What Are Female Bearded Dragons Called?

Are you looking to refer to a female bearded dragon? Are you not sure what to call them? Well, interestingly, there is not much to learn here. This is why.

So, what are female bearded dragons called? A female bearded dragon is called a bearded dragon, or a female bearded dragon – there is no recognized or commonly used name to differentiate them from males. That being said, female bearded dragons are sometimes called Dams when pregnant or during breeding.

And there is one other context where they may be called something different.

And that’s just after they have been born.

Bearded dragons, of both genders, are often called Hatchlings.

Other than that you’re mostly just going to want to call them female, or ‘girl’ bearded dragons!

Related Questions

What is a bearded dragon baby called?

A baby bearded dragon is called a hatchling.

What does a female bearded dragon look like?

A female bearded dragon is typically smaller than a male. They also possess one single vertical bulge (above the cloacal opening and compared to a male’s two). Females also have smaller femoral pores, narrower cloacal openings and narrower tails.

What should I name my female bearded dragon?

The best ways to name a bearded dragon are to either name them after a particular feature (whether that be exclusive to bearded dragons, or your bearded dragon itself), give them a name that signifies something or give them a name you like.

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