What Is A Group Of Chinchillas Called? [The Term To Use]

Need to refer to a group of chinchillas but not sure what the correct terminology is? Well, here is what you want to know.

So, what is a group of chinchillas called? A group of chinchillas is commonly called a herd. Although they may be sometimes be referred to as a colony.

Not too dissimilar to guinea pigs then – who interestingly enough, also collectively go by the name herd.

They are both rodents, I suppose.

And it does make sense when we inspect the definition of the term:

At least the the one given by the Cambridge Dictionary:

‘A large group of animals of the same type that live and feed together.’

Seems pretty accurate.

But large group?

Does this sound right for this particular animal?

Lets find out whether chinchillas actually do live in herds or whether they are more solitary by nature.

We’ll then be looking at some other useful terms to be familiar with – if of course, chinchillas interest you…

Do Chinchillas Live In Groups?

In the wild and in their native habitats, chinchillas live in large groups ranging from 14-100 chinchillas. These are very social animals that live in large groups to keep themselves safe from potential predators.

And as part of this defensive strategy, herd of chinchillas will typically be found in underground burrows or even among the crevices of rocks.

They don’t want to be detected.

Of course, if you intend on owning a pet chinchilla, things will be a little different.

Besides, you’ll be keeping them in a confined space and cages only come so big and we can only accommodate so much space.

Thus, it is common and recommended to keep chinchillas in single sex pairs.

While you can keep them on their own, keeping them in pairs is generally better for their wellbeing.

It provides them with companionship, plus they can snuggle up with one another when it comes to nap time.

If you do decide to keep more than one chinchilla however, it is advised to purchase them together.

Introducing a chinchilla to one already established in their cage and that has settled into their new home can come with many challenges.

Other Key Chinchilla Terms

Its not just the group name that is useful to know. Instead, there are a range of other terms that are useful to be aware of when it comes to chinchillas.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the more common ones:

RodentA gnawing mammal that possesses constantly growing incisors and no canine teeth.
CrepuscularActive or appearing at the time of day just before the sun goes down, or just after the sun rises.
LittersThe name for the group of babies from the same pregnancy.
PolyestrousHaving several estrous cycles during a single breeding season. Chinchillas can therefore breed multiple times per year.
CaecotrophyThe process of digesting food twice, as chinchillas do.
Fur SlipA chinchilla’s instinctive defense to protect themselves from a predator attack. This enables a chinchilla to release large patches of fur quickly, escaping, and leaving the predator with only the fur.

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What Is A Baby Chinchilla Called?

A baby chinchilla is called a kit.


There you go; a herd, or colony of chinchillas.

That’s what you can use from now on.

Although, if you are feeling a little bit imaginative, there is no reason why you cannot invent your own collective noun.

What about a scuffle, for instance.

Or anything that relates to their behavior, traits and tendencies.

Fur ball anyone?

That being said, don’t be surprised if nobody gets what you mean.

It may require a bit of explaining.

Better yet, just stick to herd!

And are you wondering what groups of other animals are called? If so, my guides below may be of interest: