Commerce Guidelines & Affiliate Disclosure

At PetEducate, we strive to help you become a better pet parent. So when it comes to purchasing decisions, we take caution and care with every product we research and recommend. All products are thoroughly researched, based on in-depth analysis and data-driven inspection.

We conduct market research, interview industry experts, and fellow owners within a comprehensive methodology.

We only recommend products we actively, or would, actively buy and use.

We pride ourselves on trustworthy product recommendations.

While we receive an affiliate commission on some of the products purchased through our content, our recommendations are based solely on what they can offer.

We never endorse a product we wouldn’t personally use ourselves.

How We Make Money

We receive an affiliate commission on some, but not all, of the products we recommend—but only if you decide to click through to the retailer’s site and make a purchase.

We only recommend trusted retailers with a proven track record for service and dependability. 

Note: you will pay the same price, if not a cheaper price, by purchasing through our links.

How We Find Products/Brands

There are countless pet products and brands out there.

That’s why we scour the internet to provide you with the only the best products for each purpose and use case.

We actively review the market to ensure we are are fully aware of trending products, new products and to ensure that existing products continue to deliver.

We never accept sponsorships and rarely endorse brands that actively reach out to us.

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