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  • Why Does My Cat Flip Her Food Bowl? [And How To Stop It]
    It’s a frustrating and inconvenient behavior – a cat that flips her food bowl. It’s something that you are going to want to understand (why it happens and if it’s normal) and maybe even attempt to stop (if you can). Well, if that’s the case, …

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  • Why Is My Cat Air Chewing? [And What To Do About It]
    If your cat is air-chewing, you are likely wondering what’s going on. Besides, it’s a little bit strange, isn’t it, especially if your cat has only started to do it. So it naturally helps to understand why cats air chew and if it is anything …

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  • Why Does My Cat Make Gulping Sounds? [And What To Do]
    It’s not the sound you would expect to make, is it? So if your cat suddenly starts making gulping sounds, or if they have done so for a while, you are going to want to know what’s going on. Why do cats make gulping sounds? …

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  • Why Is My Cat Peeing In The House All Of A Sudden?
    If you’ve had a housetrained cat who is suddenly peeing in the house, you are likely concerned and wondering why they’re doing it. Besides, it’s inconvenient, to say the least! Why would a cat suddenly start peeing outside the litter box? Is something seriously wrong? …

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  • Why Does My Cat Freak Out When I Breathe Heavily?
    Have you ever noticed your cat freaking out when you breathe heavily? Why do some cats react to heavy breathing? Do they like the feeling of you breathing? How can you calm your cat if they are freaked out? And what can you do if …

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  • My Cats Fur Looks Separated [Why & What To Do]
    It can be surprising to see your cat’s fur looking separated, so you might be wondering what’s going on. Why can a cat’s fur separate? Is their fur unhealthy? How can you tell? And what can you do about your cat’s separated fur? Here are …

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  • My Cat Guards Me When I Pee [Why & What To Do]
    If your cat is guarding you while you pee, you may wonder if you’ll ever get any privacy. Or you might wonder why cats do this – do cats know we’re peeing? Is it okay to allow our cats to guard us while we pee? …

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  • My Cat Guards Me When I Poop [Why & What To Do]
    It’s the one time in the day when we really just want some privacy. So it is a little unnerving when our cats follow us to the bathroom and appear to guard the area. Especially as we sit down to go. Why do cats do …

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  • My Cat Follows Me Everywhere But Won’t Cuddle
    Have you noticed a pattern; your cat is keen to follow you around everywhere, yet is not open to a cuddle (or two)? It’s a little disappointing, right? Well, why do cats do this? Is it normal, and is there anything you can do to …

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