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18 Brilliant Gifts For Guinea Pig Lovers

Do you have a guinea pig lover in your life? Is a birthday coming up, have they reached an important life milestone? Perhaps you just want to thank them for something. Either way, you are going to need a gift, right? Well, you’ll be pleased you swung by. Here are some of the best gifts any guinea pig devotee would love to receive.

Guinea Pig Throw Blankets

These soft and velvety throws are perfect for any guinea pig lover’s home. They are made of premium quality fabric; pilling-proof flannel – which provides both comfort and warmth. This blanket is also lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, and compact making it ideal for taking with you on the go. It is resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling and can be washed. They are available in three different sizes (50 x 40″, 60 x 50″ and 80 x 60″) too.

Guinea Pig Pillow Cover

This 18 x 18″ guinea pig pillow cover just looks fantastic. Made from premium polyester, it is durable and soft. The design is printed on both sides. I love the fact the zipper is hidden, and the design/colors in general.

Guinea Pig Bed Sheets

Guinea Pig Bed Sheets

Featuring several different colors of guinea pigs, these microfiber bed sheets can fit any mattress up to 16″. Fully machine washable, ironable, and designed not to fade. The print is crisp too.

Guinea Pig Oven Gloves

Have you considered guinea pig-themed oven gloves? Well, now you can with this brilliant vibrant, and colorful pair. They are of great, practical size, are heat insulated, and are convenient to hang via the loop on the sides. This versatile gift is great for any cook, baker, or griller.

Pet Camera

What about a monitor/camera? It enables any guinea pig owner to keep an eye on their cavies – even when they are not around. This particular model is ideal – it’s affordable, wireless, and shows images in 1080P HD – which are crisp and clear. This product also has a built-in microphone and speaker which allows you to talk and/or listen. With a 360° pan, 90° tilt, and 110° field of view you can get great visibility of an enclosure (so long as it is set up in an appropriate position). You can even store footage in the cloud or on a micro SD card too. Not to mention initial setup is quick and easy!

Guinea Pig Canvas Rucksack/Backpack

This rucksack/backpack is aesthetic as it is practical. Being made of a cotton canvas material, it is thin and lightweight. It’s a great size too (41cm x 37cm) and has a sufficiently large 8-liter capacity. The drawstring closure keeps the item secure while making it easy to open and close. Plus, the straps are adjustable and secured in place with easy-to-manipulate button fasteners.

Guinea Pig Ceramic Mug

For the coffee or tea drinkers. The artistic design of this mug is excellent – featuring our favorite rodents on both sides. It’s made entirely of ceramic and can hold up to 11 fluid oz of cold and warm drinks. The large grip handle makes it easy to hold too.

Guinea Pig Tee Shirt For Women

This stylish t-shirt is available in four different colors; green, blue, mauve, and light orange. It’s made of viscose and spandex, making it incredibly soft. lightweight and stretchy. It’s designed for a great casual loose fit and has double-needle sleeves and a bottom hem to round off the look.

Life Is Good Sign

This neat, bright, cute and incredibly cute sign is just what every guinea pig owner needs. It’s a great practical size at 10 x 5″, is lightweight, and can easily be hung on a nail. There are also 8 other variations too, including “warning, you are now entering a guinea pig zone”, “a pampered guinea pig lives here” and “a crazy guinea pig lady lives here”.

Guinea Pig Cosmetic & Makeup Bag

This conveniently sized makeup/cosmetic bag makes for an excellent gift. Made of high-quality canvas material, it’s dirt-resistant, lightweight, and waterproof too. It’s great for storing makeup, sunglasses, keys, a cellphone, or even stationary. The zipper will also keep such items securely inside.

Guinea Pig Tapestry

This decorative textile wall art can brighten up any room. It is made from a lightweight microfiber material making it easy to hang without drooping. The guinea pig images are clear and detailed. It is also available in 10 sizes of varying widths and lengths – the smallest at 23 x 28″ and the largest at 104 x 88″. So, you can ensure you get the right size for where it needs to go!

Plush Guinea Pig Toy

This soft stuffed plush toy is great for young children. It’s an ideal size and weighs only 0.1 pounds. It is also made from non-allergenic polyester and acrylic – ensuring it can be hugged and cuddled without irritation.

Guinea Pig Coloring Book

Perfect for unwinding and relaxing. This coloring book can help stressed or anxious guinea pig owners calm down, channel their creativity and experience the ever-important mindfulness. With 64 pages, this book will provide hours in a zen-like state!

Guinea Pig Notebook & Journal

Looking for a cute guinea pig notebook? This patterned journal is the one you should get. It’s a great size at 8.5 x 11″ (A4) and includes 120 pages! An excellent choice for any student, writer, artist, or note-taker.

Guinea Pig Face Covering

It’s so easy to lose a face-covering – you can never have enough! These guinea-pig-themed ones are ideal. There are 8 designs to choose from, all of which are made of a comfortable, breathable and non-irritating polyester. These are also great when worn cleaning out an enclosure!

Guinea Pig Socks

Gifting socks. It just seems natural and right, doesn’t it? These machine-washable socks are vibrant and fun.

Best Mom Keychain

This Guinea Pig Mom keychain is a fun, affordable, and thoughtful gift. It’s made of stainless steel, ensuring it does not rust or discolor. Being only 0.5 x 2″ in size, it’s not too clunky and will fit seamlessly onto any key set.

Guinea Pig Salt And Pepper Shakers

This pair of ceramic salt and pepper shakers are a great buy. They are a good size (3.88 x 2 x 2 inches), lightweight (0.35 lbs), easy to use (and top up), and look good on any dining table.

Guinea Pig Christmas Tree Decoration

This hand-crafted glass decoration deserves its place on any guinea pig lover’s tree. It’s incredibly well made – being hand-painted and mouth-blown. A great gift that can come out year after year.