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Best Leash For Puppy Training

If you’re looking for the best leash for puppy training, you will be glad you landed here today.

So many leashes are out there, all proposing to offer different things. How do you know which leash is best for the job? How do you know which features you need and which you don’t?

Read on because I’ve got the leash recommendation you need right here: I’ve done all the research for you.

When my dog Bailey was a puppy, he was a very enthusiastic walker (I should say runner!)

I had to find a leash that would do the job.

One that would keep him restrained without hurting him. One that was reliable, durable, and practical.

Here is the leash that I recommend for puppy training:

Fable Leash

Quick Verdict

The Fable Pet Signature Leash is the leash that, in my opinion, stands out from the rest. It is my top recommendation for a leash for puppy training.

If you want to get your puppy used to going outside in any weather, you need a durable and safe leash. This leash can deal with even the most eager puppy pulling like crazy to explore the world.

This leash is not only easy to use, but it’s simple to clean, too. It also comes in various colors, so you can look stylish while training your puppy if you want to!

Fable Pet Signature Leash

The Fable Pet Signature leash is simple to adjust, handmade with tough stitching in a variety of colors, and is built to last. Your puppy can pull all he likes, and this leash will stay strong.

Perhaps most importantly, you can use the hands-free option!

All you need to do is adjust the wrist strap adjuster – that way, you can save your shoulders and arms while training your eager puppy.

Why I Like the Fable Leash for Puppy Training

Waterproof and Durable

This leash is waterproof, which comes in handy when training your puppy in all kinds of weather.

On top of that, it’s super strong: it can withstand up to 300 pounds of a pulling puppy or adult dog.

Most puppies don’t weigh anything close to 300 pounds, but it’s nice to know how strong this leash is to keep your pup safe.

The coated webbing and aluminum hardware provide extra durability.

In addition, while many brands have glued webbing, this one doesn’t: the webbing is safely secured using hardware bolts. The leash is tightly sealed, too.

You won’t have to worry about the leash snapping halfway through your training or walking session – no park chases with a puppy who loves a game of catch me!

With an eager puppy, you need a leash you can trust. And you can trust the Fable.

The Fable is also built to last a long time – so no extra money needed to purchase replacements later on.

Some leads can have the webbing that unravels or the leash even snapping mid-walk – but not the Fable.

Keeps Your Puppy Safe

A lost dog is any dog family’s worst nightmare, and if your puppy slips off the leash, you can spend ages trying to coax him to come back to you, especially when he’s in the middle of exploring new scents or playing with a new friend!

Some leashes can snap or come undone, but with the Fable lead, the security clip of patent-pending aluminum will prevent these types of accidents.

You can safely walk and train your puppy without the worry of him slipping off and getting lost or hurt.

The leash is also simple to use, so both of you will benefit.

Enables You to Train or Walk with Your Puppy Hands-Free

I love this feature of the Fable. Because of the wrist strap adjuster, you can walk or train your puppy and have your hands free for carrying other items.

We all know that working with a puppy requires lots of extras, such as poop bags, toys, treats and other items.

Thanks to the hands-free option, you can easily carry what you need and still have your hands free if you wish.

When training your puppy, you want to be able to make gestures, for example. The Fable allows you to do that.

Different Sizes for Different Puppies

You’ll be pleased to know that the Fable comes in different sizes depending on your puppy’s weight.

You can pick the right length for him and know it will do the job.

If your puppy is small (under 20 lbs), the XS/S size is perfect. If he is between 21 and 50 lbs, get him the M size.

For bigger puppies (and larger adult dogs), you’ll want the L/XL size.

Having the right size lead for your puppy helps ensure his comfort – and, therefore, his focus while you are training him.

Comes in Various Colors

Your puppy won’t necessarily notice the color of his leash, but you will. And if you’re style-conscious, choosing a color that pleases you is a nice thing to have.

You can show off your puppy (which you’re probably already doing anyway!) with the perfect color to go with your dog’s collar, coat, or whatever else you want to match it with!

Because several beautiful colors are available, this leash can make an excellent gift, too.

Got a friend who’s just gotten a puppy? Gift them a sturdy lead in a color you know they appreciate!

Easy to Clean

Anyone with a puppy knows that they tend to love getting dirty.

And the last thing you’ll want after training or walking with an eager, bouncy puppy is to spend lots of time cleaning his leash – you’ll probably be too busy cleaning him!

Fortunately, all you have to do to clean this leash is wipe it with a clean cloth.

And if it gets muddy, a simple wipe with a wet cloth will do the job – the leash is waterproof, after all, so the mud won’t soak in.

Unlike other leashes, the Fable won’t collect lots of dog hair: it will stay looking fresh and clean without much effort on your part.

Although I really like the Fable Pet Signature Leash with all of the fabulous features I’ve outlined above, there are other options out there that you might want to consider.

After all, it’s nice to have a choice – as long as it isn’t too overwhelming.

This is why I wanted to also tell you about the Wild One Leash.

Wild One Leash

The Wild One Leash has different length adjustments, which suit many puppies.

This leash is another excellent option for working and playing with your puppy in all weather.

Why I Like the Wild One Leash for Puppy Training

Adjust the Length to What You Require

While training your puppy, you need to be able to adjust the length of the leash according to what you require at that time.

Training a puppy requires more length for certain games, whereas a shorter leash is better for walking side by side or waiting outside while you pop into a store.

Here’s how you adjust the length of the Wild One leash: adjust the snap hooks at both ends of the leash. Easy!

Adjusting the length of the leash while training your puppy can be very useful, since there are times when he’ll need more length to carry out certain tasks or games.

Other times, less length is more effective (teaching him to heel without having your arms pulled on constantly!)

This brings me to the next feature of the Wild One lead.

Choose from Small or Standard Sizes

You can choose a Small or Standard size leash, depending on your requirements.

With the Small size, you can use a short adjustment of 3 feet and a regular adjustment of 4.25 feet.

With the Standard size, you can have a short adjustment that’s a bit longer (3.25 feet) as well as a longer regular adjustment (5.5 feet).

Simple, right?

Easy to Carry (Lightweight)

It takes time and effort to train a puppy.

Therefore, you need a leash that’s not just dependable and adjustable, but lightweight.

We spend a lot of time holding a leash, so the lighter it is, the more comfortable it is to work with.

The Small size of the Wild One leash weighs just 0.2 lbs, and the Standard size weighs in at 0.5 lbs.

Excellent in All Types of Weather

Your puppy probably doesn’t mind what the weather is like when he wants to play outside, but you probably do!

Any leash will take a beating with a puppy, and this lead is guaranteed to last a long time, no matter how much it rains or snows.

Thanks to the strap’s flex-poly coated nylon webbing construction, this leash is perfect for inclement weather and sunny days.


Of course, your puppy probably loves all kinds of strong smells, but that doesn’t mean you want to smell them on his leash!

For your comfort, know that this leash resists odors – so you don’t need to worry if your puppy rolls in mud – or something even more smelly.

Easy to Clean

Puppies love to get into everything, both indoors and outside.

So you’ll be happy to know that you can spend less time cleaning and more time training your puppy, as this leash is simple to clean.

All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth, thanks to the smooth materials.

A deeper clean is easy – soapy water, with the leash air drying, is sufficient. If you prefer to dry it immediately, wipe it clean with a cloth.


A Quieter Leash

You may not have thought of this feature, but this leash is quieter than most. Why?

Because many leashes rattle, making noise the whole time your puppy is running around.

Your puppy probably won’t be too bothered by the rattling, but you won’t appreciate it while you’re trying to get him to concentrate on his training.

Thanks to the coated carbon steel D-ring, this leash won’t make rattling sounds as you walk.

Even though many people don’t think about this, it’s a nice benefit to have. And some manufacturers haven’t thought about it either, maybe because they don’t have puppies!

Available Matching Accessories

While you are training your puppy – or even as you show him off to your friends – you can make sure he looks his best with matching accessories!

Choose from a harness, collar, and poop bag carrier, all of which can coordinate perfectly with the color of the leash.

Why not!

What Makes a Leash Great for Puppy Training

A great leash for puppy training is one that can handle an eager, pulling puppy while you’re trying to train him. It also needs to be tough and durable so that you don’t have the added concern of a weak lead snapping mid-walk or while you’re out and about. A good leash will also be adjustable so that you can train your puppy comfortably while avoiding pulls in your shoulders or a strain on your puppy’s neck. Choose a leash that’s simple to keep clean, too, so that you don’t spend precious time scrubbing and cleaning after every training session or walk.

You know that it’s essential to look after your puppy – but don’t forget to look after your own needs, too.

The more comfortable both of you are, the better the training and play sessions will be.

Don’t go for choke leads, as these can hurt your puppy’s neck and even cause long-term medical issues later on in his life.

Get a leash that’s durable and tough that can keep your puppy safe without causing him harm.

Know which features of a leash are essential for training your puppy safely. Here are the top features to look for (see below).

Built to Last

Your number one priority in a leash should be one that’s built to last for your puppy.

Be sure that the leash you choose has a safety clip to prevent your puppy slipping away by accident and perhaps getting lost or hurt.

You want a leash that will last a long time, so don’t get a lead that risks coming apart at the seams.

Opt for leads with a sturdy construction that are suitable for all types of weather.

Varying Lengths Available

When training a puppy, you must have a leash that will enable you to adjust the length easily.

There’s never one leash length that does all the jobs you need with a puppy: you’ve got walks, games, training sessions for commands, tying him up for a brief visit inside a shop, etc.

A leisurely stroll in the park or a training session of fetch doesn’t require the same length of lead as teaching your puppy to heel, for instance.

Longer leads allow your puppy a bit more freedom, while shorter leads can save your back, arms and shoulders from lots of enthusiastic puppy pulling.

Having a Hands-Free Option

When it comes to training puppies, a hands-free option can be a godsend.

This feature can save you pain – and walking hands-free with your puppy can make the time spent together even more enjoyable.

When training your puppy, you often need to have a variety of things to hand, such as treats and toys.

The hands-free feature allows you the freedom of carrying these items easily while your puppy is safely on a secure leash.

The Best Leash for Your Needs

It can be difficult training a puppy because you have to train him in many things at once.

In addition to teaching your puppy commands and how to walk nicely to heel, you’re probably working on potty training, which can be quite time-consuming.

The last thing you want is to have to spend more time away from your eager puppy to do a lot of research on the right leash for him!

It can be tempting to throw in the towel and go with the first available option, only to discover that it isn’t suitable, after all.

Thankfully, you can save yourself the headache of choosing the right leash by reading (and acting upon) this guide!

I hope this guide has helped you to find two brilliant options for your puppy to get him the best leash possible.

You should now be armed with practical tools to know what to get to help you enjoy your puppy as much as possible.

Both of the leashes that I have referred to here are ones that I strongly recommend and love.

Why? Because both have been designed with the needs of you and your puppy in mind.

The manufacturers have done their due diligence in researching the requirements for puppies and their people.

Customers have high praise for both of these leashes: I am confident that either one of these can help you as they have helped so many other puppies and their families.