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Best Dog Crate For Dogs That Escape [This Is The Solution]

Do you have an escape artist on your hands?

A curious dog that you struggle to contain?

Perhaps you have tried a dog crate(s) already.

Maybe they’ve managed to escape. It could even have been a close call.

Or, you know it’s possible due to the nature of your dog.

Well, either way, you are going to need to get an escape proof dog crate.

One that you can depend on. Trust. And never doubt.

And that’s where I can help. I’ve been there. And I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to.

So today, I would like to walk you through my standout recommendation, why that’s the case and some tips and suggestions along the way.

Here is my best dog crate for dogs that escape:

Impact Dog Crate

Quick Verdict

The Impact Dog Crate is the ultimate solution for escape artists.

With its thick dense aluminum alloy construction, escape-proof zinc-plated steel paddle latch, and four additional butterfly latches.

Available in various sizes and colors, and backed by a lifetime guarantee and 10-year dog damage warranty, it’s a robust, stylish, and trustworthy option for any owner of a canine Houdini.

Why I Recommend The Impact Dog Crate

The Impact Dog Crate embodies all the necessary features to comfortably and securely house dogs that have a tendency to escape.

Specifically Designed To Be Escape Proof

When it comes to engineering, the Impact Dog Crate is thoughtfully designed to outsmart the smartest of dogs.

It features a welded structure that adds to its robustness, making it nearly impossible for your dog to break free.

Crucial to its security is the zinc-plated steel paddle latch.

This latch provides a robust mechanism that adds extra security against the toughest escape attempts.

The design is made to withstand high-stress forces, ensuring your dog stays put.

For added assurance, the crate also includes four additional butterfly latches.

Moreover, the ventilation holes have been carefully designed to provide a safe den environment for dogs with destructive tendencies.

They allow enough airflow without providing any potential exit points.

It is no surprise that….

No Reports of a Dog Ever Escaping

Despite serving thousands of customers, there have been no reports of a dog ever escaping from the Impact Dog Crate.

This impressive record speaks volumes about its efficacy as an escape-proof dog crate.

Robust & Secure

The Impact Dog Crate is constructed with 62% thicker aluminum alloy than most of the dog crates in the market.

This thicker material increases the crate’s structural integrity, ensuring it remains stable and secure even under pressure.

The robust design does not compromise on aesthetics, maintaining a sleek and modern appearance that easily blends with your home decor.

Available For Dogs and Breeds of All Sizes

One feature that stands out with the Impact Dog Crate is its availability in a range of sizes, making it a suitable choice for all dog breeds and sizes.

The size options include: 30″ length, 34″ length, 40″ length, 40″ length (wide + tall), and 48″ length.

This flexibility guarantees you can find the right fit for your dog, no matter its size or breed.

Lifetime Guarantee, Flexible Financing, and 10-Year Dog Damage Warranty

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Impact Dog Crate’s ethos.

The crate comes with a lifetime guarantee, offering a sense of trust and long-term value for dog owners.

Additionally, they offer flexible financing options, making the crate affordable for all.

You can comfortably invest in this high-quality product without stretching your budget.

The company’s confidence in its product is further echoed in their 10-year dog damage warranty.

This warranty covers any potential damages caused by your dog, proving the crate’s durability and long-term resilience.

No Reports of a Dog Ever Escaping

Despite serving thousands of customers, there have been no reports of a dog ever escaping from the Impact Dog Crate.

This impressive record speaks volumes about its efficacy as an escape-proof dog crate.

Visually Appealing

The Impact Dog Crate not only performs exceptionally when it comes to securing your dog, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to your space.

Available in three elegant shades of grey, black, and white, this crate can seamlessly blend with your home decor.

The thoughtful design and attractive color options ensure that your pet’s safe haven doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your living space.

Its sleek design and attractive color palette make it a stylish choice for the modern dog owner.

What Makes An Escape Proof Dog Crate?

An escape-proof dog crate is defined by its robust construction, sophisticated locking mechanisms, and carefully designed ventilation. It is built to withstand any escape attempts while ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet.

A robust escape-proof crate, like the Impact Dog Crate, is crafted from sturdy materials such as heavy-duty aluminum.

This offers enhanced durability, making it tough for even the most determined dogs to break free.

The structure is further reinforced by a welded design, providing additional strength and resilience.

The security of the crate is anchored on advanced locking mechanisms.

For instance, the zinc-plated steel paddle latch and additional butterfly latches in the Impact Dog Crate confound even the cleverest dogs.

Lastly, carefully designed ventilation allows for adequate airflow without offering potential exit points, striking the perfect balance between comfort and security.

Thus, creating a safe haven that your dog would rather stay in than escape.

How To Train Your Dog To Feel Comfortable in Their Crate To Prevent Escape Attempts?

Creating a positive association with the crate is essential to prevent escape attempts. This involves making the crate a pleasant space and gradually increasing the time your dog spends inside.

Begin by introducing your dog to the crate, placing their favorite toys or treats inside to pique interest.

Make sure the crate is comfortable, with a soft bed or blanket and plenty of room to stand, turn, and lie down.

Slowly increase the time your dog spends in the crate, starting with short periods and gradually extending the duration.

Always ensure to reward calm behavior and never use the crate as a punishment.

Providing mental stimulation such as chew toys can help keep your dog occupied and less likely to attempt escape.

Regular exercise can also reduce anxiety and restlessness, further decreasing the likelihood of escape attempts.

With time and patience, your dog will view the crate as a safe, comforting space.

Final Verdict

From my experience and countless others, the Impact Dog Crate really is the kind of dog crate you should look to invest in – even for the most determined (perhaps even experienced) escape artists.

Its robust design, advanced locking mechanism, range of sizes, and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal choice for any dog owner dealing with a dog that attempts to flee.

And if your not convinced already.

Consider this.

Impact, as a company, boasts thousands of satisfied customers, a testament to their crates of unparalleled quality and performance.

I invite you to visit their site and learn more about this incredible product.

You’ll find an abundance of information and positive reviews that echo my sentiment – if you have a Houdini on your hands, your search for a solution should thankfully, end here.

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