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Hi I’m Jeremy, the founder and chief editor here at Pet Educate.

My mission is simple – to help you take the best care of your pet.

In order to do so, I have pulled together an experienced team of  pet owners, enthusiasts and accredited veterinarians (with over 250 years of pet ownership knowledge and experience between us).

Here, I/we share our knowledge, expertise and experience, along with the important insights we acquire from the latest studies and research in the pet care industry.

We want to provide you with access to all of the information that you need… right when you need it.

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We strive to offer the most accurate, detailed, and thoroughly researched pet articles online.

Our writing team spends a significant amount of their time researching.

We only cite the most credible sources, seeking the most established and trusted publications, veterinarians, and animal behavioral specialists in the industry.

The writing process is focused on providing clear and concise answers with easily actionable advice and suggestions.

Articles are formatted to help you find more than you thought you were looking for.

Every article is edited as and when needed to ensure the highest quality.

Facts are checked and content is improved where necessary.

A final review is followed by article publication.

From there, articles are routinely revisited, updated, and kept current with the latest research and expert recommendations.

Learn more about our editorial process here.

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  • Do Dogs Paw Pads Grow Back?
    Has your dog injured their paw pads? Perhaps even lost parts of them. Are you wondering if the pads will heal and grow back? Besides, dogs spend a lot of time on the feet, and paw pads are instrumental, too, helping with balance, stability, and …

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    Have you noticed that your dog is drooling clear slime? Perhaps a lot of it. Well, naturally, you are going to want to find out why and what you should do in response. Is it even something to worry about? That’s what I’m going to …

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  • Dogs Fur Changing Color In Spots [Why & What To Do]
    Have you recently noticed changes to your dog’s coat? Perhaps some spots of color are beginning to change without explanation. If so, you might be alarmed that something is wrong with your dog. Well, I’d like to present to you all the potential reasons for …

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  • Can Dogs Eat Tongue? [You’ll Be Glad You Checked]
    Have you been looking for meat options to feed your dog? Finding meat to feed your dog can be a pricey adventure. In your search, you may have seen affordable tongue on sale at your local butcher. Are you wondering if you can or should …

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  • Dog Acting Strange After Teeth Cleaning [Why & What To Do]
    Has your dog recently had their teeth cleaned by a veterinarian? Have you noticed they are acting differently since returning home? It can be alarming when our dogs behave strangely after a teeth cleaning procedure but is it a cause for alarm? Well, you’ll be …

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  • Dog Ate Piece Of Fabric Toy [What You Must Now Do]
    That cute, innocuous fabric toy. At least, that’s what you thought it was. That was before your dog ripped it up and has since swallowed some of its insides. Now you’re panicking right? Is your dog at harm, what could happen to him, is he …

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