

Place The Box Away From Food and Water Dishes

While a properly designed box should hold in high pee, keeping the box away cat dishes ensures your cat won’t get any waste in their food and water supply.

Choose A Well Lit Area

Cats have better night vision than people but that doesn’t mean they like to use the bathroom in the dark.

Being able to see well also increases the chances your cat will keep their urine where it belongs.

Final Verdict

The removable high sides paired with the clean, classic appearance and no slip bottom of the Cove litter box make it my recommendation of choice for a high peeing cat.

The box can accomodate any style of litter and is spacious without taking up too much floor space.

That being said, if an automatically cleaning litter box with a modern flare holds appeal, then the Choueer box is one to snag for any owner with a cat who pees high.

If you want a box that comes in a wide range of colors or a different shape, you may need to keep looking but be sure to keep our tips on features and placement in mind as you find your feline’s perfect fit.

Recommendation of Choice

Cover Litter Box

An Excellent Alternative

Choueer ChouBox