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Are Cane Corsos Aggressive? [Is This A Dangerous Dog Breed?]

Cane Corsos are quite an intimidating dog in appearance. They have a large head, an alert facial expression, and can also reach up to 28″ in height and over 50kg in weight. They are equally strong dogs with a muscular physique. But, what is this breed like in temperament? Is it safe or even fair to assume that they are aggressive in nature? I decided to research the breed and how they typically act and behave. Below, you can find the documentation of my findings.

So, are Cane Corsos aggressive? Cane Corsos can be aggressive as they do have a territorial, possessive, and guarding nature. Cane Corsos do not take very kindly to strangers, including people and other dogs. However, with consistent training and socialization from a young age, they can be more even and reliable in temperament. They also have a keen desire to please their owners so generally take well to such efforts.

Any displays of aggression must be corrected and stopped to prevent this breed’s behavior from becoming problematic.

Besides, you do not want to leave it to chance. They’re big and strong after all.

And its part of their nature.

The Cane Corso is a fiercely loyal dog breed; a descendant of the Roman Empire and initially bred to serve as guardians.

Throughout history and as time progressed; they have long been used as working dogs; leveraging their power and strength to hunt for boards, in farming, to drove livestock, and most notoriously, guard farmsteads and hen-houses.

Despite their interesting background, the Cane Corso possesses a number of traits that are often sought out in a dog; they are smart and more easily trainable than other breeds.

Today, people still keep them as working dogs. But more often, the Cane Corso as adopted as a pet.

This dog breed usually adores their family and is known to be excellent with children.

Let us now take a closer look at this breeds temperament, along with other important questions and considerations in relation to their way of being.

Such as, whether or not they are dangerous, what can cause acts of aggression and how to prevent them to begin with.

Cane Corso Temperament

Cane Corso owners often find them to be excellent pets and great with members of their immediate family. They are very affectionate to those who they know and are very loyal to those in their immediate circle.

However, this does come at a cost. Appropriate training is essential.

While they can make a steady and reliable companion, they are inherently possessive, territorial and distrust strangers.

Along similar lines, Cane Corsos are very responsive to even the modest signs of danger, disturbance, or discomfort in the household.

It comes strongly advised not to challenge or take on a Cane Corso, or threaten them or their owner.

Being fiercely protective of their family, they make ideal watchdogs.

Thankfully, these dogs are very keen and eager to please their owners. This eagerness, coupled with their intelligence, makes them easily trainable.

As with most dogs, it is better and usually more effective to train a Cane Corso while they are still a puppy. Otherwise, it will be more challenging to prevent unwanted behaviors.

You must be consistent when training them and only use the appropriate techniques. Positive reinforcement is the way to go. This can effectively modify your dogs behavior.

If you see any displays of aggression from your Cane Corso, you must soon correct your dog and stop them. But its important how you do so; you should not correct this breed harshly as this will not stop or prevent the behavior; it will more likely confuse them and is more likely to lead to aggressive tendencies.

Nonetheless, if a Cane Corso receives adequate training from an early age, they should be a balanced and dependable dog.

The Cane Corso is known for being terrific with children of all ages and even appear to have an awareness of a childs size. It has been hypothesized that this could come from Ancient Rome when these dogs babysat young children in their residential courtyards.

But, owners should never forgot that this dog can be very distrustful of unfamiliar people. This is what can bring out the worst in their character.

Even with training, this dog can remain suspicious of new people. You must do all you can not to encourage this mistrustful behavior.

Cane Corsos are governing dogs, that without proper training, can become dangerous – the potential is always there.

If you take on a Cane Corso, you must ensure that everyone in your home likes and understands big, dominant canines.

How Dangerous Is A Cane Corso?

The Cane Corso is not an outwardly dangerous dog, but can be in certain situations, contexts and if the right conditions are met.

These dogs can make loving family companions, but they do require a lot of work.

You must always keep them busy and socialize them to curb aggressive behaviors and bolster friendly behaviors.

Without doing so, and with mistreatment, ineffective raising or without proper training; you are likely to run into issues.

In fact, recently, the number of aggressive incidents involving Cane Corsos has increased. While it is unfair to blame these incidents exclusively on the dog; they do of course play their part.

This is why, for Cane Corsos, it comes generally recommended that an experienced dog owner and handler takes care of them.

The Cane Corso is, without doubt, a large-sized, intimidating canine.

They stand at a height of 2.25 feet and weigh around 100 pounds, and are muscular in pyhsique.

These are powerful dogs; some might find them regal looking, but many others find them terrifying to behold. When walking down the street with a Cane Corso, you will likely get plenty of room!

The Cane Corso is an intelligent and highly perceptive canine; because of this, they are continuously assessing their surroundings.

Dogs that are this brilliant need a job to keep them busy and stimulated.

Otherwise, they can begin misbehaving. It’s better to prevent aggressive behavior in Cane Corsos from the earliest stage of their development.

Without proper training, the Cane Corso, because of his size and strength, can potentially become dangerous.

As an owner, you must become intentional about socializing this breed; they are not naturally keen on strangers, including other dogs, you must ensure to expose them to new people and dogs frequently.

What Can Make Cane Corsos Aggressive?

Cane Corsos have a tendency to resort to aggression; but only when they feel the need to do so. There are many potential reasons why they may respond in this way.

If you have a young Cane Corso, and if they have not yet received appropriate training and consistent socialization, you are more likely to notice aggressive behaviors. These can include growling or trying to bite.

This can be very frustrating for any owner, but do not panic. Instead, look to find the cause and the source of the aggression. This will help you find the best methods for correcting their behavior.

Let’s explore the most common causes of aggression in Cane Corsos:


Even large dogs like Cane Corsos, behave aggressively out of fear.

Fear-based behaviors often occur due to a lack of adequate socialization, abuse from a previous owner, or bad experiences with other dogs.

Aggression motivated by fear is a result of feeling the need to defend themselves.

Feeling Territorial and/or Possessive

Cane Corsos can become aggressively possessive of things they cherish the most – such as their favorite treat, toy, human, or furniture.

These dogs may lunge at other dogs or people if they get too close to their favorite things.

If your Corso shows any of these signs, talk to your vet, this is resource aggression, and it can escalate into physical attacks.

Social Aggression

When many dogs live together, they naturally work to set in place a hierarchy for the pack.

Establishing order in the group extends to deciding who gets the best napping spot and who is the first to eat.

Sometimes a lower member of the pack seeking to disturb the order, the Alpha might choose to correct them by growling or snapping aggressively.

Feeling Protective

We all want our big dogs to be protective of us and our families, what we don’t want is for dangerous behaviors to manifest when our dogs become too vigilant over their territory.


Frustration is often called redirected aggression; it happens when a dog doesn’t get what he wants.

Your Cane Corso can take his frustration out in ways that are harmful to you and the members of your household.

How To Prevent Aggression In Cane Corsos?

Aggressive behavior from a large canine such as the Cane Corso needs preventive methods. We must set realistic expectations for our dogs and set about curbing negative behaviors at the earliest convenience.

Even before acquiring your dog, you should understand the importance of getting your Corso from a reputable breeder.

Take the time to meet the dog’s parents and gauge their temperament.

Cane Corsos have strong wills, so you should enroll your pup in puppy training classes.

Look out for trainers who specialize in this type of breed.

A Cane Corso must always obey their trainer and owner. Never allow your Corso to run wild in your backyard unless you have a high fence.

If you notice any aggressive behavior in your dog, correct them and stop them immediately.

When they behave, offer him lots of praise.

You must establish yourself as the dominant leader of the pack. You become the Alpha of the pack by never allowing your dog to cross the line between what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Once your dog sees you as the leader, he will bond very closely with you.

One of the most common types of aggression in Cane Corsos is males attacking other males.

Neutering your Corso will help lessen the latent aggression towards other dogs.

If you are walking your dog and he ignores a passing canine, praise him for their excellent behavior. If they react badly upon a passing canine, stop them at once. Be clear what is and what isn’t tolerated from them.


Cane Corsos have a naturally aggressive streak, but that doesn’t mean they are bad dogs. It also does not mean should them out as a breed to potentially own.

Any large-sized, dominant dog has the potential to become dangerous if training and socialization are lacking.

Cane Corsos are majestic looking dogs that appear threatening to many people; their intimidating looks make them ideal guard dogs for any household. Their intelligence and keen perception give purpose to these dogs, but they are also affectionate and loyal companions.

As unbelievable as it seems, Cane Corsos are lovely with children and seem to have an awareness of their size.

You should expect a large dog like the Cane Corso to want to protect you and your family, but you must never allow your dog to get become aggressive and out of control. Your dog must understand what you expect of him; Cane Corsos are far from stupid – they catch on quickly.

Unfortunately, people get Cane Corsos because of their appearance. They think a dominant, powerful-looking dog makes them look tough.

You must know how to handle a Cane Corso as they grow out of the puppy- stage very quickly, and you will have a big dog to control. Dogs must never be used to bolster anyone’s image as they need care, love, and attention.

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Is A Cane Corso A Good Family Dog?

A Cane Corso can make a good family dog with appropriate and sufficient training and early socialization. They are loyal, and devoted and want to please their owners. They are also great around children of all ages. However, they are large dogs with a territorial nature and protective/possessive streak. They can become aggressive if they feel the need to defend. Additionally, they are known to suffer from a number of health issues which can make them an expensive breed to take care of.