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Best Brush For Pomsky [The Brush For Grooming Success]

With so many brushes and combs on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right brush for your pomskies coat.

When you just want to find the perfect brush, the options can seem endless.

If you’ve already bought and used one and been less than impressed, or you’re concerned about getting the wrong one from the outset, you’re in the right place.

Today, I’ll help guide you through it all and help you pinpoint the perfect brush for your dog and their specific coat.

With the right brush, you can easily detangle knots, remove loose hair, and bond with your pomsky during grooming time.

Say goodbye to tangles and mats, and hello to a perfectly groomed coat!

I’ll delve into the grooming tips and working with your new brush shortly,

But first, here is the best brush for a pomsky:

Quick Verdict

Enjoy stress-free grooming sessions with your pomsky with PetEd’s tug-resistant design, ensuring you and your dog build a trusting bond and enjoy grooming sessions that they actually want (and not run away in fear every time you get the brush!)

PEtEd Slicker Brush

  • Non-pulling and tug-resistant, so you can brush your dog with confidence and ease, which means you’ll be sure to never cause pain to your dog or damage your dog’s coat again.
  • Massaging and gentle, so your dog can enjoy being brushed and fussed, which means you will better bond with your dog and no longer have to fight with them come brushing time. They’ll come to you!
  • Fine, angled bristles, so you can access and groom all parts of your dog’s coat effortlessly to remove dirt, debris, and tangles to ensure it looks clean, shiny, and healthy, which means you can walk your dog with pride and never be embarrassed about their coat condition again.
  • Hair containing, so loose hair isn’t left flying or left around the room, which means a more hygienic and comfortable home for you to enjoy.
  • Large head surface area, so you can collect more hair per brush, which means less time cleaning and a more efficient grooming session
  • One-button automatic cleaning functionality, so you can dispose of shed hair effortlessly, which means less time cleaning up and more time doing the things that matter most to you.
  • Practical size and weight, so you can comfortably hold, use, store, and take it with you on the go, which means you will be free to brush your dog’s coat regardless of where you are.
  • Retractable pins, so you can ensure no damage is done when not in use, which means the brush is much more durable and will last you longer.
  • Purposely designed for dogs with curly coats, so you can be confident on even the most matted of coats. Great for doodle and poodle hybrid dogs, such as your pomsky!

The Best Brushes For Pomskies

PetEd Slicker Brush

My #1 pick for keeping your pomskies coat tangle-free is the PetEd Slicker Brush.

This is actually a brush I went out and sourced for my own dog (Bailey – 6 year old Cockapoo).

I decided to make it publically available.

Here is why.

I wanted a brush that could smoothly work through my Cockapoos coat and rapidly remove mats without irritation.

I worked closely with a supplier to ensure I could obtain a brush that could effectively and safely detangle and collects loose hair without pulling or scratching sensitive skin.

What I love most is the self-cleaning mechanisms and instant hair removal this brush can afford you.

It can gather all shed hairs directly into the bristle base as you brush.

Then you can simply push the button to release the hair for easy cleanup.

No mess or hassle.

Having inspected many of these brushes for quality control, I can ensure you this.

Its a very well made, practical and versatile slicker that is gentle yet effective at penetrating down to the undercoat.

PetEd Slicker Brush For Dogs - The Ultimate Dog Brush for Shedding Hair & Fur & Best Slicker Brush for Doodles, Light Blue, 12.6cm x 19cm x7cm
  • Safe, Gentle, and Stress-Free Grooming: Non-pulling and tug-resistant so you can brush your dog with confidence and ease, your dog can enjoy being brushed and fussed, you will never have to fight come brushing time, and you never feel guilty causing pain to your dog, or damaging their coat ever again. Finally build a trusting bond.
  • Effective, Thorough, and Complete Coat Care: With fine angled bristles, so you can access and groom all parts of your dog's coat effortlessly to remove dirt, debris, and tangles to ensure it looks clean, shiny, and healthy, which means you can walk your dog with pride and never be embarrassed about their coat condition again.
  • Hugely Time-Saving: With hair-containing features (so loose hair isn’t left flying or left around the room), a large surface head area and one-button automatic cleaning functionality, which means less time cleaning and more time for you to do what you enjoy most.
  • Practical, Durable, and Dependable: With retracting pins, a sturdy yet lightweight design, and a built with premium materials, so you can comfortably hold, use, store, and take with you on the go. You will be free to brush your dog's coat regardless of where you are, and no damage is done when not in use, which means the brush is much more durable and will last you longer.
  • Purposefully Designed For Dog & Owner: Created with curly coats in mind, you can be confident regardless of coat type/condition. Ideal for doodle and poodle hybrid dogs, including: Cockapoos, Cavoodles, Maltipoos, Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, Shih Poos, etc.

We Love Doodles Slicker Brush

This is another great brush that has a wealth of positive Amazon reviews, from fellow dog owners.

The problem is; it’s almost double the price of the brush that I can offer you.

You will also need to clean it, manually. There’s no quick hair release like on mine, I’m afraid.

So while it is good, and will certainly do a job, I personally don’t think its as user friendly. And it comes at a higher cost.

We Love Doodles Dog Slicker Brush for Grooming Pet Hair - Best Brushes For Poodle & Golden Doodle - Long Haired Brush For Dogs - Goldendoodle Long Pin Brush For Dematting (Large)
  • ✅ELIMINATE TANGLES, KNOTS & MATS - Our dog brush for long haired dogs makes quick work of messy fur to have your puppy feeling their best. Dog brush for Goldendoodle friends works best as a dog brush for matted hair & a dog brush for shedding.
  • ✅PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DOG GROOMING - A brush that stands above a traditional small slicker brush for dogs our slicker brush for Goldendoodles is designed to easily work through dense & long coats. The ergonomic handle on our slicker brush for small dogs gives you a pet cleaner slicker brush that is easy on your hand & wrist.
  • ✅DOODLE LOVING DESIGN - As a puppy brush for small dogs or a large dog brush for big dogs we designed our long bristle slicker brush for dogs so that every doodle loves it. Use as a poodle brush for grooming dog brush, Goldendoodle brush for curly hair dogs, Labradoodle brush, or any other dog brush for doodles in your life!
  • ✅LONGER & SOFTER PINS - Each of our long pin slicker brush for dogs has soft pins on your dog pin brush measuring close to 1 inch long each for deeper softer brushing. To protect your doodle we bent & angled (at approximately 45 degrees) each pin so it won’t scratch your dog’s skin as you brush them head to tail.
  • ✅We Love Doodles PROMISE - At We Love Doodles we stand by our products & offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues. Contact us through the Amazon messaging system, and we will be happy to assist you. 100% happy doodle owners is what we strive for!

Chris Christensen Oval Slicker Brush

The Chris Christensen slicker brush is a premium option favored by professional groomers. But again, you’ll be paying 3x(+) the price for the privilege.

The extra-long pins are able to provide maximum penetration to detangle and remove loose undercoat hairs.

However, again, the lack of a fur ejector requires manually removing pomsky hair from the brush.

Still an outstanding brush for pomsky coats if you can afford it.

Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush for Dogs (Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Poodles), Groom Like a Professional, Fluff Detangle Style, Saves Time Energy, Coral, Large
  • GROOMERS MIRACLE BRUSH - Best slicker brush for removing matts, fluffing and brushing your dog. A fantastic de-shedding tool Premium “comfort glide” pins will not scratch your dog. 30% more pins than other premium brands this brush does more work with less effort. Ergonomic handle with fantastic comfort grip. Will not slip out of your hand. Makes grooming easier for both home groomers and salon groomers alike.
  • GROOMGRIP - The unique GroomGrip rubber coating is great for using in the bath to prevent the brush from slipping in your hands and its ergonomic handle will help prevent brushing fatigue.
  • DOG BREEDS - It is the best dog slicker brush for Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles because of its ability to remove tangles and mats with ease. Fluff, detangle and style with one tool. Available in three sizes to fit your breed and size of dog.
  • SIZING - Baby - Head: 2 3/8" x 2 3/8". Body: 7 3/8", Medium - Head: 2 3/8" x 3 3/4". Body: 7 3/8", Large - Head: 3 3/4" x 3 3/4". Body: 8"
  • WHY CHRIS CHRISTENSEN - It all started in 1996 when Chris Christensen developed the first true color correcting shampoo for canines and felines. White on White was a catalyst in the evolution of canine coat care. The momentum that followed has allowed Chris Christensen Systems to bring you the finest grooming products ever available in the dog show and pet care worlds.

Why Regular Brushing is Important for Pomskies

The pomsky has a distinctive double coat inherited from both its Pomeranian and Siberian Husky parent breeds. This consists of a soft, dense undercoat covered by longer guard hairs that stand out from the body.

Pomskies can have three different coat varieties – standard, plush, and woolly.

The standard coat is short and harsh like a husky, while the plush coat has longer fur on the tail and ruff like a Pomeranian.

Woolly coats are the longest, with silky, flowing fur all over.

Preventing Painful Mats and Tangles

Regardless of coat type, pomskies need diligent grooming to prevent matting.

Their thick undercoat easily traps dead hairs and debris close to the skin if not brushed out regularly.

It also distributes the coat’s natural oils and allows you to spot any skin issues.

Strengthening Your Bond Through Grooming

Most importantly, grooming time helps you bond with your pomsky.

As you gently brush their coat, they’ll come to see it as a pleasurable activity spent together.

Using Brushing to Monitor Coat and Skin Health

Brush sessions are also a good opportunity to inspect your pomskies coat and skin for any abnormalities needing veterinary attention.

Looking out for signs of parasites, hot spots, or trauma ensures grooming remains a health-protective practice.

What Type of Brush is Best for a Pomsky?

Slicker brushes stand out as a top pick for pomskies, due to their thick double coat. Slicker brushes are designed with fine, closely spaced wire bristles tipped with rounded ends. This allows the brush to glide easily through the pomskies lush outer coat and penetrate down to the soft undercoat below.

Slicker brushes are highly effective at removing loose hair and preventing matting in a Pomskies coat.

The bristles gently untangle knots and wiry fur.

Regular use keeps the coat neat and minimizes shedding around your home.

Look for a slicker brush specifically sized for small to medium breed dogs.

The brush head should be able to make contact with the skin beneath all that fur.

Aim for a brush with gentle, flexible bristles. Avoid anything too stiff or sharp that may scratch the skin.

How Often You Should Brush Your Pomsky?

Pomskies should be brushed at minimum two to three times per week. For pomskies with thicker coats, a propensity for matting, or during shedding season, daily brushing is ideal.

A Pomskies heavy double coat is prone to tangles and knotting.

Without regular brushing, mats and clumps of loose fur can rapidly form.

This leads to discomfort and skin irritation if allowed to progress.

Pomskies are also constant shedders, releasing substantial fur year-round, though they do blow their coat twice a year in a process that typically lasts for 2-3 months.

Frequent brushing keeps the soft undercoat smooth and separates out the loose topcoat hairs before they can clump or shed all over your home.

For pomskies prone to matting or excessive shedding, missing even a few days of brushing can allow issues to develop.

Aim to brush the entire coat, using gentle strokes in the direction of fur growth.

Pay extra attention to dense areas like the mane, tails, and featherings on the legs.

Additional Grooming Tips for Pomskies

  • Reward your pomsky with small treats during and after brushing to reinforce it as a positive experience. Praise them as well.
  • Introduce brushing slowly if your pomsky is anxious or fearful. Let them sniff the brush first and give treats. Go slow.
  • Switch up brushing spots – on your lap, on a table, outside – to keep your pomsky engaged.
  • Check the paws, legs, belly, tail, ears, neck, and rear end for tangles or debris when brushing.
  • Avoid brushing a heavily matted coat. Seek professional de-matting services first to avoid pain and skin damage.
  • Work shed hair out with your fingers as you brush to allow the brush to reach the undercoat.

Final Verdict: Which Brush Should You Get?

If you are looking to easily detangle, groom, and bond with your pomsky, the PetEd slicker brush is the one you are after.

With its gentle yet effective bristles, this brush glides through thick double coats quickly and painlessly.

It smooths out mats, removes loose fur, and keeps skin irritation-free.

Your Pomsky will appreciate the gentle touch!

You’ll also love the brush’s ergonomic handle too, providing a non-slip grip even during long grooming sessions.

But what about buying it?

Amazon provides the fastest shipping and best prices on this must-have grooming tool.

Get your brush now 👇

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