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The Best Chicken Coop Plans For 15 Chickens

You plan to construct a coop for your flock of 15 chickens, or perhaps you will soon have that many.

You need guidance to design a secure, functional, attractive coop, right?

You’re in luck.

Today, I’ll share my top recommendations for plans to help you create the perfect coop for your 15 chickens.

So, let’s dive right into the suggested plans for your coop:

How To Build A Chicken Coop, by Bill Keane

How To Build A Chicken Coop Plans

This downloadable, straightforward, and novice-friendly guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to construct a safe and visually appealing chicken coop, suitable for a flock of 15 chickens (or more).

There’s no need for specialized tools, and you can save up to 50% compared to purchasing a pre-assembled coop.

The coop you’ll create is not only easy to maintain but also conveniently collects eggs automatically!

Best Chicken Coop Plans for 15 Chickens

If you’re looking for comprehensive, yet beginner-friendly step-by-step instructions to build a coop for 15 chickens, I strongly recommend the ‘Building A Chicken Coop’ plans by Bill Keane.

This detailed, image-based manual offers various coop designs, catering to various keepers’ needs depending on the land available, desired coop features, and preferred aesthetics.

You can access all the dimensions and the most cost-effective means of obtaining the required materials.

These plans can be followed in real-time, allowing you to construct a coop as you progress through the steps.

Better still, you can build the coop using standard tools you likely already own, ensuring your chickens’ lighting, ventilation, and insulation needs are met.

These plans include seven designs, all of which can be adapted to accommodate 15 chickens.

They are:

Chicken Coop Design 1

Chicken Coop Design 1

This design features an elevated house above a full-range ground floor.

You’ll also build a ramp for easy access between the two levels. Optionally, you can add wheels for increased portability.

Chicken Coop Design 2

Chicken Coop Design 2

This design provides ample roaming space, a closable area, built-in roosts and easily accessible nesting boxes.

Chicken Coop Design 3

Chicken Coop Design 3

This two-story ark offers a ground floor run that is protected by an openable roof and allows for easy access. The vertical design is ideal for those with limited land.

Chicken Coop Design 4

Chicken Coop Design 4

This larger house comfortably accommodates 12 chickens. You can add an outdoor roaming area with fencing around your chosen perimeter if desired.

Chicken Coop Design 5

Chicken Coop Design 5

This design includes plenty of protected roaming space and allows for easy installation of two feeders at opposite ends.

Chicken Coop Design 6

Chicken Coop Design 7

This larger coop is designed for 15 chickens, but you could expand your flock if desired. Multiple access points are integrated into the design.

What I Recommend The ‘Building A Chicken Coop’ Plans by Bill Keane

  • Instantly accessible, allowing you to start building right away.
  • Printable, enabling you to work with paper copies, or access the plans on a mobile/tablet or PC.
  • No guesswork; the precise dimensions, exact materials, and recommended tools are provided for each design.
  • They have been developed and revised by a poultry expert to ensure proper lighting, ventilation, insulation, nesting boxes, and space for chickens.
  • They are thorough yet easy to follow, providing the right level of detail without being overwhelming.
  • You also get access to a number of bonus extras such as a guide for optimal coop positioning, DIY nesting boxes, and an organic gardening eBook for growing food for your flock.

What Size Coop Do I Need For 15 Chickens?

A coop of at least 30-60 square feet is needed for 15 chickens. This gives each bird 2 to 4 square feet of space, considered an optimal amount per bird.

For more precise dimensions, a coop of at least 5×6 is generally a good size, as it can comfortably house up to 18 chickens per the recommended spatial requirements.


A flock of 15 chickens requires a suitable coop!

If you don’t want to spend a significant amount on a pre-built coop, you’ll need to build your own, and that’s where reliable plans come in.

Make sure you follow the right ones to avoid confusion and frustration along the way.

That’s why I recommend Bill Keane’s plans.

A small upfront investment in these plans will save you money, time, and (a lot of potential) frustration in the long run.

Discover the numerous benefits by visiting the ‘Building A Chicken Coop’ website below.

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How many nesting boxes do I need for 15 chickens?

If you have 15 chickens, it is advised to offer 3-4 nesting boxes. The general rule of thumb is one nesting box for every 4-5 hens.

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