How Much Do Weimaraners Cost? [Finance Guide For Owners]

How Much Do Weimaraners Cost [Finance Guide For Owners]

It can be difficult to predict the costs involved when getting a new dog, especially when these estimates can range quite dramatically depending on the breed. But what about for Weimaraners specifically? How much can you expect to pay upfront for a puppy, to get all the items you need, …

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Are Weimaraners Aggressive? [General Breed Temperament]

Are Weimaraners Aggressive_ [General Breed Temperament] (1)

Weimaraners are powerful, fast and alert. They are considered a large dog weighing up to 90 pounds and standing up to 27 inches. Therefore, its important to know what they are like in temperament and if they are aggressive in nature. You can’t take your chances with this traits. I …

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