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  • Puppy Humping At 8 Weeks [5 Reasons Why They Do This]
    If your puppy seems to want to hump everything in sight at 8 weeks old, you may be wondering why. Perhaps you’re even a little concerned. Besides, this seems to be a young age for such antics, doesn’t it? Especially when 8 weeks is the …

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  • How Many Times Should A Dog Mate To Get Pregnant?
    If you are trying to breed your female dog, you may be wondering how many times she’ll need to mate to get pregnant. Is one mating enough, or will they need a few mating sessions to conceive? And if you really want to increase the …

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  • Why Do Female Dogs Cry When Mating?
    If you have a female dog that you are breeding, it’s only natural to be concerned if she is crying. It’s disheartening, and troubling, for sure. But why may your dog be doing this; is it common? Could it indicate they are in pain – …

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  • Why Does My Dog Talk Back To Me?
    Have you noticed that your dog talks back to you? It’s cute at first, but it does lead us to question what they are trying to say and communicate. So today, I am going to be sharing with you all you need to know about …

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  • My Dog Keeps Jumping After Being Neutered [Why & What To Do]
    If you’ve opted to have your dog neutered, then you will naturally be concerned to see them jumping up in the days following the procedure. Besides, it’s an invasive surgery that can take a while to heal – and it goes without saying that you …

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  • Why Is My Dog So Nosey? [The Reasons & What You Can Do]
    We love to have our dogs around. They provide wonderful companionship. But there is of course, a limit. We need our own space, after all. But some dogs, they just appear so nosey. Chances are if you are here today, you are finding this too …

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  • Why Does My Dog Smirk When In Trouble?
    It’s a weird look, isn’t it? The smirk your dog does when he knows he is in trouble. It can be endearing, but it also seems like a bit of a strange response, given the circumstances.  Why do dogs do this, and is it common …

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  • Why Does My Dog Drop The Ball Away From Me?
    It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You play a game of fetch with your dog, but they act all uncooperative and drop the ball away from you. Why do some dogs do this? And why do other dogs bring the ball back? How can you get your …

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  • How Long Does A Dog Grooming Take?
    Every dog needs a groom, at least every now and again. It’s just something we have to schedule in and organize. But I get it. Time is of the essence, and running all your errands requires a certain amount of planning. Grooming is no different. …

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