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Is Blue Delights Good For Dogs? [Should You Buy This Food?]

We want the feeding of our dogs to be a simple process. But at the same time, we want to provide them with optimal nutrition. That’s why you will naturally start wondering what dog food to buy and to serve. If you have seen Blue Delights on store shelves (or online, even) and are considering it, read on to find out if it is the best choice.

So, is Blue Delights good for dogs? Blue Delights is considered a better option nutritionally than many other brands of wet food available. However, it is designed for small dogs and would not be appropriate for very active or large breed dogs. Equally, some ingredients, such as Carrageenan, have been linked to gastrointestinal problems in dogs in recent studies.

Blue Delights is a wet dog food made by Blue Buffalo with small dog breeds in mind.

So first and foremost, you must ensure your dog ‘qualifies’ and falls under the small breed classification.

Other than this, do consider that it is packaged and sold in individual serving containers. While some owners may prefer this, others find it to be a hindrance to store.

Nevertheless, let’s delve deeper into the nutritional profile of this particular brand.

Recommended Dog Food

I recommend you purchase Sundays for dogs over Kibble and Bits

Sundays use human-grade, minimal clean ingredients.

It’s air-dried ensuring maximum nutrition, tasting like treats, perfect for picky eaters.

Packed with benefits: aids sensitive stomachs, rich in antioxidants, supports joint health, and promotes shiny coats.

It contains no anti-nutrients, common allergens, or sketchy elements.

It’s free from artificial and synthetic components.

Conveniently, no refrigeration or prep is needed, plus you can subscribe for monthly deliveries.

Is Blue Delights A Good Dog Food?

The Blue Divine Delights line of wet dog food produced by Blue Buffalo dog foods is considered a fair choice for dog food that outranks several other store brands and falls just below some truly top-tier options in a competitive dog food market. 

Blue Delights has a focus on wet dog foods and does not come in a dry dog food form.

It is made with small and toy dog breeds in mind and is not nutritionally designed or packaged to meet the needs of mid-to-large size dogs. 

Blue Delights has several different recipes of varying quality. Their steak flavors tend to have higher quality ratings in terms of ingredients and nutrition than their turkey, chicken, or other flavors. 

Like all wet dog foods, Blue Delights has a limited time frame for being left out for your dog to eat. 

If your dog likes to graze on food throughout the day, or if you won’t be home to remove and clean up leftover dog food, then Blue Delights might not be the best fit for you.

What Is Blue Delights Made Of?

The exact ingredient list for Blue Delights depends on the flavor of food purchased. Most flavors of Blue Delights dog food start with a meat product and are topped up with vegetables.

A commonly purchased flavor of Blue Delights is the roasted turkey flavor. 

We will look at this flavor to get an idea of the common ingredients found in Blue Delights dog food.

Meat & Meat Based Ingredients

The first three ingredients in roasted turkey Blue Delights are turkey meat, turkey broth, and turkey liver. 

With meat as the main protein source, Blue Delights ranks above grain-based dog foods that may only have trace amounts of real meat. 

The meat used in Blue Delights is what we call “food grade,” meaning it is not the same quality of turkey meat that people would consider safe for eating themselves.

The turkey in Blue Delights can come from any part of the turkey and includes both the meat and skin of the turkey. 

Turkey broth isn’t a strong source of nutrition, but it does add a good flavor to wet dog food. 


After a meat protein source, the ingredients in Blue Delights turn to vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and peas. 

Potatoes usually serve as a filler in dog food that, while low in nutritional value, are fairly easy to digest. 

Carrots provide some useful minerals, and peas have natural fiber and protein. 

It is worth noting that peas have been identified as an ‘antinutrient,’ meaning that they can make absorbing nutrients by the digestive system difficult for some dogs.


One notable ingredient is Carrageenan. 

Carrageenan is extracted from seaweed and has a gelatinous texture that is used to thicken and give form to wet dog foods. 

It has been used for many years at the food-grade level in dog foods but has been linked in recent studies to gastrointestinal problems in dogs such as inflammation, irritable bowels, and in some cases, cancer. 

Some other products in the range also include gums, such as Guar Gum. These are very similar and are also linked to digestive issues in dogs.

Is Blue Delights Harmful For Dogs?

As packaged, Blue Delights presents no immediate harm to dogs. Some owners and nutritionists may avoid it and other wet dog foods which contain Carrageenan to protect a sensitive dog’s digestive system. Depending on your flavor of Blue Delights, you may see guar gum used as a thickener which may be safer than Carrageenan but could still cause some dogs digestive upset.

Blue Delights can cause problems for dogs if it is left open in a dog food dish for a period longer than four hours. 

Wet dog food is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold growth that can make dogs sick if given time to multiply. 

A dog that eats wet food that has become laden with bacteria or mold can become quite ill.

Blue Delights will not meet the nutritional needs of all dogs. 

You cannot feed single servings of Blue Divine Delights to large dogs or rapidly growing puppies and expect them to have their nutrition requirements met. 

A dog that is not fed food appropriate for its size and energy level can become weak or ill.

Can Dogs Eat Blue Delights Everyday?

A dog that is eating Blue Delights can be fed the food every day. As a matter of fact, to keep a small dog properly fed on Blue Delights, you will need to give your dog 2-3 single-serve bowls of Blue Delights each day for every 6-8 pounds your dog weighs.

If your dog weighs 8 pounds, it will need 3 single-serve bowls each day to meet its nutritional needs. 

That means to feed your dog properly for one week, you will need 21 individual packages of Blue Delights on hand. 

For a 4-week month, you would need a place to store around 82 packages of food. 

With an average price of $15 per 12-pack, you can expect to spend $90-100 on dog food each month for Blue Delights. 

Smaller dogs may only require 2 packages per day.

Alternatives To Blue Delights Dog Food

With real meat the main ingredient and attention being given to easily digestible vegetables for fiber, Blue Delights may seem like a perfect dog food choice. 

However, if an owner is looking for a food that prides itself on using ingredients that humans would consider suitable for eating, doesn’t need immediate cleanup, and doesn’t require tons of package storage space, you should take a look at Sundays For Dogs

While Sunday For Dogs is a dry dog food, it has been reviewed as being enjoyed by even dogs with finicky taste buds. 

The fact that it is air-dried and made of human-quality ingredients increases its nutritional value and safety when being fed to dogs. 

Having dog food made of whole, natural ingredients that you know are safe enough you could eat them too can give owners peace of mind.

The need to clean up dog food within a set time frame to prevent spoiling and illness can be difficult for some owners. 

With a dry dog food such as Sundays For Dogs, the risk for bacteria and mold growth goes away and takes away the need for a rushed clean-up and bowl washing after each meal.

Sundays For Dogs really has no prep; just open and pour the desired amount for your pup to enjoy.

The individual packages of Blue Delights might seem useful at first glance and can be nice at times, but mostly leads to the need to store many packages of food in your pantry or take time to frequently shop. 

With Sundays For Dogs, one 40 oz box will feed most 8-pound dogs daily for around 36 days. 

The box is easy to store, can be set to automatically ship to your home every 4 weeks, and with auto-shipping costs $59, which is less than the estimated price for Blue Delights.

If ingredient quality, ease of feeding, storage space requirements, and cost are important factors in your dog food decisions, Sundays For Dogs will likely be a better fit than Blue Delights.

Click here to head over to Sundays for Dogs and take a look for yourself.


As with any major pet decision, take time to compare your potential food brands side by side and select the food that fits your specific needs.

If you are still unsure, take time to talk with your veterinarian about Blue Delights and a brand such as Sundays For Dogs to make sure you are feeding the most nutritional food to your beloved pet.

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