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Best Litter Box For Cat Who Poops Outside Of Box

Does your cat have a history of poop outside of their litter box? Have you seen your cat try to use the litter box but accidentally leave poop on the floor? Either way, you are searching for a quality litter box that helps contain cat messes.

Chances are, you’ve also found (or perhaps even used) a generic litter box that, quite simply, will not suffice. 

The truth is, finding the right litter box can feel overwhelming (with all the countless options, brands, and styles out there), especially when you have a cat with specific needs. 

Lucky for you, I have spent time extensively researching the market, comparing the features to find the perfect box for a cat who is fond of pooping outside of one!

Here is my recommended litter box for a cat who typically poops outside of one:

Best Litter Box For A High Peeing Cat - Cove

Quick Verdict

The Cove cat litter box by Tuft + Paw litter box is my standout option and recommendation.

This award winning litter box was literally designed for litter box shy cats.

It’s easily accessible, easily cleanable and can be lifted and moved with ease.

Nevertheless, you may want another option to consider.

So, keep reading to find out the important details of this (and another great option) on the market for cats who need help keeping their poop where it belongs.

Best Litter Box For Cat Who Poops Outside Of Box

The Cove Litter Box With Removable Shelter

A clean design for those with classic tastes, the Cove litter box is great for maintaining a traditional appearance but giving added stray poop protection.

Made of quality materials that remain to look new through years of use, there are a few specific reasons I love this box for cats who poop outside of their box.

Why The Cove Litter Box Is Great For Cats Who Poop Outside The Box

Removable Shelter Walls Keep Cat Poop In

The creators of the Cove litter box know that what cats need in order to be successful is a litter box with easy-to-clean protective sides and also an open top that lets your cat stretch into a variety of natural positions while keeping their waste in the box.

Many times owners with cats who poop outside of their litter box will purchase a cover for their box, thinking it will help keep the poop inside.

Instead, a cat – especially a larger one – can feel closed in and overly confined. This feeling can lead to litter box avoidance and more poop on the floor.

We love that the Cove has extra walls to help prevent poop from getting outside the box without requiring a clunky, closed-in lid.

The fact that the walls are removable for easy cleaning or litter box transportation is an indicator of the top level of care and thought put into this box’s design.

Specialized Cleaning Tools With Easy Storage Slot

Even with the best litter box, some cats may still occasionally poop outside of their box.

It is a hassle to have to leave, get cleaning supplies, and come back as poop sits on the floor.

Thankfully the Cove box comes with a custom set of cleaning tools and a built-in storage space to keep them close at hand.

Using the scoop or mini-dust pan and brush, you can quickly and easily scoop up any stray waste material.

Sometimes scooping up misplaced cat poop and putting it back into the litter box can help your cat learn exactly where it needs to go. 

Reviewers especially love that the scoop is sized to fit perfectly into the corners and edges of the Cove litter box, allowing for easy, precision cleaning.

With tools close at hand, easy to store neatly with the box, and sized specifically for the Cove, you have what you need to keep your litter box area tidy, even if your cat has an accident or two.

Durable Rubber Coated Bottom Prevents Slipping

Another reason we love the Cove litter box is for its no-slip rubber-coated bottom.

The rubber coating creates traction between the litter box and wooden or tile floors that, helps the box stay right where it should.

A cat that struggles to keep their poop inside their litter box needs a sturdy box that won’t move as they enter the box or dig out the perfect spot to go.

A box that easily rocks, slides, or tilts can make keeping poop inside the box difficult at best.

The Cove box is sturdy, and your cat won’t run the risk of making it slide and getting poop on the floor.

Another perk of a rubber bottom is the added protection for your floors from scratches and marks.

A box with a plastic bottom can leave marks on the floor as it moves or as loose litter gets trapped under the box.

The rubber bottom of the Cove box keeps floors in top shape while helping your cat be able to keep waste inside the box.

Deep Bottom Holds Extra Litter For Burying Cat Poop

The Cove has a sleek appearance while also having an extra deep 6″ litter pan.

Being able to add a thick base layer of litter is helpful for many cats who poop outside the litter box. 

The burying of solid waste is a natural instinct for cats.

A cat that is a vigorous digger can accidentally fling poop out of the box or may grow irritated with the limited ability to dig and poop in places you wish they didn’t.

Being able to dig and bury their poop will encourage your cat to keep their poop inside the box.

As if there wasn’t enough to love about the Cove litter box, the light color and sleek, high-end materials that make up the Cove help it blend beautifully into almost all decor spaces.

The box is large without overtaking a room, and when your cat loves the box enough to keep its poop inside, you’ll be singing the Cove’s praises too.

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Even though I can’t get enough of the Cove box and its features, there are other options out there that deserve your consideration.

That’s why I couldn’t finish this article without introducing you to the Choueer ChouBox.

The Choueer ChouBox Automatic Litter Box

Some cats that poop outside of their litter box are simply craving a perfectly clean box each time they visit, and the Choueer Litter box is ready to provide it!

If you like a hands-off approach to solving litter box problems, this could be a dream come true for both you and your cat.

Why The Choueer Litter Box Is Great For Cats Who Poop Outside The Litter Box

Automatic Cleaning Keeps Litter Fresh For The Next Use

Plenty of cats who poop outside of their litter box do it as a form of protest against a box that is even slightly dirty when they arrive.

A cat that dislikes a dirty litter box will sometimes poop on the floor near the box instead of in it.

The Choueer box solves the dirty litter box problem once and for all by automatically cleaning itself after being used or whenever you push a convenient button on your cell phone app. 

Using the most advanced technology, the Choueer box senses when your cat is away from the box and carefully sifts out any and all waste from the litter into a sealed drawer at the bottom of the box.

When your cat returns to its box, is finds perfectly clean litter ready to be used.

Waste Drawer With UV Emitting Light Locks Smells Away

Strong odors can lead cats to find places for their poop that are not the litter box.

Some automatically cleaning boxes struggle to keep smells of stored waste away, but users of the Choueer box repeatedly comment on the way the Choueer lets off no scent.

By eliminating unpleasant odors from the litter box, you increase the chances your cat will enjoy the space and put their poop where it belongs. 

With the Choueer box doing all the cleaning for you and then locking away the waste in a tightly sealed drawer equipped with odor-cutting UV technology, bad smells leading to litter box avoidance are a worry of the past for both you and your cat. 

Modern Design With Enclosed Sides That Still Allow For Vertical Stretching

When research indicated that cats need to have the ability to not only squat but also stretch upward to comfortably use the restroom, the designers at Choueer took action.

They created a box with a modern shape and mostly enclosed sides to prevent litter scatter that still allowed a cat to feel free from uncomfortable confinement.

If your cat poops outside of traditional litter boxes because they are a bigger feline who struggles to stay within the boundaries of their box, Choueer has you covered.

The rounded shape of the box is both eye-catching in a positive way but also holds in poop and waste from ending up on the floor around the box. 

The extra tall open entry slot keeps your cat from feeling closed in and allows them to use their box in a variety of positions.

Being able to maneuver in a box without bumping the edges and having the help of mostly enclosed sides as a barrier keeps your cat’s poop in the litter and off the ground.

Quiet Operation Won’t Disturb or Scare Cats

Once a cat becomes scared of an area, it can be almost impossible to get them to go there again – especially to use the restroom.

In the past, automatic litter boxes could be loud which is not only obnoxious to humans but can terrify a cat.

If your cat is refusing to poop in their litter box, fear could play a factor.

The Choueer litter box is known for its quick and quiet cleanings.

Sensors on the box let it know when your cat is near and may be thinking about using the box.

These sensors prevent the box from running and alarming your cat. 

When your cat has a litter box that is quiet, and it feels safe using, it will take its time using the box and will likely do a better job of getting its poop where it belongs.

What Makes A Litter Box Good For Cats Who Usually Poop Outside Of Their Litter Box

Some cats may poop outside of their box because they are too large for their box, because they don’t feel they can properly dig and bury their poop in their box, or because they feel too closed in when using their box. Other cats may be picky about the cleanliness of their box, dislike the scent of their box after it is used, or have had a fear-causing experience with their current box.

Solving the mystery of why your cat is frequently pooping outside of its litter box involves spending some time thinking of the reason your cat is getting poop where it doesn’t belong and then looking for boxes that appropriately treat the issue. 

Looking for features that address these issues is key to solving your current litter box struggles. After assessing the reasons for the misplaced poop, look for boxes that have a blend of the features below.

A High Walled Box That Can Hold Plenty Of Litter

For the cat who likes to be a bit of a contortionist when nature calls, a high-walled box can help keep poop in place.

Your cat can lean, stretch, or go from a variety of angles, and the poop will stay where it should.

High walls paired with deeper litter for cats that poop outside the box is a winning combination.

A deep litter helps your cat be able to dig and bury their waste just as they would in the wild.

A cat who is trying to bury their poop but lacks enough litter may end up accidentally flinging their poop out of the box.

For an easy-to-care-for box that needs manual cleaning, we love the removable plastic walls that the Cove box offers.

Just take down the walls, wipe them clean, and put them back on whenever you need.

If you want a box that encloses the poop and is a break from the standard litter box appearance, the Choueer does a great job closing in poop while still giving a cat plenty of vertical room for movement.

A Box That Is A Breeze To Keep Extra Clean

If you know your cat is picky about the cleanliness of their litter box, you need a box that is easy to keep in top shape.

If a box is a pain to clean, you will avoid scooping it, and soon your cat will avoid using it. 

If you are busy or don’t enjoy scooping a box by hand, you really can’t pass up the Choueer ChouBox with its top-of-the-line self-cleaning technology.

An automatic box requires much less attention from you to stay clean and odor free.

Automatic boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your personal tastes.

Perhaps you don’t mind scooping your box by hand.

If so, make sure to pick a box where you can easily reach each corner with a scoop, and that can be wiped down for quick spot cleaning. This will keep your box clean and your cat happy.

Consider A Box With An Open Top

Sometimes cats poop outside of their box because they cannot comfortably use the box they have.

Studies have shown that many cats need to be able to stretch vertically, towards the sky, to be in a comfortable position when using the restroom.

If your cat feels trapped or unable to move comfortably, they may start pooping somewhere that allows more movement.

The boxes we discussed in this article are great examples of how a well-designed box can add protection for keeping waste contained, but still be open enough to allow a cat to be comfortable while using it.

If a cat can stretch upwards, they can have better control over where their poop lands and will keep using their box successfully.

The Best Box For Your Needs

I understand the frustration of having to see the cat you love struggling to poop inside their litter box. 

Besides, it’s not much fun for you or your family either!

The trouble is, researching, purchasing, and testing new litter boxes is exhausting – and not much fun, either.

It’s the kind of thing that can prevent you from making the change altogether.

So, I hope that this guide has helped you find two potential solutions for your litter box dilemma and given you some ideas of how you can help your cat keep their poop inside the box.

I love the boxes recommended. 

They are widely praised by customers, they are designed around the research on cat behaviors/preferences, and most importantly of all, they are easy to clean and care for.