11 Great Gifts For Dog Walkers To Show Your Appreciation

Would you like to show your dog walker your appreciation for the ways they keep your dog healthy and happy? Has your dog walker been dedicated to their job in all types of weather? Perhaps they have even gone above and beyond to offer a great service? Showing appreciation is often done best with a carefully chosen gift, and that’s why I’ve made this list for you. With gifts that range from useful to sweet, we know you’ll find just what you need to say thanks to your trusty dog walker.

Never Walk Alone Dog Design Hat

Walking a dog puts you out in all of mother nature’s elements, including the heat and sun. As a result, most dog walkers can appreciate a good baseball cap to keep the sun off their cheeks and out of their eyes. This hat has a silhouette of a friendly dog holding a leash and says “Never Walk Alone” as a reminder of all the sweet pups your dog walker spends their days with. This hat is adjustable in size, made of high-quality materials, and has a satisfaction guarantee. It is a gift that is as useful as it is thoughtful.

Funny Dog Walker Glass Mug

Are you trying to give your dog walker a laugh as well as a gift they can appreciate? This glass mug lets everyone know the thing your dog walker likes most about them is – well – their dog! This mug holds 13 oz of liquid, is safe for use in both the microwave and dishwasher and double printed for easy reading. This is a gift that will get plenty of use and keep your dog walker both hydrated and light-hearted.

Wooden “Did Someone Say Walk?” Key and Leash Hanger

Most dog walkers can tell you that, along with plenty of dogs, their job comes with quite a few keys and leashes as well. Keeping track of keys and leashes is a work of art that requires careful organization, and your gift can show understanding of the job and, at the same time, it shows its appreciation. This wooden sign features a dog ready for a walk and three key hooks. It comes ready to be wall mounted and is designed to naturally fit into any décor your dog walker may have. 

“Talk To The Paw” Over The Shoulder Bag

Treats? Check. Potty bags? Check. Cell Phone? Check The items your dog walker needs to carry, and when they need their hands free to care for dogs, a good bag is an invaluable item. Just like most people don’t like wearing the same thing to work every day, having some variety to choose from is even better. That’s why this bag makes such a great gift. Decorated with a cute dog, fun saying, and designed to be waterproof for those wet weather adventures, this bag is a great gift choice.

Best Dog Walker Ever Keychain

Sometimes it is nice to spoil your dog walker with a small unexpected gift of appreciation, and this keychain is the perfect choice. Made of stainless steel, this key chain is hypoallergenic, won’t tarnish or rust, and is durable enough for everyday use. The charms are themed to a dog walker’s taste and include one that lets your walker know they really are the best ever. Pair this keychain with a sweet thank you note, and your dog walker will have a great day.

Dog Treat Pouch Fanny Pack

If our suggested over-the-shoulder bag wasn’t your and your dog walker’s taste, this smaller option that fits around the waist should be right on target. Made specifically for dog walkers, this fanny pack comes with a poop bag dispenser pouch, a lined treat pouch, and a reflective zipper to help your walker be visible during early morning and evening walk times. The waist belt is adjustable to fit most people and rests at a convenient spot for treat retrieval if your walker trains your dog as well. 

Dog Walking Is My Cardio T-Shirt

Shirts have been a classic gift for those we care about for ages because they are unique, personal, and useful. Your dog walker probably logs some serious miles with your pup and definitely gets in their cardio in the process. This shirt pays homage to all the heart-rate-raising adventures your walker has taken your dog on during the day. A simple design and retro color scheme make this an easy choice to fit into most fashion tastes, and with men’s and women’s sizing, you are certain to get the perfect fit.

Dog Walkers Rock Magnet

Another simple but sweet option is this dog walkers rock magnet. This magnet makes a great thank you if your dog walker puts in a bit of work beyond their normal duties or as an unexpected pick-me-up for a dedicated walker. Measuring 4” x 6”, this magnet works great on refrigerators or vehicles. Leave this magnet along with your leash to help your dog walker know the duties they do every day are seen and appreciated. 

Dog Walker Survival Kit Tote Bag

This zippered tote is a fun gift when filled with a few of your dog’s favorite treats and maybe a small gift card to your dog walker’s favorite drink or treat stop along their walking route. You can also keep it at your home stuffed with any little things your dog walker may need on short notice, so they aren’t left scrambling for supplies when they pick up or drop off your precious pup. 

Greener Walker Dog Waste Bags

Waste bags might seem like a strange way to say thank you, but with the number of bags, most walkers need, having a bit of the purchase taken off their plate is a great relief. This pack of bags comes with 540 extra-strong leakproof bags. Better yet, the bags are biodegradable, so your walker never needs to feel bad about adding them to the local waste. A simple supply of bags can go a long way in letting your dog walker use their hard-earned money on something they enjoy instead of more supplies.

Leather Paw Print Waste Bag Pouch

Leather Paw Print Waste Bag Pouch

Who said that holding waste bags couldn’t be fashionable? This leather pouch neatly holds a standard roll of waste bags in a discreet and stylish manner. Decorated with a paw print and clip for easy carrying, this is a small pouch with a big purpose. A great alternative to plastic bag carriers that may become brittle and break. This pouch is one gift to show appreciation in a way every dog walker will understand.

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