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Best Collar For Long Haired Dogs [Discover the Game-Changer!]

Are you on a search for the perfect collar for your long-haired dog? Do you feel confused by the collar types, or overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available? Still unsure which will truly cater to your dog’s unique coat?

Then you’ll be pleased you stopped on by.

Today, I would like to help you by giving you a complete overview of the type and style of collar that suits these dogs best.

I’ll also be introducing you to the ideal collar for luscious long locks, and explain why this is the case.

And what’s more, having been the proud parent of several long-haired breeds over the last 25 years, including a memorable sheltie named Jess, I’ll be imparting my personal experiences and insights.

I’ll lay out not just the practicalities, but also the nuances you might not have considered.

My goal? To arm you with knowledge and clarity to make an informed decision.

Because, just like me, you want only the very best for your dog.

Their comfort, safety, and happiness mean the world to you.

And that’s precisely what the right collar can ensure.

Short of time and just want to get my view? Well, here is my recommendation for the best collar for long haired dogs:

Best Collar For Long Haired Dogs

Quick Verdict

After an extensive search for the ideal collar, I am a huge advocate of the Molly & Stitch Touch of Leather for long-haired dogs.

Carefully designed and handmade, you are going to struggle to find a collar of this quality at it’s affordable price point.

Its incredibly comfortable and fitting choice; made from a blend of premium leather and durable nylon and available in sizes XS through to XXL.

It’s not just practical but it’s aesthetic too; available n an extensive range of colors and also can be paired with a matching dog leas for a synergistic look.

Best Collar For Long Haired Dogs

Molly & Stitch Touch of Leather dog Collar

What I Like About The Molly & Stitch Touch of Leather dog Collar

  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Handmade in Austria with meticulous care, reflecting both love and passion in its design.
  • Premium Quality Materials: Combines the plush comfort of leather with the resilience of nylon, ensuring both style and durability.
  • Elegance Meets Practicality: Available in a spectrum of unique colors, with options of brass or steel buckles. This collar is not just about looks, but about catering to the diverse needs of various breeds.
  • Fit for All: With six different sizes on offer, finding the perfect fit for any long-haired breed becomes a breeze.
  • The Complete Look: The availability of a matching lead ensures that your dog not only feels comfortable but also steps out in style.

Wild One Collar

What I Like About The Wild One Collar

  • Variety in Aesthetics: Comes in an array of colors, including limited edition versions, catering to individual preferences.
  • Built to Last: Durability is at the forefront, crafted from robust, all-weather materials, ensuring a long lifespan and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Dirt- and odor-resistant, it’s a dream to clean, making life simpler for the owner.
  • Comfort is Key: Designed with a buttery texture and soft edges, this collar ensures no chaffing or rubbing irritation, even during extended wear or heightened activity.
  • Complementary Accessories: Matches seamlessly with the Wild One Leash and Poop Bag Carrier for a coordinated look.
  • Sturdy and Silent: The anti-rattling coated carbon steel D-ring guarantees security with a high pull-tolerance, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Affordability and Flexibility: Despite its premium features, it’s reasonably priced. Plus, the option to pay in four installments offers financial flexibility.
  • Rave Reviews: A plethora of 5-star reviews stand testimony to its quality and customer satisfaction.

Why The Right Collar Matters for Long-Haired Dogs

Choosing the right collar for your long-haired dog is not just about aesthetics or fashion; it’s a matter of comfort. Using an ill-fitted or inappropriate collar can lead to a range of problems that could adversely affect your dog’s wellbeing.

To Prevent Hair Matting and Tangling

One of the most common issues for long-haired dogs is the matting and tangling of their fur.

When a collar is too tight or made of a rough material, it can constantly rub against the dog’s fur, leading to knots and tangles.

These are not only unsightly but can also be painful.

The continuous friction between the collar and the fur can cause mats to form close to the skin, making grooming more challenging and sometimes necessitating the cutting out of these tangled patches.

To Prevent Skin Irritation and The Potential for Infections

Beyond the fur, there’s the delicate skin to consider.

An inappropriate collar can cause chafing, leading to skin irritations.

These irritated areas can become raw and, if left unchecked, can develop into open sores.

Open skin is vulnerable to infections, which can escalate quickly if bacteria or other pathogens find their way in.

Remember, a collar that retains moisture, like those made of non-breathable materials, can also create a damp environment conducive to bacterial growth.

To Ensure Comfort and Reduce Pain f

At its core, an ill-suited collar is simply uncomfortable.

Imagine wearing a tight necklace or one that scratches against your neck all day.

Just as you wouldn’t enjoy that sensation, neither would your dog.

Over time, this discomfort can become outright pain, especially if the collar is exerting pressure on the dog’s trachea or pinching its skin.

This can lead to behavioral changes in your dog, making them more irritable, anxious, or even aggressive.

What Makes A Collar Suitable For A Long Haired Dog?

Suitable Material

Soft materials like leather or nylon are often recommended for long-haired dogs.

Leather, especially when it’s well-oiled and maintained, offers a smooth surface that minimizes friction against the fur.

Similarly, nylon, particularly in its smoother finishes, reduces the chances of hair getting caught or pulled.

Whichever material you choose, ensure it’s of high quality and free from any rough patches that could snag or irritate.

Appropriate Width and Thickness

Wider collars tend to distribute pressure more evenly across a dog’s neck, reducing the likelihood of hair tangling or matting.

However, it’s essential to balance width with the overall size and comfort for your dog.

A collar that’s too wide could be cumbersome for smaller breeds.

Its Adjustable

A collar’s adjustability is more than just ensuring it fits around your dog’s neck.

It’s about achieving a snug yet comfortable fit.

Dogs, irrespective of their hair length, grow, and change; thus, having a collar that can adjust to their size is invaluable.

An adjustable collar also ensures that it neither chokes nor hangs too loosely, potentially getting caught in external objects.

Supporting Hardware

The hardware, which includes buckles, rings, and any metal attachments, can be a concern for long-haired dogs.

Bulky buckles or protruding metal parts can easily entangle with fur, causing discomfort and increasing the risk of hair breakage.

When selecting a collar, look for streamlined designs with smooth, low-profile hardware.

If possible, consider collars with plastic or covered buckles which tend to be gentler on long hair.

Soft Lining

A collar’s interior, or its lining, can significantly impact a dog’s comfort.

Padded linings offer an additional layer of cushion, ensuring that the collar doesn’t press too harshly against the skin or hair.

For long-haired breeds, rolled linings can be particularly beneficial.

These are designed to minimize the contact surface with the dog’s fur, reducing friction and the chances of tangling.

Final Verdict – What Collar To Go For?

When it comes to selecting the ideal collar for your long-haired dog, both the Molly & Stitch Touch of Leather dog Collar and the Wild One Collar shine as top contenders. And regardless of your choice, you’re securing a blend of style, comfort, and durability for your furry friend.

Let’s be frank; you could pick up a collar for half the price.

However, when you weigh in the long-term benefits, comfort for your pet, and the compliments your dog will surely fetch, they prove to be an investment well worth making.

Besides, cheaper options were not designed with long-breeds in mind.

I’ve ventured down the path of purchasing more economical collars in the past.

Often, they result in tangled fur, irritated skin, or simply wear out too quickly.

Hence, why not invest wisely the first time around? Avoid the common pitfalls many dog owners stumble into.

But which one to go for?

Well, when choosing between these two exceptional collars:

  • The Molly & Stitch Touch of Leather dog Collar is for you if… you’re after exquisite craftsmanship, a collar that’s an embodiment of elegance, and desire a bespoke fit for your dog irrespective of their size.
  • The Wild One Collar is for you if… you’re seeking a robust collar that’s easy to maintain, offers maximum comfort, and pairs perfectly with stylish accessories.

Yes, you might hesitate at first glance of the price.

But ask yourself: isn’t peace of mind, coupled with your dog’s well-being, worth the investment?

I genuinely believe it is.

With their unparalleled design and unmatched quality, your dog will wear these collars with pride.

So, take the next step with conviction. Trust me, you—and your dog—will relish the decision!

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Leather collars are excellent for long-haired dogs. They offer a smooth surface, reducing friction and minimizing hair matting. When well-maintained, leather remains soft and comfortable against the dog’s skin and fur. They are also durable and strong.

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