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Are Basset Hounds Good With Kids? [What Parents Should Know]

If you are looking at the Basset Hound breed, then you will likely need to know how they typically behave with and around children. All breeds have their own personalities, distinctive attributes, and temperament; so not all will naturally respond well to other people, animals, and younger kids. This is what you will want to know.

So, are Basset Hounds good with kids? Basset Hounds are excellent and typically very safe in the company of kids. They are generally sweet-tempered, affectionate, friendly, and relaxed in temperament; dogs keen to play, and known for being extremely gentle when doing so.

However, due to their laid-back attitude; Basset Hounds often need protection from young children!

Not that kids always set out to hurt their dogs, but unless taught how to properly behave can accidentally take advantage and torment your dog.

Riding, biting, tail pulling are all such behaviors to watch out for and prevent from your children.

For this reason, supervision is generally recommended with any interaction and never should owners leave their kids on their own with the dog.

This is true of any breed, and despite the loving nature of the Basset Hound, this practice should still stand.

Let us now explore the topic further, answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

We will also be covering how to train a Basset Hound to act appropriately around children and equally, how to teach your children how to act with dogs too!

So be sure to keep reading to get all the information you need!

Are Basset Hounds Kid Friendly?

Basset Hounds are very child friendly and are generally very well behaved with and around them.

They are known to quickly develop connections and bonds with children, soon adoring and relishing the time that they have and the attention children offer.

In fact, Basset Hounds have been classified as one of the Top 10 kid-friendly dog breeds!

The best thing about having them around children is how gentle they are when playing.

This breed loves to play, so your kids will never run out of playmates. Whether it is a game of tag or a simple ball toss, your pet will always be in and ready to go.

The noise and exuberance of kids do not bother a Basset Hound at all, and they are more than happy to have someone climb all over them.

A Basset Hound does not see the indignity of being the horse and giving rides around the house.

Their mild-mannered personality allows them to get along with everyone and everything. They are calm and laid back inside the home but are very alert as watchdogs.

Food is about the only thing that completely piques their interest, possibly explaining why most Basset Hounds are a tad overweight.

The mild-mannered Basset Hound is active, affectionate, and loyal. They easily get along with other pets, children, and adults.

The only thing that makes a Basset Hound excited is a scent trail they have sniffed out. They are calm as indoor dogs but make alert watchdogs.

A Basset Hound does not do well being left in a yard all day long – they crave the attention of the humans they love and do suffer from separation anxiety.

If you find that you need to leave your pet alone, keep in mind that they bore easily.

Make sure they have tons of toys or they may start to howl out of boredom or take to chewing furniture and anything else they can get their mouths around.

Are Basset Hounds Dangerous To Kids?

Well-trained and properly socialized Basset Hounds are not dangerous to kids at all.

This breed has always shared a very unique relationship with us humans, and when there are children involved, this bond takes on a new significance.

To understand why Basset Hounds are not dangerous to kids, it is necessary to understand their temperament.

Basset Hounds are well known for their patient and calm temperament. They tend to do things in their own time, in their own way, often with hilarious results.

These dogs are not an aggressive breed. They do not tend to foster aggression towards other animals or people and are considered one of the best playmates for kids.

There are very few reports and incidents of this breed becoming aggressive, or feeling the need to act out.

With this being said, any dog can be dangerous in certain situations so it is always best to supervise any kids that are playing with your pets.

Equally, if your children are small then accidents can happen, even unintentionally.

This can happen quite easily with games that involve running or fetch.

And, Basset Hounds can reach up to 30 kg in weight; they are not a light breed by any stretch and knocking over a young child can happen – and it likely will hurt them.

How Do You Train Your Basset Hound For Kids?

Let’s get this straight, Basset Hounds can be extremely tricky to train – period!

One of their biggest problems is that if they catch the scent of something interesting, they become rock stubborn and completely ignore you.

It is well known in the dog world that a Basset Hound would much prefer not to listen to any commands at all!

It has to be positive reinforcement training all the way with a Basset Hound because they are so stubborn.

If you look at a resting Basset Hound, what you see is sad, droopy eyes, and long ears that make them look lethargic.

All of this changed when their nose catches a scent they want to investigate. These comical dogs live for food and food will disappear from your plate in a nanosecond.

They are also known to be among the best beggars in the world! That is why food is the perfect motivator when it comes time to start training with your pup.

One of the main purposes behind training a dog is so that they are aware of they should be doing in various situations.

Obedience training is vitally important so that no accidental injuries occur to your children or your dog.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to get you started on the difficult training journey:

  • Routine: The first thing that you want to do is establish a routine that is comfortable for the dog and your family. What you will need to teach them is where their food and water is located, where their crate or bed is, establishing when it is feeding time, where its toys are, and most importantly, where the proper potty spot is.
  • Teach Basic Commands: that even children can work with. The first two words to start with when training a Basset Hound are “no” and “good.” Once they are comfortable with these, then you can work on “sit” and “stay.” These are all very important when you have kids in the house. Kids can participate in the training as well. Use plenty of praise and use the right treats.
  • Patience: Give your Basset Hound respect during training. This goes for everyone in the home that will be giving commands. Your tone of voice should book no arguments that you are the ones in charge.
  • Crate training should be started from the moment you bring your puppy home. It is a safe place for them to hide out and also acts as a time out corner for misbehavior.
  • Socialization training is crucial. You dog should be around other people and animals right from the beginning. Basset Hounds that are handled constantly, either through cuddling, petting, and touched by others do much better at socialization training.

Things To Consider When Owning A Basset Hound And Having Kids?

There is a small list of things you will want to take into consideration before choosing to bring your new Basset Puppy home, both pros, and cons:

  • The personality of a Basset Hound blends well with almost any family environment. They are extremely devoted to the members of their pack in almost every circumstance. Most of the Basset Hounds you come across adore downtime, like adventures outdoors, and snuggling up at the end of the day. This helps them to feel that they are in a safe place.
  • Independence: Basset Hounds do not require a lot of care compared to other breeds. Other than some weekly brushing, their ears and eyes need to be cleaned and wiped on a regular basis.
  • Preferences: They have a great temperament for being kept indoors. They love to nap, (especially on the furniture), they do not require a lot of space, and they are fairly quiet when left to their own devices. This is reassuring to know that you are not going to have a baby woken every few hours by a barking Basset Hound.      
  • Cute: Basset Hounds look so adorable that your children will fall in love with them on sight.  
  • Friendly: They are friendly towards everyone so there are no worries when you have your children’s friends over.
  • Diet: You really have to keep a close eye on what they eat. Children need to learn that the dog cannot just be fed indiscriminately, or it could lead to health issues. One of their biggest problems occurs in their backs when they become overweight.
  • Perseverance: A Basset Hound will never surrender if they find a scent that appeals to them. This innate ability to find a scent and track it is legendary.
  • Drooling: Basset Hounds have a big drooling issue. It just gets everywhere. I doubt your child would find it cute to have their new sneakers covered in white puppy drool.     
  • Size: A Basset Hound is not classified as a small dog. They fall into the medium/large category so is also something to consider with the size of your children.


Now for the final verdict on whether or not Basset Hounds are good for kids! In almost all circumstances, this charming breed makes a superb family dog.

They love to nap anywhere, explore around the yard, go for short little walks, and keep an eagle eye on their food bowl.

If the training challenges do not scare you off, then the love and loyalty that you will receive from a Basset Hound are beyond compare.

Occasionally they will bark at strangers but then they switch to tail-wagging mode once the person is through the door!

Their greatest love is being part of a family unit, and if you are the right family, then it looks like a Basset Hound is for you.

If you are looking for a new puppy, you are spoiled for choices. Are you going to get a big dog, a small dog, or something in between?

One of the most popular and recognizable breeds throughout the United States is the Basset Hound. Now we can see why.

So if you are looking to find a breed that is good with kids, other animals, people, and is just all-around good-natured, then the Basset Hound makes an excellent choice.

Just be mindful of their costs, however.

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