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We simplify pet ownership and care.

Owning a pet can be confusing.

Especially when they are new or unfamiliar. It’s hard to find a trusted source of information to depend upon.

We get it. That is why Pet Educate exists.

We are a team of passionate Pet Owners all of whom have a lot of experience in raising and researching for a wide variety of pets.

From Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Snakes, Cats, to a number of different Dog breeds all the way through to Chickens, we’ve raised and taken care of them all!

Together, we have over 250 years of experience.

Beyond this, we have a keen desire to expand our knowledge through research.

We only look at the experts in their respective fields. Basing our research on trustworthy studies, citations, references, and research.

We are not afraid to pick up the phone to a veterinarian either!

Pet Educate simply allows us to share our findings on a much larger scale.

Since its launch, Pet Educate has helped over 2 million pet owners. And each year, we continue to help more and get them access to all the information they need.

Our mission is simple – to help educate you to better understand your pet(s), their needs and to make the whole process far more enjoyable for you and your pet alike!

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Our Story

PetEducate was created in 2019 by seasoned pet owner Jeremy Williams. Jeremy has owned pets (dogs, cats, rodents) for over 25 years, but was frustrated struggling to find information for the pets he has/had owned and was considering owning. At least accurate, and properly researched information.

Jeremy decided to create PetEducate to combine his pet ownership knowledge with his analytic nature. With a scientific background and experience reviewing/analysis scientific literature and studies, Jeremy began publishing highly researched pieces that could be understood and implemented by the everyday pet owner.

Today, PetEducate is one of the leading pet websites online. With thousands of articles, PetEducate has something for all pet owners, from first-time pet parents to those more experienced.

More On Our Authors

Jeremy Williams

Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief

Jeremy Williams Founder and Pet Educate Chief Editor

I have always owned pets. Well, as far as I can remember. I was brought up with dogs and cats ever since I was a young boy.

I was raised with Border Collies, but upon having children of my own and in more recent years, have since owned a Chocolate Labrador and a Cockapoo.

Our Chocolate Labrador, Rolo, sadly passed away of old age but our Cockapoo, Bailey, is certainly keeping us busy these days!

He’s now 8. But still a real handful. He’s great fun, nonetheless.

Outside of dogs, we have also owned a number of other pets to educate our own children about responsibility. Besides, they desperately wanted others too.

We have had a ginger Tabby cat (named Marmalade), several hamsters (called Caramel and Toffee), and we’ve even owned guinea pigs (Charlie and Ginger) and a rabbit (called Hamish) too!

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Alex Crow (BVetMed MRCVS)

Contributor and Veterinary Review Board

Dr. Alex Crow is an RCVS accredited Veterinary surgeon currently practicing in the UK.

Dr. Alex earned his degree in veterinary medicine from the Royal Veterinary College in London (one of the top 3 veterinarian schools in the world) in 2019.

His special area of expertise is Laparoscopic neutering (keyhole).

Alex has a passion for educating vet owners online and has written for many different pet blog websites.

Alex has contributed with many standalone articles on PetEducate, along with serving on the veterinary review board; ensuring all content is accurate, and scientifically supported.

Alex also runs his own website at PetHealthGuru.com.

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