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Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Review [Is This Supplement Worth It?]

Are you deliberating whether Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is the right supplement for your cat and/or dog?

I get it.

I’ve been there.

When it comes to buying and offering supplements. It’s never easy.

Especially with the endless brands, products and options out there. Weighing the pros and cons of each one is almost a full time job.

But if your pet is suffering with itchy skin, a dull coat, or perhaps, other ill health – you do need to take action.

Today, I’d like to share my thoughts, opinions and experience with this supplement.

So, what is my Zesty Paws Salmon oil review?

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Review

Quick Verdict

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is a versatile supplement, beneficial for all dogs and cats.

Not only does it quickly enhance your pet’s skin and coat health, but it also supports overall wellness.

Easy to use and loved by pets for its natural flavor, it’s a worthy addition to their diet.

Choose Zesty Paws Salmon Oil and watch your pets enjoy a healthier, happier life.

What I Like About Zesty Paws Salmon Oil

Suitable For All Cats and Dogs

As a multi-pet owner, finding a single supplement that caters to the needs of both dogs and cats is like striking gold.

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is a one-size-fits-all solution for our furry friends, regardless of their breed, age, or size.

This supplement has been particularly beneficial in supporting overall health, particularly in improving skin and coat quality.

Has a Quick Impact

When we introduced Zesty Paws Salmon Oil to our pets’ diets, the improvement was almost immediate.

We noticed reduced itching in just a few days, and within weeks, our pets’ coats were visibly glossier and healthier.

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids contained in the oil evidently do wonders for our pets’ skin and fur health.

Sourced From Alaska

What I appreciate most about Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is its quality.

The oil is sourced directly from wild Alaskan salmon, a premium source of Omega fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

As an advocate for sustainable and ethical sourcing, I can confidently stand behind this product.

Natural Salmon Flavor

When it comes to feeding pets, flavor is a big deal.

Some are notoriously picky eaters, but with the natural salmon flavor of this oil, even the fussiest pet won’t turn their nose up.

In fact, the oil can even incentivize them to eat their regular meals. It’s a win-win situation!

Available In 3 Bottle Sizes

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is available in three different bottle sizes, allowing pet owners to choose according to their needs.

For first-timers, the smaller bottle is a perfect size to test out. Once your pets have taken a liking to it, you can opt for the bigger bottles for better value.

Effortless to Use

The Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is incredibly easy to use – simply add it to your pet’s existing meals.

No need for special recipes or extra feeding times, this is straightforward nutrition that fits right into your existing pet care routine.

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Product Details

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats - Omega 3 Skin & Coat Support - Liquid Food Supplement for Pets - Natural EPA + DHA Fatty Acids for Joint Function, Immune & Heart Health 16oz
  • Goes Great with Any Meal - For pet parents looking for an alternative to capsules, raw treats, or soft chews, all it takes is a few pumps of Salmon Oil to mix nicely with dog or cat food.
  • A tasty & body nourishing treat for cats & dogs - Essential fatty acids for a healthy coat.
  • Powerful Omega Fatty Acids - This premium fish oil liquid formula is loaded with the healthy Omega-3 fatty acid (with EPA and DHA) to support health and wellness for your canine or feline companion.
  • Help your pet stay looking great - The rich Omegas in Salmon Oil are a dog health supply to nourish skin and coat and keep your four-legged friend feeling happy every day.
  • Perfect for Skin & Coat -Salmon Oil provides nourishment to keep skin and coats in the best condition.

What Cats/Dogs Is Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Best For?

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is an excellent supplement for all cats and dogs, regardless of breed, size, or age. It’s particularly beneficial for pets with skin and coat issues, or those requiring a boost in Omega fatty acids.

The broad-spectrum efficacy of Zesty Paws Salmon Oil comes from its high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, sourced from Alaskan salmon.

These essential fatty acids support skin and coat health, alleviate dry and itchy skin, and promote overall wellness.

This makes the supplement particularly beneficial for pets with skin sensitivities or those with dull, dry coats.

Moreover, as the oil is rich in EPA and DHA, it also supports heart health, making it a versatile supplement for pets in all stages of life.

So, whether you have a kitten, a senior dog, or a pet in between, Zesty Paws Salmon Oil is an excellent addition to their diet.

When & How To Offer Zesty Paws Salmon Oil To Your Cat/Dog?

To incorporate Zesty Paws Salmon Oil into your pet’s diet, you should administer approximately 1 teaspoon (2 pumps) per 20 lbs of your pet’s body weight per day. Start with half this dosage initially and gradually increase to the suggested daily amount, which can be divided between AM and PM feedings. Do not exceed the daily recommended amount.

The rationale behind this dosage is simple – it allows your pets’ bodies to gradually adapt to the supplement and derive the maximum benefits.

By starting with a smaller quantity, you can also monitor your pet’s initial reaction to the oil.

While the supplement is generally well-tolerated, a gradual introduction ensures you have time to observe and respond to any unexpected changes in your pet’s behavior or physical health. As always, consult your vet if you have any concerns.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Zesty Paws Salmon Oil?

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil stands as an exceptional supplement that has garnered astonishing reviews from fellow pet owners.

Its benefits span from enhancing skin and coat health to bolstering overall wellness in both dogs and cats.

I can attest to its efficacy and versatility, making it a worthy addition to any pet’s dietary regimen.

For ease of purchase and swift delivery, I recommend buying Zesty Paws Salmon Oil directly from Amazon.

Give it a try and watch your beloved pet thrive!

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