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Do Yorkie Poos Shed? [Are They A Hypoallergenic Breed?]

When it comes to choosing a breed, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the main concerns for a lot of people is shedding. Yorkie Poos seem like the perfect and cutest of breeds, but the question ultimately arises as to whether they shed or not.

So, do Yorkie Poos shed? Yorkie Poos are a breed that does not shed. They are non-shedding, which means they are hypoallergenic which excellent news for mild allergy sufferers. However, Yorkie Poos do require a lot of regular brushing and grooming to keep their coats in optimal condition.

The main reason why Yorkie Poos do not shed is down to genetics. While this adds to their allure, there are things you will need to consider if you decide to adopt one.

Let us now explore the topic in greater depth so you can understand exactly what is involved with a Yorkie Poo.

The Yorkie Poo Coat

Yorkie Poos are sweet, hybrid dogs that are a cross between a purebred Yorkshire terrier and a purebred Toy Poodle.

By nature, hybrid dogs can be a little unpredictable in areas like their temperament, characteristics, and behavior. In fact, even their coat type can vary from dog to dog.

Yorkie Poos are a relatively new crossbreed of dogs. As such, it may take a few generations of Yorkie Poo’s before we are able to determine the qualities of a standard breed.

The coat of the Yorkie Poo varies quite a bit. Their coats can be:

  • Curly,
  • Poker Straight,
  • Wavy

Either way, a Yorkie Poo’s coat is renowned for always being silky and soft.

Their coats come in varying colors that include red and white, black and white, black and tan, black, white, and tri-colored.

A natural question arises regarding if the shed. Thankfully, the answer is no and they are completely non-shedding. This is excellent news for mild allergy sufferers and also means that you will not have hair and fur all across your home.

A Yorkie Poo’s coat is quite long, and it does take some effort and time to maintain.

It needs brushing several times a week (2-3x minimum) to prevent matting and tangling. In fact, daily brushing is often recommended.

A matted coat will not only look wrong aesthetically, but it can also cause pain to your dog.

Moreover, if it becomes too matted, the knots will not be able to be brushed out and your Yorkie Poo will require a complete shaving of their coat.

For this reason, it is imperative that you stay on top of brushing.

A premium slicker brush is a great option for this breed.

A bath once per month with specially formulated dog shampoo is all they need to keep their coat looking healthy and smelling well.

Anything more than this is not only not required but can cause issues with the natural oils they produce for their coat.

If you do not use appropriate dog-friendly products, you also run the risk of causing irritation, damage, and pain to your skin.

Let’s look more in-depth as to why Yorkie Poos do not shed in the following section.

Why Don’t Yorkie Poos Shed?

The reason why Yorkie Poos do not shed is that, unlike most dogs that have fur, Yorkie Poos have hair, like us humans.

Their coat is soft, silky, and long. Their hair will continue to grow throughout the year, and while their hair does occasionally fall out, it isn’t continually shedding.

If you are stroking your pooch, you’re not going to get a handful of fur, and you don’t need to worry about getting dog hair all across your home.

While it’s great not having to pick up dog hair from your clothes, carpet, furniture, etc. there is a downside.

They do require a lot more frequent brushing and sticking to a routine is required to keep their coat looking its best.

However, regular grooming is worth it.

Yorkie Poos will enjoy the attention and experience, so long as you are gentle and are using appropriate brushes. If so, it’s a great bonding opportunity between you and your dog.

Are Yorkie Poos Hypoallergenic?

Many people are under the false impression that Yorkie Poos are hypoallergenic. This is not the case.

While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, Yorkie Poos are classified as being hypoallergenic due to their non-shedding and how high allergy suffers respond to them.

When you compare a Yorkie Poo to other dog breeds that have fur, relatively speaking, Yorkie Poos are much better for allergy suffers.

However, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that a Yorkie poo will not aggravate a person’s allergies.

It depends on the person.

It also depends on the individual pup as some pups are more hypoallergenic than others, depending on which parental gene is the most dominant.

Grooming A Yorkie Poo

There’s a little bit of work involved when it comes to grooming a Yorkie Poo. But as they don’t shed it’s logical that you will need to step in to help maintain the coat.

Moreover, a Yorkie Poo will be much more content, comfortable, and happy with a well-maintained coat.

Matting can be painful, and a thick coat can lead to overheating (especially if your home is kept warm) or you live in a warmer climate.

The truth is, professional dog grooming is pricey, especially if you were to check your dog in regularly.

So, while it is something that you can do to treat your dog (and yourself) occasionally, it’s good to get into the practice of doing it at home yourself. While it may take a little time, it’s not overly complicated.

For the most part, Yorkie Poos will require frequent and daily brushing. Bathing and trimming can be done less frequently; now and again (1-2 times per month).

You can do much of this at home, let’s look, step by step, how you can care for their coat and groom this wonderful breed yourself:

Gather The Necessary Grooming Supplies

You will need a dog brush, dog shampoo, dog hair trimmers, and nail clippers.

Aside from the dog grooming supplies, you will need essential common items like a hairdryer, towels, and a non-slip bath mat.

A slicker brush will come in handy to brush through those pesky mats and tangles.

Thankfully you can get all of these products on Amazon for a great price, and you can get them delivered quickly with prime.

It makes sense to get these ahead of time so you are fully prepared by the time you bring your Yorkie Poo (or any other breed for that matter) home.

Below are some of the highest reviewed and recommended products in each category:

Find A Suitable Grooming Area

The bathroom is perhaps the most suitable area in your home to perform the necessary grooming activities your dog requires.

The bath is particularly effective if you have one and you do not mind your dog being in this area.

Try to make the grooming experience as relaxing as possible for your Yorkie Poo.

Layout towels on the bathroom floor to keep any mess to a minimum. Keep one dry towel aside for drying your dog after he has a bath.

Brushing The Yorkie Poo

Begin gently brushing your dog’s face, working through any knots in the dog’s beard and facial hair.

Work on your dog’s back, belly, and legs. Always brush small areas at a time. Be gentle yet firm; the key here is to remove all signs of knots and tangles.

Move the brush to the rest of the dog’s coat, sweep through the entire full length of his hair.

Some owners choose to brush their Yorkie Poos every day, which is perfectly safe and actually preferable.

It’s a good thing to avoid tangles and mats as they can be very painful for your dog.

How To Bathe Your Yorkie Poo

Once you are done brushing your dog’s hair, get their coat wet. Use tepid water to wet their hair in the bathtub or sink.

Be sure the water is not too hot or cold as this can cause stress to your dog (or sometimes even pain and scolding).

As you pour out the water, let your fingers run through your dog’s hair. Ensure that your Yorkie Poo is standing on a non-slip mat in the tub.

Use the dog shampoo, to lather on your dog’s coat, begin with their body, then his head.

Be very careful that you don’t get shampoo into their nose, eyes, or ears.

Rinse off the soap with warm water after you are done shampooing your Yorkie Poo. Start rinsing soap from his head and then his body.

Then rinse his back and then rinse his face. Finally, begin rinsing his belly, tail, and legs.

Check to ensure that you have completely removed all soap residues from your dog’s coat as they can irritate your dog’s skin.

Use a dry towel to dry off your doggy gently, you can either let him air dry his coat or use a hairdryer to dry any excess water.

Bathing generally is only required 1-2 times per month and intermittently if they get damp, wet, or overly muddy on any walk you may undertake.

Other Grooming Requirements

You must cut your dog’s nails now and again to ensure they do not get too long and cause pain.

Make sure to hold your dog securely use the nail clippers to cut one nail at a time.

Make sure you do a clean cut with the nail clippers. Be vigilant that you don’t cut the quick in nail, it can bleed very quickly and rapidly, and it can be excruciating for your dog if you accidentally cut it.

This is why dog-specific nail clippers are recommended, as they come with a safety stop mechanism. This will greatly reduce the risk of you accidentally cutting nails too short and injuring your dog.

Trim your dog’s hair with dog clippers, a popular style for the Yorkie pool includes a furry face with a trimmed beard and a shaved back that blends into the long hair. To get a shorter cut, use a 10″ blade.

Your Yorkie Poo should be held securely to ensure that they do not fall or injure themselves during the grooming activities – this has been known to happen.

Look after your dog’s teeth.

A well-looked after Yorkie poo should have excellent dental health, beautiful white teeth, and no bad breath.

Some doggie treats are great for supporting canine dental health; they’re fun for your dog to chew and clean off plaque in the process.

Your Yorkie Poo will generally need their teeth brushed every day with a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs (like Vets Best).

You can ask your dog’s vet to look at your dog’s teeth during their regular and/or annual check-up.


Yorkie Poos do not shed. They have hair and not fur and this means they will not shed hair all over your home.

It takes some work to keep their coat looking fabulous, but they are fabulous dogs and deserve to look their best.

While it’s true that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, Yorkie Poos are the closest you can get to a hypoallergenic breed.

Lastly, it is important to note that as puppies, while they are incredibly adorable, they are very fragile.

You must handle them gently along with close monitoring, protection, and love.

At the end of the day, a Yorkie Poo is a lovely, well-natured breed that is an excellent choice for new dog owners and those with allergies.