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Best Cat Litter Box For Pine Pellets

Have you recently made the switch from traditional clay cat litter to more natural options like pine pellets? Are you searching for a litter box that holds pine pellets well and is easy to clean? If so, I have some great suggestions to help you in your search.

It’s no secret that not all litter boxes are created equal or to meet the same needs. 

However, most people don’t have the time or money to try out litter box after litter box to find the best fit. 

That’s why I’ve done some of the work for you!

But, after exploring the options and lining up the features, here is the litter box I recommend for all-natural pine pellets:

Best Litter Box For A High Peeing Cat - Cove

Quick Verdict

The Cove cat litter box by Tuft + Paw litter box is my standout option and recommendation.

This award winning litter box was literally designed for small spaces.

It’s easily accessible, easily cleanable and can be lifted and moved with ease.

What is to follow below is what I personally decided to get for my cat, and another option I seriously considered (and on another day would have bought).

Best Cat Litter Box For Pine Pellets

The Cove Litter Box With Removable Shelter

If you love a traditional open-top style box for its easy scooping, classic appearance, and ability to fit into almost any space, then the Cove litter box is one you need to consider.

It has several features that make it a great choice for those using pine pellets as their cat litter.

Why The Cove Litter Box Is Great For Pine Pellets

Constructed From High Quality, Durable, No-Stick Plastic

Pine pellets do not clump like clay litter; when they become wet, they slowly break down into sawdust-like material for scooping.

This sometimes means that the litter can dry and stick to the insides of a litter box – requiring heavy scrubbing for cleaning.

The Cove litter box continually receives reviewers’ praises because of the high-quality material used to construct the box.

The designers chose a luxury non-stick plastic so that dissolving or wet pine pellets won’t dry and stick to the insides.

This makes deep cleaning the box easy – simply rinse and give a gentle wipe – and the box looks good as new.

While plastic is a common material for litter boxes, not all plastics are created equal. When choosing a litter box, you need one that is made of plastic that can endure being in contact with cat waste and handle frequent uses and cleanings.

That’s another great part of the Cove litter box – the plastic chosen is thick and built to last with a sleek appearance that fits into most decor styles.

A Custom Designed Scoop Fits Box Corners Perfectly

If you have any litter box experience, you know that scooping the corners and edges of a box can be a tricky endeavor.

That’s why we appreciate the Cove litter box coming with a scoop that is custom sized to the box.

The included scoop is measured and angled perfectly to be able to scoop flush against the edges and corners of the box.

This means that even if your litter isn’t clumped together, it will be easy to reach and sift out of the box.

When your box doesn’t have stray litter stuck into the corners and edges, it remains odor free and allows you to get a longer use out of your pine litter before needing to do a full litter change.

As an added bonus, the Cove litter box comes with a tool storage slot built in.

This means that when the scooping is done, you can simply slide the included scoop, dustpan, and brush into the storage compartment and out of sight.

Open Top Design With Removable Shelter Wall For Easy Access

A box with an open-top design is one of the easiest types to access for regular scooping and for adding or changing out your litter pellets as needed.

When you don’t have to remove a cover and can easily see any soiled pellets, the box stays clean and fresh for much longer.

Pouring pellets into a litter box when doing a full litter change is also easier with an open-topped box.

Not to mention, open-topped boxes allow cats to stretch and use a variety of natural positions in their box, increasing the chances they will use their box reliably.

Having shelter walls that can be removed is a great feature for those using pine pellets.

Pine pellets are appreciated for how light they are but can be flung around by a cat who likes to dig before and after using their litter box.

The shelter walls create an extra barrier that keeps pine pellets in the box without making accessing the box difficult for you or your cat.

Deeper 6” Base Holds More Litter

Pine pellets can take up more space than other types of litter.

A box that is too shallow may not hold enough pellets for the litter to work effectively.

The Cove box has a 6-inch deep base which can easily hold enough pellet litter to soak up waste and give your cat litter for digging.

If you try pine pellets with shallow boxes, you may end up disappointed, so grabbing a box like the Cove with a deep well that is still easy for cats to enter and exit is a great buying strategy. 

We also appreciate that the base has a non-slip rubber coating on the bottom that helps to keep the box in place and protect floors from scratches or damage as the box is used by your cats!

The Cove tops our list of litter boxes for pine pellets because of its classic design, features that make scooping a breeze, and its ability to easily hold the larger in size pine pellet litter.

Built-in tool storage, removable shelter walls, and a protective rubber bottom help this box rank above other versions available on store shelves.

No one box fits everyone’s tastes, so if you’re looking for options, we have you taken care of.

For families who are busy with work or travel, who want a box that keeps litter and waste out of sight and out of mind, or who simply love using top-scale technology, we have found a litter box that works great with pine pellets and your tastes!

Want to Learn more? You can do so here: Tuft and Paw Litter Box Review

The Choueer ChouBox Automatic Litter Box

Do you like to be on the leading edge of technology and convenience?

Have you had automatic litter boxes in the past but want to be sure to have one that works with pine pellets?

If so, you need to consider snagging the Choueer ChouBox for you and your cat.

Why The Choueer Litter Box Is Great For Pine Pellets

Waste Drawer Provides Great Odor Protection

While pine pellets are great at lowering ammonia smells caused by cat urine, they aren’t known for being the best at masking the odor of feline feces.

That’s why we love the Choueer litter box and its perfectly sealed waste drawer.

The waste drawer on the Choueer box holds soiled litter in a tightly sealed space that holds scents.

To help cut back on any potential odors, the waste box is equipped with UV-emitters that cut back on waste odor release.

Using pine pellets without the worry of unwanted smells is a big plus in our book.

Automatic Cleaning Works With Pine Pellets

Many automatic cleaning litter boxes only work with clay litters, but the Choueer box’s cleaning routine works great for a variety of litters, including pine pellets.

The Choueer uses a unique rotating motion to sift out manure and stick together litter into a waste drawer beneath the main box.

The turning motion does a great job of raking through pine pellets as long as they are under 20 mm in diameter.

We love an automatic cleaning box for times we travel or can’t scoop a box every day ourselves, and finding one that works with pine pellets is a real gem.

Modern Design That Still Allows For An Open Top

The creators of the Choueer box listened to research that shows cats need space to stretch not just out but also up when using their litter boxes.

That’s why they made a hybrid box that has domed sides for litter containment but with a central open top.

You might not think this applies to reasons this box is great for pine litter, but the open top also makes changing out the litter easier than in many other boxes with closed-top lids. 

When you add in the easy disassembly of the Choueer box for deeper cleaning, you can’t help but love its overall design that shows care for both you and your cat.

Syncs With An App For Easy Monitoring

Ok, ok, this great feature might not be exclusive to pine pellets, but for anyone who loves to have control of their cat’s environment at their fingertips, it really is a feature that can’t be beaten – no matter your litter type.

In the synced phone app, you can manually tell the box to scoop at any time you choose, set up pre-arranged automatic cleaning times, and track many other features of your litter box.

You can also receive alerts if your box has trouble with cleaning or needs your personal attention.

What Makes A Litter Box Good For Pine Pellets

Searching for the perfect litter box can be overwhelming. If you know exactly what features will suit your needs and preferences, it can make the job much easier.

When you are looking for a box to use with pine pellets, keep the following things in mind. 

A Deep Box With High Sides

Pine litter is lightweight, which makes it easy to pour and work with, but it also means that it can easily be flung around by a digging cat.

To help keep pine litter where it belongs, high walls are helpful.

The deeper the box, the more litter the box can hold. Because pine litter is larger in size than clay litter, a deep box is important for making sure you can add enough litter to be effective. 

A Box That Is Easy To Sift

Sifting is more important than scooping when using pine pellet litter.

When wet, the pine pellets will break down into a somewhat sticky sawdust texture.

When you sift out wet sawdust from dry pellets, you get a box that is clean while reusing as many pellets as possible.

If your box is hard to access or you don’t have tools that properly fit your box, it can be hard to get a good sift. This may lead to you throwing away still usable pellets. 

A box like the Choueer litter box that sifts itself or the Cove box that comes with custom-sized cleaning tools helps make sifting and cleaning up after pine pellets easy.

A Box With Odor Control Features

As mentioned before, pine pellets are great at stopping urine smells but not as strong as preventing odors from solid waste.

A box that helps to hold in odors is a big plus with pine pellets. 

The tightly sealed waste drawer of the Choueer box is excellent at keeping scents tucked away.

Other boxes that are easy to scoop and have sides that can be wiped down with a cloth for quick cleanings, like the Cove box, are also worth considering. 

Finding Your Perfect Match

Finding the best litter box for your cat and your lifestyle can be a challenge.

I hope that this guide pointed you in the direction, and you get the same level of success with either one of them as I have.

For an owner who wants a simple, easy-to-clean box made of top-end materials and with custom-designed tools, the Cove box is a great fit.

It can hold plenty of pine pellets, has removable walls for cats who need added barriers, and fits in with any environment.

If you like the idea of a box that takes care of itself but have struggled to find one that works with pine pellets, then the Choueer box is your answer.

The box is fun to use with the available control app, sifts with precision, and uses the latest technology to trap smells between tray emptying.

If you aren’t sure about the two suggested boxes, then we hope we have given you several things to consider as you continue your litter box search.