Best Hygrometer For Reptiles [Complete Buyers Guide]

Temperature and Humidity are two of the most crucial elements you simply need to get right when owning a reptile. Exotic pets that they are, it is your responsibility to ensure their environment is optimal for their health and wellness. This is not optional, it is mandatory to ensure they can live.

I have gained a thorough understanding about what kind of hygrometers are the best for a range of reptiles, after spending the last couple of weeks researching different options, features and pet requirements.

So today, I’ll be sharing my review of the best hygrometers for reptiles that will ensure your pet has the precise temperature and humidity they require.

Below, you’ll find a quick summary table if you are in a hurry and just want to quickly locate the best one. From there, I’ll delve into the individuals reviews before explain the importance of hygrometers, and information all about them.

The Top 5 Hygrometers for Reptiles

Exo Terra Thermo-Hygro Combometer
Zoo Med Thermometer Humidity Gauge
GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer and Thermometer
AcuRite Pro
ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles
Exo Terra LED Rept-O-Meter Digital Combination Thermometer/Hygrometer
Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge, Single (TH-31)
GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer Thermometer LCD Display Digital Reptile Tank Hygrometer Thermometer with Hook Temperature Humidity Meter Gauge for Reptile Tanks, Terrariums, Vivarium 1pack
Inkbird ITH-10 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Monitor Humidor Guitar Ukulele Mason Jar.
ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles Terrarium pet keeping, Digital Indoor Outdoor Temperature Gauge and Humidity
Exo Terra Thermo-Hygro Combometer
Exo Terra LED Rept-O-Meter Digital Combination Thermometer/Hygrometer
Zoo Med Thermometer Humidity Gauge
Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge, Single (TH-31)
GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer and Thermometer
GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer Thermometer LCD Display Digital Reptile Tank Hygrometer Thermometer with Hook Temperature Humidity Meter Gauge for Reptile Tanks, Terrariums, Vivarium 1pack
AcuRite Pro
Inkbird ITH-10 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Monitor Humidor Guitar Ukulele Mason Jar.
ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles
ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles Terrarium pet keeping, Digital Indoor Outdoor Temperature Gauge and Humidity

Hygrometer Reviews

This section will take a closer look at each hygrometer. You’ll be able to find out the features, pros and cons of each one.

Hopefully, in doing so and equipped with the knowledge throughout the rest of this buyers guide, you’ll have no problems when it comes to choosing the right one for your exotic pet.

Each product is listed in the order of recommendation. However, you would not go wrong with any of the options on the list; hence why they made it. These are some of the most well-received and best reviewed products out there. And for very good reason, as you will shortly see below:

Exo Terra Thermo-Hygro Combometer

Exo Terra Thermo-Hygro Combometer

First up is Exo Terra Thermo-Hygro Combometer. Its an LED Digital combination Thermometer/Hygrometer with a whole host of features and functionalities that will help you to take the best care of your reptile.

Its very easy to use, and has a fanstastic memory feature which enables you to monitor the environment of your habitat over time. Through a single button on the front of the unit you can see the lowest and highest humidity/temperature and compare it to the present readings. This really helps to manage your reptiles environment.

It is ready to use the moment you take it out of the packaging and can easily be installed via two different options depending on your terrarium/tank. There is a hook & loop fastener (included), or you can slide it into position if you already own a Exo Terra terrarium.


  • Very accurate and sensitive to temperature change as well as humidity fluctuations
  • Can place sensor inside the tank and the display outside of the tank
  • Ability to monitor and observe current humidity/temperature with previous reading through the single button/memory functionality
  • Multiple fastening and attachment options
  • Long cable.


  • Temperature functionality takes a while to stabilize.

Zoo Med Thermometer Humidity Gauge

Zoo Med Thermometer Humidity Gauge

The Zoo Med Thermometer Humidity Gauge is another solid choice. Its very functional; being both measuring humidity and temperature via two separate probes. Both of which are very accurate as reported by its thousands of satisfied users.

The suction cup makes it very easy to work with and move, regardless of the type of habitat you have and the materials it is constructed from (e.g. aquarium, exo terra terrarium etc).

Its fully waterproof, so even if the humidity levels are high it is well protected. Its also small, easy to transport and very cost-effective too while still providing a great display and easy to read LCD screen. The fonts are large and bold.

You also have the ability to manually adjust the temperature settings and humidity controller.

Perhaps the standout feature is the alarms with the sensor. So whenever the humidity level reaches the red alert level, the hygrometer will begin to beep.


  • Waterproof body.
  • Small, compact yet clear and great display of readings.
  • Humidity sensor and alarm functionality


  • Battery life is shorter than other options.
  • Humidity probe can give inaccurate readings if water droplets collect on it.

GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer and Thermometer

GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer and Thermometer

The GXSTWU Reptile Hygrometer/Thermometer duo is ideal for any reptile terrarium. It has a huge, easy to read display and an intuitive design that is easy to use. Its many users report it to give accurate consistent readings.

There is a hook and velcro, which makes it easy to install to any reptile tank or terrarium that you may own. Its also extra secure so that they will not fall off.

I personally love the ability to change the readings to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The only downside is you need to press a well protected button on the back of a device to do so (paperclip needed).

It is available to purchase as either a single/double pack; giving you the opportunity to place them in various positions in your reptiles enclosure. It also serves as a great backup if one was to run out of batteries.

There is great customer support if you was to run into any issues and there is a 365 day warranty included on every purchase.


  • Hook and Velcro Attachments – suitable for any reptile tank/terrarium.
  • 365 Day Warranty
  • Cost Effective


  • Requires a paperclip to change between Fahrenheit/Celsius functionality

AcuRite Pro

AcuRite Pro

The AcuRite ProHygrometer provides easy and accurate monitoring through a large LCD screen display that includes all the readings you’ll need from once glance.

You can see low/high readings over the course of 24 hours right away, from the top right hand side of the interface. Its very accurate and is clear and easy to use and work with. It is perhaps the most user friendly of hygrometers on the list.

It has a full 365 day guarantee and a support team that you can reach out to if you were to experience any issues or have any questions.

Despite all of its benefits, the AcuRite is a challenge to mount. It is not actually designed for us in reptile enclosures. So instead of sucker caps, or other mounting, it has a magnet on its back. This of course, is not really appropriate and makes it a challenge to place.

So, if you are to opt for the AcuRite, you’ll need to place it on some substrate or other flat surface in the enclosure. So, depending on the reptile you have will depend on whether this is a good option


  • Very easy to use, work with and get all readings from one interface without the need to click any buttons.
  • Big, large display and LCD
  • Shows 24 hour low/high readings of temp/humidity.
  • Very accurate recordings.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Magnet mounting; not really appropriate for most reptile enclosures

ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles

ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles

Last but not least, the ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles is a great high quality, low profile option. Its compact, simple to use and precise within +1° temperature and +5%rh humidity levels.

There are three different ways you can mount the device, whether that be via a magnet, a spring mounted retractable clip or through a retractable tabletop stand.

There are two separate sensors used to obtain the data for temperature and humidity; both of which come with a suction cup that you use to mount the probes where required in your reptiles habitat.

Again, this device has a minimum and maximum feature; whereby you can see the lowest and highest recordings for both temperature and humidity level respectively.

Another benefit is that it takes AAA batteries which are easy and cost-effective to purchase.


  • Ability to monitor and observe current humidity/temperature with previous reading through the single button/memory functionality


  • While there are three mounting device options, not all will be appropriate for all aquariums/tanks.

The Importance of a Hygrometer

A good Hygrometer, will help you to quickly check and monitor the humidity level inside of your pets terrarium. It does so by analyzing the amount of moisture that is present in the atmosphere and then presenting that information back to you in a readable format and display.

Some will also pair up as a thermometer too, enabling you to check the heat aswell.

Let us now take a closer look at why hygrometers are important to have and what they can do for you and your reptile.

Natural Environments of Reptiles

Humidity is very important to reptiles. Domesticated reptiles, and those kept as pets, are descendants from wild ancestors who lived in very specific conditions and environments. While they have since become commonly kept as pets, their biology is very much the same.

Reptiles come from a vast range of different environments and climates. What makes them so different from one another is their humidity: the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. At one end the spectrum we can see deserts, that of course have no water in the atmosphere. At the other end, we have a rainforest, which as the name suggests, is very moisture rich.

Measuring humidity is essential to ensure that we can match up our pets environment with the humidity requirements of the species, and what they are accustomed to in the wild. We can do it effortlessly and efficiently with clever instruments called hygrometers.

Humidity is essentially, the “wetness” of the air within a specific environment. Hygrometers help us collect this information and make sense of it.

Of course, a contained environment like a reptile or amphibian terrarium will drastically differ from the rest of your home. It is susceptible to quick or more subtle changes in humidity.

Generally, as the temperature goes up, humidity goes down.

How Accurate Are Hygrometers?

When it comes to measuring humidity levels in terrariums, some hygrometers and users report errors which can range from as little as a percentage point all the way up to 15% inaccuracy.

With temperature, inaccuracies can start at 0.1 °F but range to 3°F, depending on the quality of the thermometer. Most of the time, thermometers are fairly accurate so this does not tend to be an issue. This is different from a Hygrometer, which is more likely to encounter issues.

Incorrect calibration and poor setup can also lead to errors. By placing your hygrometer in the wrong area of your terrarium can result in inaccurate and faulty readings.

Beyond this, it all ultimately depends on the quality of the instrument. Some are inferior, cheap and poorly made. With the importance of the hygrometer, it is always best to stick with trusted manufacturers and retail outlets, such as Amazon.

How To Choose A Hygrometer For Your Reptile

With what appears to be hundreds of hygrometers on the market, it can be difficult to decide. So, to help you, let us know look at some of the most important factors that go into finding one most suitable for your reptile.


One of the most important things for a hygrometer is the display. You need to be able to quickly and easily acquire the measurements and be able to do something tangible with them, if required. Most hygrometers are digital display, with an LCD screen.

A bigger screen allows you to read the measurements from further away and will also be more helpful to users with reading difficulties.

Reading Accuracy

Minor changes in your reptiles environments can have a big impact on their health. This is why you need to purchase a device that can be trusted; not just from the first use but long into the future.

Accuracy is paramount and one that you should ensure your hygrometer has. Different devices differ in their accuracy levels, but the more customers one has the more we can observe trends and confirm the reliability of the product. Generally, you do not want to opt for a device that falls outside of 1-2% accuracy.


Selecting the right hygrometer for you and your reptile may differ from the next person purely based on features/functionality. Remember, this is what you will be using – not what anyone else will.

Try to find the one that you think will be easiest for you to work with, that you can easily read and that you also like the look of. Some hygrometers are more simple whereas others will have more features. Its up to you what level you want.

A lot of the best hygrometers have hundreds of reviews on their product pages on Amazon. You can always see what other users are saying and what they like about each one. This will help you to get a better understanding.


Again, another essential consideration is the general size and design. Of course, you’ll want it to work with your current terrarium and habitat for your reptile. Some hygrometers will be easier to store, set up and move. Its all about your preference and how you envision working with it.


Hygrometer costs vary from a small amount to quite a lot. While you should always be cautious of the cheaper models, very expensive ones may not be advisable either. These are likely to have more functionality; some of which you may not even need.

Consider your budget and the cost in combination with other factors, like reading accuracy, design etc.

Battery Life

You need to ensure that your hygrometer comes with a good, reliable battery life (if applicable). You’ll also want to ensure you know exactly the kind of batteries they take and if you can conveniently and quickly get access to more when they do eventually run out.

Its not advisable to opt for a hygrometer that requires frequent battery changes but you are probably aware of that already.


This may or may not be a factor for you but it is something to consider nonetheless. If you are looking to travel frequently, or move your terrarium, make sure that you can easily take the hygrometer off and transport it.

In Summary

To wrap this up I would say that each of the hygrometers on the list have their own benefits, and may be more appropriate depending on the reptile that you have. Some are multipurpose and great forgiving you temperature readings too so in many ways they double up in functionality.

By going through the tips in our buyers guide, the helpful information provided should help you to select one from the above. That being said, while you would not go wrong with any of the options, for me, I would have to say the Exo Terra Digital Combination Thermometer/Hygrometer comes out on top.

Exo Terra LED Rept-O-Meter Digital Combination Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • 2 in 1 - digital thermometer and hygrometer
  • Accurate temperature and humidity indication
  • Single button operated
  • Combined remote sensor for temperature and humidity
  • Minimum/Maximum memory


In this section, I’ll be answering a few questions that you might have. To help clear things up, I have listed them below with an answer to each of them underneath too.

Do Hygrometers Need To Be Calibrated Before Use? Digital hygrometers are designed to be used from the moment you unbox them and are considered more accurate than analog options. Collaboration occurs during the manufacturing process so your device should be okay from first use. You can always check your device, with the following methods. This would help you in knowing the exact margin of error your device has.

How long does it take for a hygrometer to get an accurate reading? This will depend on the device and the quality. However, generally speaking it should only take a couple of minutes to acclimate and begin to give you readings.

How do I lower the humidity in my reptile tank? To lower humidity in your reptiles enclosure you will need to reduce the water in the environment and limit evaporation and transpiration. To do this you can move water sources (including water bowls) away from heat, increasing ventilation and taking live plants to other rooms.