The Ultimate Dog Breed Finder, Selection & Comparison Directory

The Ultimate Dog Breed Finder, Selection & Comparison Directory

Not sure what dog breed is right for you?

Then you need this.

Quickly and easily identify and discover the perfect dog breed for you and your current circumstances with our Ultimate Dog Breed Finder, Selection & Comparison Directory.

In just a few minutes, you can compare over 213 dog breeds across 10 of the most essential data points!

Getting the right breed is essential. Not just for you and your family, but for your dog’s health and well-being too.

But we get it; researching into the different breeds is not only time confusing, but very time-consuming!

In fact, it can take countless hours of research online – opening up hundreds of internet tabs, or paying for a whole host of expensive books on the different breeds.

And then you have no reference point.

Thankfully, there is a better way.

This is the resource you need if you are serious about getting a dog.

Besides, you want to get it right. Your dog will be with you for the next 8-20 years!

So, use this definitive directory to gain instant access to all the data you need in one, easy to use, place.

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Get Your Coop and Run Set Up Optimized

Access All The Data In One Place

Get all the essential data you need to see if a dog breed is right for you.

We include data on the most crucial aspects of ownership and care, including:

• Average Height
• Average Weight
• Average Puppy Price
• Energy Level
• Affection Level
• Child Friendliness
• Trainability
• Exercise Needs
• Average Lifespan
• Grooming Requirements
• Shedding
• And more!

Overcome The Most Pervasive Myths!

Get The Right Dog, For You!

Ensure you get the right dog for you and your current circumstances.

Make sure that you can realistically look after each breed under consideration, and see exactly what they are like long before you bring them home!

Maximize Your Enjoyment

Compare 214 Dog Breeds, Side By Side

With our innovative filtering system, you can quickly compare breeds side by side.

Save A Lot Of Money

Save An Enormous Amount Of Time

Researching each and every dog breed is very time consuming.

With all the data in one place and on one interface, you will no longer need to!

Keep Your Chickens Safe

Set Your Expectations

On your chosen breed from the outset.

Knowing and understanding exactly how they are likely to behave and how to best care for them.

Maximize Egg Production

Find New Dog Breeds You Hadn’t Even Considered

There are hundreds of dog breeds out there.

Chances are, you are not aware of everyone of them.

Using our innovative filtering system, you will discover new breeds to consider and that may very well, be the right one for you!

This is an instantly accessible and downloadable Excel file, that you can view from any device (desktop, mobile, and/or tablet).

Discover Breed Recommendations, Instantly

Here are just some of the instant pre-filters you can get access to!

Hypoallergenic and Low Shedding

Low Barking

And dozens of other combinations; that you can easily set up in seconds!