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  • Dog Not Eating After Surgery [Why & What To Do]
    Have you recently picked up your dog following surgery, only to find that upon returning home, he is refusing to eat. Concerning, right? But why may he be doing this – is it normal, even? And is there anything that you can do to stimulate …

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  • Dog Behavior Change After Vaccination [Why & How To Respond]
    Have you noticed that your dog’s behavior has changed since getting his vaccinations? It’s alarming, right? But is this normal and something us owners should actually expect? And perhaps even more importantly, will your dogs normal and typical behavior return? Well, here’s everything you’ll want …

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  • Dog Not Eating After Neutering [Why & What To Do]
    You’ve just gone through the process of having your dog neutered. It’s a traumatic time for everyone involved. Even more so if you find that your dog is no longer eating afterward. It’s naturally very concerning. But is this normal and is there anything you …

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  • My Dog Is Not Eating After Boarding [Why & What To Do]
    If you’ve just brought your dog home after boarding and you notice he isn’t eating, naturally you are going to be quite concerned, even a little alarmed. Besides, it can make us question how our dogs were treated and if everything was okay for them …

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  • My Dog Wants To Play After Eating [Why & What To Do About It]
    Have you noticed that your dog always wants to play after eating? Literally right after, long before their food has a chance to digest. Why do dogs do this? And should you entertain and allow such behavior? If not, how long should you wait before …

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  • Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating?
    You’ve fed your dog. Only 30 minutes later and you want to take them out for a walk. Sound familiar? Perhaps it’s all your current schedule can allow. But should you do this? Well, here is what you are going to want to know. So, …

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  • Does My Dog Miss Me When I Go On Vacation?
    One of the best times of the year is when you pack up ready to go on vacation. That much-needed and well-earned break from routine. But there is a downside, of course. Usually, it means we have to leave our dogs at home. Without their …

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  • Does My Cat Miss Me When I Go On Vacation?
    We all go away on vacation. But unfortunately, we cannot always take our pets. How will your cat feel when you go away? Will he miss you? Will he know how long you are gone? I know you have lots of questions; I certainly did …

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  • Why Does My Dog Pee In The House After Going Outside?
    It can be disheartening to take your dog outside only to have him pee again once back in the house. It is also quite disgusting and something you’ll want to overcome, ASAP. But why does he do this and how can you make sure he …

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