The Bite Stops Here: Techniques For Training Your Puppy To Stop Biting

Learn how to stop your puppy biting quickly, effectively and safely with my instantly downloadable eBook.

Get all the information you need in one easily downloadable resource that will help you nip biting behaviors in the bud, and set you up for a lifetime of good behavior.

Having a puppy is a lot of fun, but it is a big responsibility and training can be a challenge.

Besides, there is a lot of contradictory information out there.

I know, I’ve been there too!

So, I decided to pull together the definitive guide, documenting precisely how to stop biting, in puppies specifically.

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This is an instantly accessible and downloadable eBook, that you can view from any device (desktop, mobile, and/or tablet).

Jeremy Pet Educate Author

About The Author

Hello, my names Jeremy and that’s Bailey, my 7 year old Cockapoo.

I’m an experienced and seasoned dog owner, who has successfully managed to train several dogs out of biting over the years.

I attended a lot of classes, recruited the help of some of the best dog behaviorist coaches, and even joined an online course or two.

I wrote this book to help more new dog owners learn how to stop their puppy biting, quickly, conveniently, and most importantly, much more affordably.

What You’ll Learn In “The Bite Stops Here

Whether you’re yet to bring your puppy home, you’ve just got them or you’ve had your puppy a while, this book will teach you all the essentials.

Here’s a rundown of what is covered:

  • An overview of why and when puppies bite
  • The different types of puppy biting
  • How to understand your puppy’s body language
  • Socialization and bite inhibition
  • The importance of positive reinforcement
  • Basic obedience training
  • Teaching “no bite” and “gentle” commands
  • Using positive reinforcement to reinforce good behavior
  • Redirecting biting onto appropriate toys
  • Managing puppy biting during playtime
  • Understand the difference between play biting and aggressive biting
  • How to respond to aggressive biting
  • When to seek professional help
  • Deal with stubborn puppies
  • And much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this book help me if I have had my puppy a while?

Yes! This guide includes strategies and methods that work for all ages of dogs.

How do I access the eBook?

Once your payment is processed, you’ll be instantly provided with a download link at your requested email address. From there you can download the eBook as many times as you want!

What device can I access the eBook on?

You can download a copy to your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet. Take it out to your chickens and follow along in real-time.

The only requirement is an internet connection to download the book. But once that’s done and it’s all downloaded, you can access an offline copy whenever and wherever you are.

How can I pay for this eBook?

Via credit card or PayPal.

Is my credit card secure?

100% yes. We’ve partnered with SendOwl to handle the billing and delivery of the eBook. They use secure 256-bit encryption and ensure your transaction will be safe.

Is it a one-time payment?

There is a one-off payment for this eBook. No future or recurring payments will be taken.