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What Size Crate For A Golden Retriever? [Guaranteed For Your Dog]

Are you ready to get a crate for your golden retriever?

Then the first step is to find the right size.

Only from there can you start looking at your options.

Today, I am going to help you do just that.

What is to follow is a step-by-step guide to measuring your golden for a crate.

That way, you’ll get a crate that meets the needs of your golden.

But before I do that, I’d like to share with you the typical crate dimensions that tend to suit the breed at large.

So now you know you have come to the right place, let’s delve into it!

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What Size Crate For A Golden Retriever?

The most suitable crate size for a fully-grown Golden Retriever is typically between 34 to 42 inches. This range accounts for variations in size within the breed.

Golden Retrievers are classified as medium to large dogs.

The trouble is though, these dogs can vary quite a bit when it comes to size.

And they grow very quickly too.

And as such, there cannot only be one blanket recommendation when it comes to crate size.

For instance, while pups and smaller females might fit comfortably in a 34-inch crate, larger males may need the extra space provided by a 40-42-inch crate.

The key here is to ensure your dog can stand, turn around, and lay down without feeling cramped or restricted.

Too small a crate can be claustrophobic and stressful, while an overly large one might not give them the security they need.

To settle on the best crate size, you will need to measure them (instructions to follow).

But also be sure to consider your goldens general behavior, temperament and the use case of the crate.

How To Measure Your Golden Retriever For A Crate

To properly measure your Golden Retriever for a crate, you’ll need a tape measure. Start by measuring from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, and then from the ground to the highest point of their shoulders. Once you have these dimensions, add a few extra inches to ensure they have enough space to move comfortably.

Measurement is more than just getting the right crate size—it’s about understanding your dog’s spatial needs.

Just as we humans don’t enjoy being confined in tight spaces, dogs also need their space, especially a breed as active as Golden Retrievers.

By taking measurements, you’re ensuring your dog’s comfort, safety, and mental well-being.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get the most accurate measurements:

  1. Length: With your dog standing, measure them from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This gives you the length.
  2. Height: Again, with your dog standing, measure from the ground to the highest point on their shoulders, typically where the neck meets the back.

Now, it’s essential to remember that these measurements are your dog’s exact size.

By adding a few extra inches, you’re allowing for some room to stretch, turn, and play.

This added space will make all the difference in how content and relaxed your Golden Retriever will feel in their crate.

Other Things To Consider When Selecting Crate Size For Your Golden Retriever

The Natural Behavior of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are among the most friendly and sociable breeds.

They love to play and often carry their toys with them.

When selecting a crate size, consider if there’s enough room for your dog and a few of their favorite toys.

This can make the crate feel more like a personal space and less like confinement.

Growth Spurts

If you’re buying a crate for a Golden Retriever puppy, keep in mind that they grow rapidly in their first year.

While it’s tempting to buy a size that fits them now, they might outgrow it faster than you anticipate.

Consider getting a larger size with a divider so you can adjust the space as they grow.

Crate Material and Temperature Regulation

Golden Retrievers have a double coat that keeps them warm in winter and cooler in summer.

While this is beneficial for the dog, it can mean they might feel warmer inside a crate.

Choosing a crate with proper ventilation is vital.

Mobility and Setup

Golden Retrievers are known to be active and curious.

If you need to move the crate from one room to another or even outside for a bit of sun, consider its weight and portability.

A heavy crate might be sturdy, but if you’re someone who likes to rearrange furniture or give your dog a change of scenery, a lighter, easily collapsible crate might be a better fit.

Duration of Confinement

Lastly, think about how long your Golden Retriever will spend in the crate.

For short durations, a snug fit might be okay, but if you’re crating your dog while you’re at work or overnight, a little extra space (and maybe a comfy bed) will be appreciated.


Goldens typically do best in 34-42″ crates. Though as these dogs can vary in size, the only true way to know what is best for your dog is to measure them (and add a few inches).

Once you’re all measured up, it’s over to finding a crate.

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