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Best Brush For Cockapoo [I Sourced This Brush For My Dog]

As a fellow Cockapoo owner, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to find the best brush for these adorable hybrid dogs.

When I brought home my Cockapoo, Bailey, I was excited but also nervous about properly caring for her cute, curly coat.

Like most Cockapoo owners, I wanted to prevent matting and keep her fur soft and shiny.

However, with so many brush options out there, I struggled to figure out exactly which products would work best for Bailey’s coat type.

After going through my fair share of brushes over the years, I’ve discovered which ones work wonders and which are a waste of money when it comes to keeping a Cockapoo’s signature fuzzy fur in great shape.

Today, I’ll share the brushes that I’ve personally tried out and recommend based on my hands-on experience as a Cockapoo owner.

I’ll go over the pros and cons of popular brush types, top products on the market, and tips for using them effectively so you and your Cockapoo can find the perfect match.

No more guesswork – just the best brushes for hassle-free grooming and a happy, healthy coat.

Short of time? Here is the best brush for your cockapoo:

Quick Verdict

Enjoy stress-free grooming sessions with your cockapoo with PetEd’s tug-resistant design, ensuring you and your dog build a trusting bond and enjoy grooming sessions that they actually want (and not run away in fear every time you get the brush!)

PEtEd Slicker Brush

  • Non-pulling and tug-resistant, so you can brush your dog with confidence and ease, which means you’ll be sure to never cause pain to your dog or damage your dog’s coat again.
  • Massaging and gentle, so your dog can enjoy being brushed and fussed, which means you will better bond with your dog and no longer have to fight with them come brushing time. They’ll come to you!
  • Fine, angled bristles, so you can access and groom all parts of your dog’s coat effortlessly to remove dirt, debris, and tangles to ensure it looks clean, shiny, and healthy, which means you can walk your dog with pride and never be embarrassed about their coat condition again.
  • Hair containing, so loose hair isn’t left flying or left around the room, which means a more hygienic and comfortable home for you to enjoy.
  • Large head surface area, so you can collect more hair per brush, which means less time cleaning and a more efficient grooming session
  • One-button automatic cleaning functionality, so you can dispose of shed hair effortlessly, which means less time cleaning up and more time doing the things that matter most to you.
  • Practical size and weight, so you can comfortably hold, use, store, and take it with you on the go, which means you will be free to brush your dog’s coat regardless of where you are.
  • Retractable pins, so you can ensure no damage is done when not in use, which means the brush is much more durable and will last you longer.
  • Purposely designed for dogs with curly coats, so you can be confident on even the most matted of coats. Great for doodle and poodle hybrid dogs, such as your cockapoo!

The Best Brushes For Cockapoos

PetEd Slicker Brush

My recommended and standout pick is my very own PetEd Slicker Brush.

This is the brush I have personally sourced.

I was tired of buying and trying countless brushes. All of which just wern’t made particularly well or do what I needed them to do.

I ended up speaking with dozens of suppliers and tested countless brushes to land on this particular model, type and style..

Below is me physically brushing my Cockapoo, Bailey, with it…

It’s perfect for any poodle hybrid breed.

It’s designed with their coats in mind.

Not only is brushing made much easier, safer and more gentle, but it also collects any loose hair while you brush.

Better still, you can easily deposit collected hair directly into the bin with the click of a button and a simple swipe.

Effortless brushing and cleaning.

It’s a great weight, comfortable to hold and durable too.

It’s what I use every day on Bailey, and it’s I can personally attest to its effectiveness.

PetEd Slicker Brush For Dogs - The Ultimate Dog Brush for Shedding Hair & Fur & Best Slicker Brush for Doodles, Light Blue, 12.6cm x 19cm x7cm
  • Safe, Gentle, and Stress-Free Grooming: Non-pulling and tug-resistant so you can brush your dog with confidence and ease, your dog can enjoy being brushed and fussed, you will never have to fight come brushing time, and you never feel guilty causing pain to your dog, or damaging their coat ever again. Finally build a trusting bond.
  • Effective, Thorough, and Complete Coat Care: With fine angled bristles, so you can access and groom all parts of your dog's coat effortlessly to remove dirt, debris, and tangles to ensure it looks clean, shiny, and healthy, which means you can walk your dog with pride and never be embarrassed about their coat condition again.
  • Hugely Time-Saving: With hair-containing features (so loose hair isn’t left flying or left around the room), a large surface head area and one-button automatic cleaning functionality, which means less time cleaning and more time for you to do what you enjoy most.
  • Practical, Durable, and Dependable: With retracting pins, a sturdy yet lightweight design, and a built with premium materials, so you can comfortably hold, use, store, and take with you on the go. You will be free to brush your dog's coat regardless of where you are, and no damage is done when not in use, which means the brush is much more durable and will last you longer.
  • Purposefully Designed For Dog & Owner: Created with curly coats in mind, you can be confident regardless of coat type/condition. Ideal for doodle and poodle hybrid dogs, including: Cockapoos, Cavoodles, Maltipoos, Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, Shih Poos, etc.

We Love Doodles Slicker Brush

This brush has accumulated many favorable reviews on Amazon from other dog owners. However, it costs nearly twice as much as the PetEd brush.

Another potential drawback is that this brush doesn’t have a handy quick-release feature to clean out hair.

You’ll need to remove tangled fur manually after each use.

While this is certainly a quality product that will get the job done, in my opinion it’s not as convenient to use.

And you’ll be paying a premium price tag.

The brush I suggest provides a more user-friendly experience at a lower cost.

But ultimately it’s about finding the right match for your needs and budget.

We Love Doodles Dog Slicker Brush for Grooming Pet Hair - Best Brushes For Poodle & Golden Doodle - Long Haired Brush For Dogs - Goldendoodle Long Pin Brush For Dematting (Large)
  • ✅ELIMINATE TANGLES, KNOTS & MATS - Our dog brush for long haired dogs makes quick work of messy fur to have your puppy feeling their best. Dog brush for Goldendoodle friends works best as a dog brush for matted hair & a dog brush for shedding.
  • ✅PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DOG GROOMING - A brush that stands above a traditional small slicker brush for dogs our slicker brush for Goldendoodles is designed to easily work through dense & long coats. The ergonomic handle on our slicker brush for small dogs gives you a pet cleaner slicker brush that is easy on your hand & wrist.
  • ✅DOODLE LOVING DESIGN - As a puppy brush for small dogs or a large dog brush for big dogs we designed our long bristle slicker brush for dogs so that every doodle loves it. Use as a poodle brush for grooming dog brush, Goldendoodle brush for curly hair dogs, Labradoodle brush, or any other dog brush for doodles in your life!
  • ✅LONGER & SOFTER PINS - Each of our long pin slicker brush for dogs has soft pins on your dog pin brush measuring close to 1 inch long each for deeper softer brushing. To protect your doodle we bent & angled (at approximately 45 degrees) each pin so it won’t scratch your dog’s skin as you brush them head to tail.
  • ✅We Love Doodles PROMISE - At We Love Doodles we stand by our products & offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues. Contact us through the Amazon messaging system, and we will be happy to assist you. 100% happy doodle owners is what we strive for!

PAKEWAY Slicker Grooming Brush

The PAKEWAY Slicker Grooming Brush is another option to consider.

It has the practical cleaning functionality, however I have found that the round head of the brush is just a little too small for Cockapoos.

In fact, I believe it was designed for cats.

It’s great, but isn’t going to be as time efficient as the PetEd.

PAKEWAY Cat Dog Grooming Brush, Cat Brush with Release Button, Kitten Brush, Pet Self Cleaning Cat Brush, Cat Hair Brush for Indoor Cats and Dogs with Short, Medium & Long Hair (Pink)
  • 💗【Cat Brush】Cat brushes for indoor cats are made of high quality stainless steel bristles, soft needles, long-term use without deformation; Needle comb 60 degrees slightly tilted for effective hair collection, massage to protect your cat's skin; can be used for all periods of short / long hair animals, enjoy the fun and relaxation for your beloved pet when combing hair.
  • 🗲【Easy and Safe】Cat dog grooming brush head with soft rubber cap to care for pet skin, push plate press, not stuck hair, one key to easily remove hair; plastic material handle, one-handed comfortable operation, non-slip grip feeling, it is stronger, ergonomic structure design combing hair more effort; prevent static electricity design, take care of you and your pet's feelings.
  • ➜【Convenient and Quick】Cat comb features self-cleaning function, after combing the hair for your pet, just press the button, the hair will shrink back into the brush, very simple to remove all the hair on the brush, effectively relieve easy knotting, hair, remove floating hair, fluffy open knots and other problems.
  • 💦【Easy to Clean】Cat brush with release button is washable all over, easy and convenient, clean and hygienic. Clean and soft, warm and comfortable colors, can be easily integrated into different home environments, convenient storage.
  • 🎁【Warm and Comfortable】Cat Grooming Brush comfortable massage, non-slip button, you can easily collect hair, you and your beloved pet are in need of a warm moment of hair combing, your warm and comfortable home also needs a clean and hygienic environment. We also provide you with professional pre-sales and after-sales services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Types of Cockapoo Coats and Their Needs

Cockapoos, being a delightful blend of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, can inherit a range of coat types.

These different coat textures dictate the grooming needs of each individual dog.

Here’s a breakdown of the coat types and their specific requirements:

Curly Coat

  • Distinctive Features: Resembling the Poodle parent, curly coats are tight and can often feel wooly to touch.
  • Grooming Needs:
    • Require frequent brushing to prevent matting, ideally every day.
    • More prone to matting due to tight curls, so ensure attention to common mat-prone areas.
    • Slicker brushes are particularly effective in navigating the dense curls and preventing tangles.

Wavy Coat

  • Distinctive Features: This coat type exhibits loose waves, creating a plush appearance that’s a mix of both Cocker Spaniel and Poodle traits.
  • Grooming Needs:
    • Should be brushed 3-4 times a week to maintain the wave without tangles.
    • Wavy coats can vary in thickness, so adjust the brushing pressure accordingly.
    • Slicker brushes can glide through wavy hair, making detangling easier and keeping the waves defined.

Straight Coat

  • Distinctive Features: The straight coat leans more towards the Cocker Spaniel’s side, being silky and smoother in texture.
  • Grooming Needs:
    • Generally less prone to matting compared to curly and wavy types but still needs regular brushing, about 2-3 times a week.

Why Regular Brushing is Essential for Cockapoos

Cockapoos are Prone to Matting and Need Frequent Brushing to Prevent This

One of the biggest reasons to keep up with frequent brushing for Cockapoos is their tendency to get matted fur.

The Cockapoo coat is a mix of the low-shedding, dense Poodle coat and the wavy-to-curly Springer Spaniel coat.

This combination makes Cockapoos very prone to matting, especially behind the ears, on the legs, belly, and tail.

Mats are not just an aesthetic issue; they can cause discomfort, pain, and even lead to skin infections if left untreated.

Frequent brushing helps to detangle the fur, ensuring that it remains smooth and free from knots.

It Helps Distribute Skin Oils and Promotes a Healthy Coat

As you brush, you help distribute the natural oils from your Cockapoo’s skin throughout their coat.

These oils are essential for maintaining a healthy, shiny, and moisturized coat.

As you brush, you’re evenly spreading these oils across the entirety of their coat.

This not only imparts a natural shine to their coat but also helps protect it from external factors like dirt, moisture, and UV rays.

A well-oiled and brushed coat acts as a barrier, safeguarding your pet’s skin and ensuring they look and feel their best.

Regular brushing sessions are like a mini-massage that keeps your Cockapoo’s coat in top condition.

It helps you bond with your Cockapoo

Beyond the practical benefits, regular brushing provides great bonding time with your Cockapoo.

They get to enjoy one-on-one attention and affection during a calming grooming routine.

Brushing is a relaxing experience for most dogs, and the time spent together helps strengthen your relationship.

It’s a simple way to incorporate some quality caring time into both your schedules.

What Type Of Brush Is Best For Cockapoos?

The best type of brush for Cockapoos is a slicker brush. This brush is specifically designed to handle the unique texture and density of the Cockapoo’s curly to wavy coat.

A slicker brush is characterized by its fine, short wires that are closely spaced on a flat surface.

These bristles effectively penetrate the Cockapoo’s dense coat, detangling any knots and removing loose hairs without causing discomfort.

A slicker brush’s design ensures that tricky areas (such as areas of friction like under the arms, behind the ears, and around the collar) can be addressed, preventing potential matting before it begins.

Moreover, the slicker brush’s fine bristles offer a gentle massaging effect on the Cockapoo’s skin, which can stimulate blood flow and distribute natural skin oils.

This not only keeps their coat looking shiny but also promotes overall skin health.

However, while a slicker brush is an essential tool for Cockapoo owners, it’s crucial to use it with care.

Over-brushing or pressing too hard can cause brush burn or irritate the skin.

Always be gentle and ensure that brushing is a pleasant experience for your furry friend.

How Often Should You Brush Your Cockapoo?

You should brush your Cockapoo at least three times a week, but daily brushing is ideal. Regular brushing helps maintain their coat’s health, but also makes the grooming process easier and more enjoyable over time.

Staying on top of brushing your Cockapoo’s coat often prevents small tangles from turning into stubborn, painful mats down the road.

Little by little, gently working out those knots while they’re still minor means you avoid having to battle huge, tight clumps later.

Short, frequent brushing sessions are much more comfortable for your pup than waiting days or weeks until their fur is matted and needs marathon grooming sessions.

Making brushing a consistent part of your Cockapoo’s routine also strengthens your bond, as you both come to see it as special one-on-one time together rather than a hassle or chore.

The more patient and gentle you are, the more your dog will learn to relax and even enjoy being brushed as you establish it as a soothing part of their day.

Regularly looking over your Cockapoo’s skin and fur also allows you to spot any problems like hot spots, fleas, or infections early when they’re small.

Catching issues promptly makes caring for your dog’s health much easier.

How to Brush Your Cockapoo’s Coat

  1. Prepare Your Cockapoo:
    • Choose a quiet and comfortable spot where your Cockapoo feels at ease.
    • Ensure your Cockapoo is calm. You can use treats or toys to distract and reward them throughout the process.
  2. Inspect Your Cockapoos Coat:
    • Before brushing, quickly run your fingers through your Cockapoo’s coat to identify any major tangles or mats.
  3. Hold the Slicker Brush Correctly:
    • Grip the handle comfortably, ensuring you have control over the brush’s movement.
  4. Start Brushing from the Bottom:
    • Begin at the rear legs and tail area, moving up towards the head. This approach helps manage the coat in sections and ensures no areas are missed.
  5. Use Gentle Strokes:
    • Apply gentle but firm strokes. Remember, the goal is to penetrate the top layer of fur without pressing too hard on the skin.
  6. Address Tangles Carefully:
    • If you encounter a tangle, hold the hair at the base (closest to the skin) to avoid pulling. Use short, gentle strokes with the slicker brush to tease the tangle apart.
  7. Brush in the Direction of Hair Growth:
    • Always brush in the direction the hair naturally grows. This ensures you’re working with the coat’s natural pattern and reduces the risk of causing discomfort.
  8. Pay Attention to Common Mat-prone Areas:
    • Give extra care to areas like behind the ears, under the arms, and around the collar where mats frequently form.
  9. Inspect and Reward:
    • After brushing, do a quick inspection to ensure no areas were missed. Praise and reward your Cockapoo for their patience.
  10. Clean the Slicker Brush:
  • Remove hair from the brush and store it in a clean, dry place for next time.

Final Verdict: What Brush Should You Get For Your Cockapoo?

After delving deep into the world of Cockapoo grooming, one thing stands clear: a slicker brush is paramount for the best coat care.

And while there are countless options available in the market, my own brush, the PetEd Slicker, rises above the rest.

With its carefully designed features, it addresses all the unique needs of your Cockapoo’s coat, ensuring top-notch grooming at every session.

Not only does the PetEd brush deliver impeccable results, but it also offers unparalleled value.

It’s packed with all the premium features you’d expect from high-end brushes, but at a fraction of the cost.

A win-win for both you and your Cockapoo.

For those eager to get their hands on the PetEd Slicker Brush, there’s even more good news.

It’s available directly on Amazon, a platform known for its reliability and excellent customer service.

And for those with Prime memberships, you can look forward to swift delivery, ensuring your Cockapoo enjoys the best grooming experience without any unnecessary delays.

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