14 Sentimental Cat Memorial Gifts To Remember Them By

Are you looking to let a grieving loved one know that their cat may be gone but is certainly not forgotten? Do you want to bring a smile and happy memory to mind with a special custom gift? If so, we have a list of beautiful and sentimental cat memorial gifts to help you find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a custom engraved garden stone or a small item your loved one can carry with them, you’ll find exactly what you need below.

Handcrafted Wooden Rainbow Bridge Statue

This wooden rainbow bridge display with a silhouette of an owner bending down to touch foreheads with their cat is both beautiful and sentimental. This design is attractive enough to be displayed in any room of the house and stained in warm natural colors. The packaging of this gift shows an image of a rainbow bridge and comes with a sweet poetic sympathy card to let your loved one know you understand just how much their pet meant to them.

Laser Engraved Personal Memorial Garden Stone

Personalization is an extra special touch when giving a memorial gift. This garden stone is available with five different feline print options and is further customized with the name of your loved one’s pet and the lifespan years. The stone is laser engraved and made of a long-lasting, water-resistant resin for safe use outside. Memorial stones are a great way to show your loved one that their pet will always be remembered.

Where I’ll Always Be Cat Memorial Picture Frame

Pictures let us reflect on the pets we loved and help us keep them close at heart. This double-sided picture frame comes with a beautiful poem by Teri Harrison titled “Where I’ll Always Be” printed and displayed on one side and has room for a 5″ x 7″ print of your loved one’s cat on the other. Attached to the frame is a ribbon with an engravable pet tag for an extra special touch.

Rainbow Bridge Paw Print Bracelet

Would you like to give your important person a memorial gift they can take wherever they go? If so, this rainbow bridge paw print bracelet may be exactly what you need. Blue and white stones represent a perfect sky, and colored stones represent the rainbow bridge our pets are said to cross after their time with us. The beads are colored but still mature for attractive wear by adults, and a sweet piece of poetry accompanies this memorial bracelet. 

Black Granite Photo Garden Stone

This garden stone takes a slightly different spin than the other on the list, with a black granite base and the option to add an engraved photo of your loved one’s cat. The stone is 12″ x 6″ and can include a picture, the cat’s name, and dates of life. This stone is thin, so not made for walking on, but the material will hold outside in the elements, and it comes with a display stand for propping up inside or out. A glossy stone with a great mix of customization options to make it the perfect memorial gift.

Cat Memorial Wind Chimes

Did you (or your friend’s) cat love the garden and the outdoors? If so, this is the perfect gift to memorialize them by. With this personalized wind chime set, your loved one will remember their pet outdoors as they hear its music float in the breeze. Hanging from the bottom of the chimes is a wooden memorial tag with a memorial phrase, cat outline, and customizable space for a cat’s name and the year. 

Collar Keeper Picture Frame

Keeping a pet’s collar is a common way to memorialize their special place in the family. With this gift, your loved one will be able to keep their cat’s collar safely displayed beneath a picture of their perfect pet. This 9″ x 9″ frame comes in black, brown, or mahogany and includes five different mats to help you pick the collar and picture layout that best suits the owner’s taste. This is a high-quality display that will look beautiful hung on the wall or stood up on a shelf.

Cat Remembrance Photo Ornament

Losing a pet around a holiday is a difficult experience, but knowing those close to you will help keep your pet’s memory alive is comforting. This personalized photo ornament tells your loved one just that. This ornament is customized with a personal cat picture, name, and dates. It also includes a short quote about the love we hold for our furry family members.

Wrought Iron Pet Memorial Garden Stake

Another tasteful memorial gift for those whose cat had a favorite outdoor spot is this customized memorial garden stake. This memorial piece is easy to install in a cat’s favorite outdoor lounging space. It is customized with the two lines of text that can include the cat’s name, birth and passing years, or a sweet descriptive wording. At 28″ tall, this stake is the right height to be easily seen without being in the way, even in small outdoor spaces. This is a thoughtful memorial that will show your love for your friend and the memory of their cat.

My Pet Memory Book

The loss of a pet hits many children very hard. This book was designed to help children remember their best furry friend and process their grief. Pages in the book include prompts to write down, draw, or post pictures about the memories someone has shared with their cat. This book can be completed at your loved one’s own pace and includes pages such as ‘The Silliest Thing My Pet Did’ and ‘My Pet’s Favorite Food and Treats’ along with many other prompts. Each page is blank on the back side so your young artist can draw or color about their cat without worrying about bleeding through to other pages of words. This is a great gift to give or help fill out in memory of a special pet cat.

Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace

Does your loved one have multiple pets to remember? Do they like to wear necklaces or other metal jewelry? If so, this gift is a wonderful memorial piece to give after the loss of a cat. When ordering, you can choose between a yellow, white, or rose gold plated pendant on which an image of your loved ones’ pet will be engraved along with their name. It’s easy to order multiple pendants for those who wish to remember more than one cat. Customer reviews are raving about how perfect these necklaces and pendants are when they miss their beloved pet most.

Lighted Cat Angel Stone Statue

Sometimes the simplest things can help us feel close to the pet we miss most. This sweet-lighted angel cat is powered by solar lights and made from weatherproof resin. The cat’s face looks peaceful and happy, the wings reminding us of the cats who look over us after their time with us is complete. The lights glow for 8-10 hours, making this gift stand out even on the darkest nights. This gift is a pretty and subdued way to show that you want to keep your friend’s feline memory alive.

Cozy Photo Memory Blanket

Want to give the gift of comfort and memories? This customizable pet photo blanket will do just that. Available in 24 designs and 3 different sizes, this blanket can be made to suit your loved ones’ specific tastes. Each blanket can display 1 – 4 personal photos, is machine washable, and is made of soft, snuggly fleece. The blanket is warm enough to give comfort but thin enough to easily be folded and stored when necessary. A fantastic gift that shows your love and displays the best moments your loved one shared with their cat.

Cat Memorial Window Decal

If sending love and memories from afar, this memorial decal will travel easily by mail or in luggage to help a loved one hold on to the memory of their beloved cat. Able to be customized with the cat’s name and available in 16 colors, this gift will be sure to bring a fond smile to your loved one’s face. The decal is made of high-quality vinyl for use on the inside or outside of windows and other surfaces. 

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