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Great Dane Rescues In California [Adoption Directory Guide]

Are you looking to adopt a Great Dane from a rescue in California but do not know where to look or who to contact?

Not to worry.

I have pulled together a directory of all the Great Dane Rescues In California, to give you some options and to help you get the Dane you always wanted.

Great Dane Rescue of Northern California

Address: 7430 Sierra Ponds Lake Granite Bay, California 95746

Phone: 916-652-6444



The Great Dane Rescue of Southern California

Address: 26845 Jefferson Avenue, Suite A, Murrieta, California 92562



Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions

Address: 4867 Pedley Ave, Norco, California 92860

Phone: 951-818-2512



One Dane At A Time



Great Dane Rescue Network

Phone: 818-430-0558



Indian Dane Rescue

Phone: 760-739-1450




That should get you started.

These are the most reputable shelters in the Golden State.

And if you did not want to go through a rescue per se, there is this page over at This is essentially an online advertising board where individuals can list their dogs available for adoption.

Something to check out, and consider.

And lastly, if you would like your rescue to be added to this list, or know of one, then please contact

I’d be happy to add it!