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Brain Training For Dogs Review [Does This Really Work?]

Today I will be sharing my experience with purchasing and testing Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli (certified dog trainer). Inside of this review, I will be explaining exactly what this product is and my experiences trying to solve the problem of stopping bad behavior in my puppy.

I know that dog training is difficult. Taking my puppy each week to a class only to be publicly humiliated is not my idea of fun!

So if you are not sure about this product, then you’re going to want to continue reading this article. I’ll be giving you my story on how this program went for me and my naughty puppy, and whether it’s a good option to solve this problem too.

Pet Educate Editors and Team

Hi, I’m Jeremy (far right) and this is my full review on the Brain Training For Dogs online course. I and my family (above) decided to create this blog in order to help all the other dog owners raise and take the best of care of their pet.

I really wanted to write this article as I was the one testing out the product as our Cockapoo was very misbehaved even after some preliminary training! We needed to follow up with some training at home and this is the solution that we found. We all then figured that by giving you a full in-depth review, you would then be able to make a clear decision on whether it is for you. Information we which we had before.

The reason I decided to review this product in the first place was that it came with a lot of positive user experiences and come thoroughly recommended. I found however that some of the reviews were bias or simply adverts for the product. For me. on the other hand, I pride myself in full transparency and would not link to a product unless I was sure it would benefit who ever needed it and it could help to solve the problem that needed to be fixed!

So, now you know a bit about me (and our dog), lets delve deeper into the product. One thing that’s guaranteed is that by reading this post you’ll finally be able to make a clear decision on whether this product is for you, or not.

What Is Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is a 7 part course by a certified dog trainer. It teaches you exactly how to eliminate a range of bad behaviors in dogs by providing them with mentally stimulating strategies and techniques.

As an online course, once you make a payment, all you need to do is login with your credentials provided via email and then you can access the content at your own pace. You can also access the content from a range of devices and wherever you are on the go.

You get video demonstrations of exactly what you need to do, in what order. Plus, there is a range of additional content along with access to a private forum to discuss training with fellow dog owners.

Who Is Brain Training For Dogs For?

The reason I decided to purchase an online dog training product was mainly so that I could train my dog from home, and whenever and wherever I wanted to on the go. Our Cockapoo rarely listened to us, barked a lot, chewed out furniture and so on and so forth! I decided enough was enough.

Perhaps you can relate? In fact, there are dozens of bad behaviors that your dog may be doing in which you need to rectify. Maybe you have a puppy or maybe you have an elder dog that never learnt what was right from wrong.

Either way, these are some of the behaviors the course can address:

  • Not listening,
  • Poor toilet manners,
  • Barking excessively,
  • Leash pulling
  • Dog aggression,
  • Chewing
  • Digging,
  • Jumping,
  • Over-Excitement
  • Whining/Crying
  • Disobedience
  • Fear or Anxiety

So if you are asking yourself whether this product is for you, it is safe to say that it is literally for anyone who wants to instill better behaviors in their puppy/dog.

But all of that means nothing if the product does not deliver. And ill be explaining how it’s going for us right after I go through what exactly is packaged inside.

What Do You Get?

As explained earlier, this is an online video based course. The content is broken down into chronological modules; where you take your dog through the necessary phases of schooling:

Module 1: Preschool

The opening module serves as the foundation for the whole course. Here your dog will learn how to tap into their brain power to become obedient to your commands. Topics in this module include:

  • Training your dog to keep attention on you
  • Keeping eye contact for better communication and better obedience
  • The ‘Airplane Game’ to teach reward and pleasure for good behavior.

Module 2: Elementary School

With the foundational training in place, you then improve their skills and use their sense to complete your commands. Topics in this module include:

  • ‘Treasure Hunt Game’ to tap into evolutionary instincts and relive boredom in your dog.
  • ‘Muffin Game’ to keep your dog mentally stimulated.
  • ‘Ball Pit Game to use up excess energy in your dog making them have fun and more obedient as a consequence.

Module 3: High School

Next, you teach your dog to have patience and impulse control. Topics in this module include:

  • How to settle your dog down quickly if they are hyper and active
  • ‘Bottle Game’ to provide mental stimulation and exercise
  • How to ‘bob for treats’ to remove the fear of water and rewarding your dog for behaving well.

Module 4: College

In module 4 you look at improving your dog’s motor skills and their ability to concentrate on your commands. Topics in this module include:

  • ‘The shell game’ to develop mental agility.
  • ‘The open sesame game’ to develop patience and calmness – even if you have doors open and the ability for your dog to escape.
  • ‘The magic carpet game’ to develop your dogs patience and dexterity.

Module 5: University

Here you will improve your dog’s intelligence and patience. You’ll also be focusing on helping them with their impulse control to become a better behaved dog. Topics in this module include:

  • ‘The hide and seek game’ to build a strong bond between you and your dog. This will also help dogs who have trouble being alone.
  • ‘The look at that game’ to stop dogs barking at other dogs or people from the window.
  • ‘The hot and cold game’ to boost your dog’s ability to learn and build their confidence.

Module 6: Graduation

Here your dog will develop advanced level motor skills and intelligence. These will help your dog to obey your commands. Topics in this module include:

  • Leg-weaving skills
  • ‘The Serpentines and spirals game’ to help your dog stick by your side and follow your movements as and when required.
  • ‘The name recognition game’ where your dog will learn to pick out toys by their name. This will also support and enhance their cognitive ability.

Module 7: Einstein

The final module teaches some advanced tricks to make looking after your dog even more simple. Topics in this module include:

Inside you will discover:

  • ‘The tidy up game’ so your dog can tidy up after they have finished playing
  • ‘The ring stackers game’ to develop skill and patience.
  • ‘Play the piano game’ – to teach your dog how to play the piano!

As you can see the course is taught through a variety of games. It makes the entire experience enjoyable for you and your dog. It doesn’t feel like training, yet is doing this the whole time.

The course provides a range of strategies that is useful regardless of your dog breed, size and age, and that you can put to use and start applying right from the get-go.

You also get a range of other bonuses inlcuding: 7 Trick Training Videos, a further series on Obedience Training, a series on how to improve how you deliver the training (Polishing up your Training) and access to the course creators archives; that includes over 100 in-depth articles covering a range of behavior problems and how to address them.

So, while you can go through the course and the bonuses at your own pace, it may take some time!

All jokes aside, it is a very well thought out put together course.

An In-Depth Look At This Training Course

Once I sent payment for the course (I did so via Credit Card, but you can also so do via PayPal), I received my login details via email within minutes.

I then opened up the login page from the same email and entered my credentials.

Here is what the homepage of the members login area looks like:

You’ll notice that there are a number of different sections to access via the tabs at the top of the site.

There are 6 tabs in the Menu section for you to use/access:

  • Dog Training and Courses
  • Puppy Training
  • Behaviour Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archives
  • Case Studies
  • Forum

As you can see there is an entire section on Puppy Training which is great for if you are working with a younger dog.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are methods and strategies that you can adopt depending on the exact age and different phases of development in your dog.

The behavioral section is excellent, and provides a wealth of information on the different issues and how to overcome them.

You’ll learn all about why they arise and actionable techniques to stop them.

Below is just a small sample of some of the issues we were experiencing with our dog!

Adrienne’s archive provides two sources of information; over 100 articles for you to read and learn from plus video content too.

The video content in particular is great because you can see Adrienne running through the training with her dog (named Einstein!)

The case studies run through Adrienne’s personal experiences with some of her dogs that she has owned and trained over the years. You learn all about these dogs which sounded like they had very bad behavioral problems. Yet, Adrienne was still able to resolve them!

The Forum is an open community whereby you can discuss a range of dog-related topics with Adrienne and other members of the course. Adrienne personally responds to all members comments and questions but I have found it to be very active, and members are keen to help to any question that is posted.

Who Is Behind Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs was put together and pulls from the wealth of experience of Adrienne Farricelli, a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer.

She has been helping people eliminate bad behaviors in their dogs over the course of her career; ensuring dogs are well behaved, obedient and loving pets.

Adrienne is an advocate of force free training methods; where she has gained recognition and praise for such an approach.

She is keen to promote and educate dog owners with positive reinforcement methods instead of punishment.

As a professional dog trainer she has been training dogs all over the world, froma range of ages and breeds.

Brain Training for Dogs is her signature product, that she has pulled together to educate people online through a video-course learning environment.

Adrienne has a natural teaching style; I found that the information in the course was very easy to understand, follow and apply.

Everything is broken down very well and this has to be one of the main things I look out for when buying any course that is on a topic involving dog training!

How I Discovered This Product

The way in which I discovered this training program, was exactly how you got to this article here today. I was searching for queries like “how do I get my dog to stop barking”, “how can I reduce bad behavior in my dog”, “how can I stop my dog from climbing” etc.

I’m sure you are very familiar with these type of searches. With a misbehaving dog, the solution just cannot come quicker! I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about.

The problem with a lot of the recommendations often provided are; they are either short term fixes, punish your dog, or very expensive. Hiring a professional dog trainer and/or waiting a week to get more training just does not seem right. Why does it have to be this way?

I then found this program, cited time and time again. Over several forums I observed several members swearing by the course and what it has enabled them to do with their dogs. Then there were numerous positive blog posts recommending it.

I took a look at some of the other alternatives out there but they just didn’t compare.

With little hesitation I decided to invest the money and sign up. The result of this decision can be seen below and in the rest of this review here today.

Pros and Cons of Brain Training For Dogs

Here are just some of the main things that I found to be good and also bad about this training course.

This should give you a brief idea of what to expect if you are to buy this product.

Fair, cost-effective one off price.
Considerably cheaper than regularly
visiting a dog trainer or classes.
Requires time to implement the
Training from a certified specialist
dog trainer with over a decade of
experience and knowledge
in the field.
You will need to have self-discipline
and be sure to continue to apply
the content and training provided.
Suitable for any dog, of any breed,
of any age.
Logical, easy to follow training system
that you can follow at your own pace.
Fun, interactive method of training your
dog. A lot of games to use making it
a fun and active experience.
Access the training on the go from
any device. Whether this be a desktop
computer or a mobile phone.
Range of additional bonuses including
an archive of 100 in-depth articles.
Access to a members community
and private forum. Ability to discuss
the training and other topics
with like-minded people.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
So, if you do not like it you can file
for a refund.

Where To Get Brain Training For Dogs

So before I share with you how to access the training, first and foremost, I think it is only fair of me to share whether it is worth your money or not.

And the answer to that question is YES. For a one-off cost of $47 dollars you will not be able to find another training program like it – this in-depth, thorough and easy to follow. This is the training to use if you want to rectify bad behavior in your dog all from the comfort of your own home.

Although I’ve included a lot of information here today, ultimately, this review is all about whether or not this training actually works.

In my experience, and for our very naughty Cockapoo, this was a great purchase and our dog has completely stopped her excessive barking, chewing, climbing and general disobedience.

If you use the link below, you will also get all of the bonuses which are great in addition to your training course purchase.

You can buy the training through this link here and get the full bonus packs and the ability to access the training instantly.

I personally got to work right away but that is of course up to you when you want to begin the training!

Has Brain Training For Dogs Worked For Us?

YES, the training is something that worked for me and my Cockapoo from the outset and that I still use today.

There are many tips and strategies and the primary benefit is that you are learning routines and games that you can use at a moments notice.

You learn how to work with your dog and not against your dog. Its designed to reward good behavior and not punish bad. I swear by this approach. Its comforting to know hat your dog can enjoy the training and get a lot out of it too.

That’s why I recommend that you buy the training, as I truly believe that it will help you get your dog to behave quickly, using some of the most tried and trusted strategies.

Here’s a picture of our now obedient Cockapoo Beau thanks to the tips acquired in this program:

If you are truly experiencing any kind of bad behavior from your dog that you want to nip in the bud, then I think that this product is an ideal place to start.

I know it certainly worked for us, but it appears I am not the only satisfied buyer either:

What Others Are Saying

Here are just some of the thoughts from experts within the dog training field:

Here is the feedback from other dog owners who signed up and applied the training:

Is Dog Training For Dogs A Good Option For You?

If you are experiencing all the downsides of your dog misbehaving , then YES this is a good option for you.

If you are just looking for some more information on your specific dog breed, then this is not the right product for you as it is purely focused around training your dog and eradicating bad behaviors.

Final Thoughts

I hope that from reading this review you are able to make a decision as to whether or not to sign up.

I would never promote anything that would not be of benefit. I know what owning a misbehaving dog is like! You want it all to end and fast.

If you are looking to overcome a range of bad behaviors in your dog, and fix and overcome them for good, then this is a great training course for you to work through at your own pace at home.

Visit the official Brain Training for Dogs website and join me in the forum and community!