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Do Rabbits Like Music? [I Was Shocked By The Answer]

When it comes to owning a rabbit, there are many considerations that you need to take into account to ensure their well-being and prevent them from becoming stressed and on alert. But what about music? Can you look to play music and what is appropriate if you decide to do so? With these questions in mind, I decided to do some research on the topic. I would like to share my findings with you today so that you know exactly what you can, should, and shouldn’t do.

So, do rabbits like music? Rabbits do enjoy, or at least show a positive response, to certain types of music. Mellow, soothing, and repetitive music (like classical or pop) has been shown to have a calming effect on rabbits. However, you should be aware that loud, or jolting music (like rock music) can frighten and stress rabbits.

Rabbits are pets that quickly become much loved and values part of their owner’s lives.

Spending time with your bunny can mean that activities that you used to do alone, you now want to do in the company of your furry friend.

Reading, watching TV, and listening to music are things that you may like to do in the company of your pet, and understandably, you may want to know all about whether this is possible or even preferable.

Playing music for your rabbit can be beneficial in many ways – so long as you are aware of the dos and don’ts.

As a rabbit owner, you may like to play music to provide company, pleasure, or an atmosphere of calm for your rabbit.

Let us now take a closer look at the subject, covering the main questions and helping you give some direction about what to put on and how to interpret your rabbits reaction – for better or worse!

Do Rabbits Like Listening To Music?

Whilst there is little empirical scientific evidence to suggest whether rabbits like music, there is more than enough anecdotal evidence in stories shared by owners that suggests that rabbits do indeed like music.

However, because each rabbit has a distinct personality, you may find that one bunny responds differently to music than another.

If your rabbit is sociable in their nature and enjoys being around people, they are likely to respond well to the soothing sounds of music.

Music can provide a source of company for your rabbit and prevent loneliness.

However, if your rabbit’s personality is skittish and a little nervous or wary, music may unnerve them and cause distress.

If you do see signs of stress in your rabbit whilst music is playing, try turning the volume down or skipping to the next song. If this does not help, turn the music off altogether.

Rabbits have associative memories owing to the fact that in the wild, they are prey animals. Rabbits build associations in terms of shape, smell and sound.

Therefore, you may find that your bun builds an association with music that is familiar to them.

Repetition of a song is a good way to create that familiarity with your rabbit.

Be sure that you can see signs that your rabbit is enjoying the music, before aiming to create the association.

Positive associations made by your rabbit about different songs can enable them to feel happy and calm.

Bunnies are generally sociable animals and can become lonely or isolated if left alone for extended periods, so why not leave the radio on or music playing whilst you are out?

Music can help to prevent feelings of isolation and abandonment by providing your rabbit with a form of company.

What Kind Of Music Do Rabbits Like?

Visit any bunny forum and you will be surprised by the vast range of genres of music reported being adored by people’s pet rabbits!

From Reggae to pop and all the way back again, it seems that each rabbit, much like humans, has its own distinct musical tastes.

One owner even discussed their bunny showing a particular affiliation to Whiz Kalifa!

Your rabbit is likely to enjoy the music that they are used to. If music is part of your daily routine, it will likely become part of your bunny’s too.

It is important to remember that just because you love rock music though, that does not mean your rabbit, will.

Quite the opposite in fact: rabbits do not like loud noises.

Loud or sudden noises can alarm rabbits and cause them to feel distressed. We recommend watching the way your rabbit reacts to the music they are hearing.

At first, start with the music at a low volume and observe your rabbit’s reactions.

If they begin to tremble, shake or display any other signs of distress, it may be best to turn the music off or try a more soothing genre as this indicates that your rabbit is frightened or stressed by the music.

On the other hand, if your rabbit closes their eyes, continues to be active, behaves normally or even binkies this can indicate that they are enjoying the music.

How Do I Know If My Rabbit Likes Music?

Learning your rabbit’s body language to identify their signs of happiness can be a good insight as to what types of music your rabbit enjoys. Remember, it is likely to be similar to the music you enjoy because that will be what they are familiar with.

Look out for the following in your rabbit:

  • Closing their eyes,
  • Continuing to eat whilst music is played,
  • Binkying (jumping into the air and kicking their legs around!),
  • Remaining as active as is normal,

Whilst they are listening to music as these are all signs of contentedness and happiness within rabbits.

A fondness for music does depend on the bun.

Some rabbits may stop what they are doing and listen to the music whilst others may continue to go about their business.

Watch for any ear twitching or your rabbit’s ears turning forward. As your rabbit becomes familiar with the music, it is likely they will begin to enjoy it more and more!

How Loud Should I Play Music For My Rabbits?

Did you know that a rabbit’s hearing is considerably more sensitive than humans?  Music or sounds that are too loud can harm your rabbit’s hearing or cause them pain.

When playing music or watching TV with your bun, it is important to remember that your rabbit’s hearing is more sensitive than yours is.

Keep the sound to a comfortable level for you and keep an eye on your rabbit to check that it appears comfortable for them too.

Try to avoid any jolting or shocking sounds too as these can scare your rabbit. If the music or sound is too loud or too sudden, it can cause so much panic or distress for your bun that it could induce a heart attack.

You are the person who knows your rabbit best, so you will be able to pick up on the right volume for your rabbit.

When leaving the house, it is recommended that if you choose to play some music to keep your rabbit company that it is played as background music only.

This means that the music should be loud enough to be able to hear conversations and movements clearly over it.  

Typically, if you find the music too loud or uncomfortable to listen to, it is too loud for your rabbit.


Music can be calming to rabbits. Soft sounds that are familiar to them work best when seeking to induce a calm feeling.

Rabbits show a sense of enjoyment and calm when they hear songs that are familiar to them and they have formed a positive association with.

Rabbits do not respond well to loud music or to sudden loud noises.

That being said, many rabbit owners report that their buns absolutely love a calming tune or two!

Related Questions

Does Music Calm Rabbits?

Music can calm rabbits so long as it is appropriate. Music should be of a calming nature, not overly load, and not too heavy in terms of beat and pace. Classical music is ideal, along with soft pop and other related genres. Heavy rock should be mostly avoided. Rabbits tend to enjoy music that is regularly played and familiar, especially music that has an element of repetition.

Do Rabbits Like Loud Music?

Rabbits do not like or respond well to loud music. This can cause a stress response in a bunny; who does not know the cause or how to react to it. Rabbits have a very good sense of hearing and perceive noises differently from us humans. Therefore, loud music should be avoided with your rabbit. The same is true for other loud noises.

Do Rabbits Like Quiet?

Rabbits like and respond well to times of little sound. This enables them to listen out to changes in their environment and also to sounds from other rabbits or animals that would typically be heard in their natural environment. That being said, rabbits like to hear a familiar voice, and talking to your bunny can calm them. Equally, certain types of music played at an appropriate volume can prove calming and relaxing.