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  • Dog Ate Play-Doh [What You Have To Do Right Now]
    For some bizarre reason, your dog has decided to eat some Play-Doh. It’s entirely normal to be concerned when our dogs eat things that they aren’t supposed to but before you panic, read below to find out exactly what you should do next. So, what …

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  • Dog Ate Toy Stuffing [What You Now Need To Do]
    If your dog recently took out their energy on a stuffed toy, it may have eaten some of the soft stuffing. Naturally, you are likely concerned. Do you need to call the vet; will your dog be able to pass the toy stuffing at home? …

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  • How Many Ounces Are In A Cup Of Wet Dog Food?
    Properly feeding your puppy or dog is essential. And a huge part of that is giving them the right amount of food. If you feed wet dog food from the can, chances are you are going to want to measure it out, first. Here is …

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  • Do Dogs Know When They Hurt You?
    If you own a dog, chances are they are going to hurt you at some point. Most of the time, it’s completely accidental. But do dogs feel remorse? Are they aware of what they’ve done? How do you know if your dog feels bad for …

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  • Dog Ate Cough Drops [This Is What You Know Need To Do]
    The sweet smell of cough drops is a tempting scent for many dogs. To the point where if your dog found them, they’d likely give them a try. Besides, that’s why you are probably here. How dangerous is this? Are you now wondering how to …

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  • Dog Ate Babybel Wax [Is There Anything You Need To Do]
    Have you just watched your dog steal babybel wax off the side before proceeding to swallow it whole? Yikes! You’re concerned right? But do you need to be? And is there anything you now need to do to keep them safe? Well, here are the …

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  • Dog Ate A Spider [Let’s Hope Its Not One Of These 8]
    Your dog ate a spider. Panic sets in. Are they going to be okay? What about poisonous spiders? How should you now respond to the incident? Well, here’s everything you’ll need to know and consider. So, what should you do if your dog ate a …

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  • Dog Ate Compost [Do You Need To Be Concerned?]
    Have you just watched on in horror as your dog swallowed some compost? Aside from it being gross, can this harm them? Is there anything you now need to do in response or be aware of? Well, here is everything you are going to want …

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  • My Dog Ate A Bandaid [Here’s What You Now Need To Do]
    Have you just watched your dog eat a bandaid? Are you now concerned about what may happen next? Is there anything you can do to help your dog, specifically? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is what you now should do. So, what …

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