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Yorkie Rescues In Texas [Adoption Directory Guide]

Are you looking to adopt a Yorkie in Texas?

Wondering what rescue organizations are local and available to you in the state?

Well, this Adoption Directory Guide is for you.

Below, I will be providing you with all of the main rescues, along with their contact information so you can start the process.

Let’s now see the rescues!

Yorkie Rescue Houston

Yorkie Rescue Houston is the main rescue in the state. It is a 501c3 nonprofit, ran by a dedicated team of volunteers.

They were founded in 2015 in an effort to help reunite lost and stolen Yorkies and other small dogs, although have been running as an adoption ever since.

This organization rescues and rehabilitates; they will also spay/neuter, vaccinate and ensure all dogs put up for adoption are ready to be placed in a forever home.



Bluebonnet Yorkshire Terrier Rescue

Bluebonnet Yorkshire Terrier Rescue is a non-profit volunteer rescue organization dedicated to the placement of abandoned or neglected Yorkshire Terriers in North Texas.

The rescue operates under the umbrella of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, Inc (a section 501(c)3 organization).



SPCA Of Texas

SPCA of Texas is one of the most recognized and longest-serving animal welfare agencies in North Texas. It has been rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming animals since 1938.

While not dedicated to the Yorkie breed, they are known to have Yorkies available from time to time.

You can also apply a filter when searching for adoptable dogs, on this particular breed.

Worth checking out at the very least.




There are two main Yorkie rescues in the state of Texas.

I know, not a lot.

So do get in contact with both rescues at the earliest opportunity.

Build your connections and register your interest.

Better still, fill out the required documentation and give the rescues any information that they need or request.

That way, you’ll be in a much better position should they either have a dog ready for adoption or should one shortly come their way.

The truth is, if you are looking for a Yorkie in Texas, it may take you a little while.

So do be patient and trust in the process.

In doing so, you will find the right dog for you.

In the meantime, do all you can to prepare for adoption.

Whether that is getting your finances in order or sorting out your home environment so when the time comes, you’re ready.

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