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Best Cat Litter Box For Small Spaces [The One You Need Is…]

Are you and your cat living in a small, cozy space? Are you looking for a litter box that has great features but also allows you to get the most out of a limited living area? If so, I really do understand the struggle. I am here to help!

Besides, finding a litter box that makes your cat happy without taking over your valuable living space can be challenging. 

It’s not usually at the forefront of most manufacturers’ minds!

That’s why I have gone out into the market to find the best litter box options for this particular scenario.

Why? Because I needed one myself!

So, after exploring the options and lining up the features, here is the litter box I recommend:

Best Litter Box For A High Peeing Cat - Cove

Quick Verdict

The Cove cat litter box by Tuft + Paw litter box is my standout option and recommendation.

This award winning litter box was literally designed for small spaces.

It’s easily accessible, easily cleanable and can be lifted and moved with ease.

I also want to present to you an alternative, because I know it’s always good to have options.

So keep reading to find out all you need to know to make that crucial, informed decision.

Best Cat Litter Box For Small Spaces

The Cove Litter Box With Removable Shelter

We love the Cove Litter box for many reasons, but the simple smooth shape is key to helping it fit neatly into small spaces without being an eyesore.

Take a look at the features that make this box a top choice for those with limited living space.

Why The Cove Litter Box Is Great For Small Spaces

Built In Tool Storage

Having a litter box means needing to use the proper tools to keep it clean and tidy.

If you need to find a place to store your tools, that’s one more bit of closet or cabinet space you don’t have for other things.

The Cove Litter box comes with custom-sized cleaning tools – scoop, dustpan, and brush – along with a built-in storage insert.

This means your tools stay neatly in your box and don’t take up any extra space or run the risk of getting lost.

The fact that the tools are provided by the litter box makers is also a plus because they are perfectly sized for easy scooping and cleaning along the edges and corners of the box.

Removable Shelter Wall

Some cats like a little privacy in their litter box, and others need help keeping their urine inside the box.

Litter boxes with large toppers can be too tall and boxy for small spaces. That’s why the Cove’s removable shelter wall is so handy. 

The shelter walls are made of smooth, thin non-stick plastic. They extend the box walls by 8″ for added privacy and protection.

If you have vertical space and need extra high sides, you can easily attach the shelter wall to the box.

If you are limited on box height, the walls can be removed and the box positioned wherever it fits best.

Being able to remove the walls also makes the Cove litter box easy to transport and store whenever you may need to.

Constructed From High-Quality Materials Both In Looks and Function

Review after review mentions the quality of the non-stick material the Cove box is made from.

The material creates a neat, high-end appearance and is extremely easy to clean.

Some plastic boxes quickly show wear and tear or begin to stain after regular use.

The Cove litter box is designed to sustain exposure to multiple types of the litter as well as urine without breaking down or losing visual appeal.

A box made of high-quality materials is important when you are living in a small space and can’t always put the box somewhere out of sight of yourself and your guests.

No-Slip Rubber Base Keeps Box In Its Place

Some cats can be vigorous diggers before and after using their litter box. This can make a box slide and move during use.

If you have limited floor space and your litter box moves or slides across the floor, it can easily get in the way of your walking path or other needed free areas.

Then you run the risk of kids, guests, or other pets hitting the box and knocking it over or spilling litter. 

The rubber base of the Cove litter box is loved for its ability to keep a box in its place before, during, and after use.

This prevents the box from moving into undesired spaces and protects your floors from scratches and scrapes.

For a box that is minimal but stylish in appearance, easy to clean, provides its own tool storage, and stays where it needs to be, you can’t beat the Cove box.

Want to Learn more? You can do so here: Tuft and Paw Litter Box Review

Equally, I know there are some other features you might be looking for in a small space litter box which is why I would like to now present a second, alternate, yet great option for you to explore.

The Choueer ChouBox Automatic Litter Box

For those wanting a box that fits in a small space and that is a change-up from a traditional square box, the Choueer ChouBox checks all the boxes.

Did I mention that it’s also automatic?

Take a look at all the details below.

Why The Choueer Litter Box Is Great For Small Spaces

Automatic Cleaning Keeps Smells Away

Not only is floor space precious in small spaces, but smells can travel quickly through an area.

That’s why having a litter box that keeps cat odor away is vital in small areas.

The Choueer litter box uses automatic cleaning sensors paired with a well-sealed waste drawer and a built-in UV emitter to keep the box clean and odor free.

When you can have a litter box in a small space without creating any unwanted smells, it is always a major win, not to mention the fact that the automatic cleaning feature keeps you from having to do all of the scoopings!

Round Bottom Design Fits Into Unconventional Spaces

For some homes, a traditional rectangular box is a great fit, but if your living space is tight or has an unconventional floor plan, you may find that the curved shape and bottom of the Choueer box better suits your personal space.

Reviewers have said that they enjoy the fact that the Choueer box has an updated look from litter boxes of old that allows it to house large cats without taking up major amounts of valuable square footage on the floor. 

Quiet Operation In Comparison To Other Automatic Boxes

We love automatic boxes for their convenience and for their support of families who aren’t home to do frequent scooping during the day.

However, some automatic boxes can be loud and fill a small space with unwanted noise.

The designers of the Choueer box were aware of the importance of a quiet box, especially in small homes, and worked hard to find a system that cleans the box while keeping noises reduced. 

Another perk is that the high-end sensors of the Choueer box can sense when a cat is considering using the box and will stop automatic cleaning from giving your cat a quiet and comfortable environment. 

Sophisticated Modern Appearance

As we have mentioned before, one of the downfalls of litter boxes in small spaces is that oftentimes keeping them out of sight isn’t an option.

When you have a box like the Choueer with a sophisticated and modern design, you almost want to show it off.

The doming around the box keeps litter out of sight, and the automatic scooping also helps the box maintain a neat and orderly appearance if someone does look in.

The box is white to blend in with many decorating styles.

Many people might look at the Choueer box and not even know it’s a litter box due to its unique shape!

What To Look For In A Litter Box For A Small Space

If you are just starting your hunt for the perfect small space litter box, it doesn’t matter which box you select.

There are some things you will want to look for as you round out your search.

Sides That Are High Enough To Keep Litter From Scattering

When your floor space is limited, you don’t want litter covering the surface. Litter that scatters out of boxes can stick to your socks or feet and can be hard to clean out of carpets.

Scattered litter is more noticeable in small spaces where people might find it necessary to walk through it.

Finding a box with sides that are high enough to prevent litter from escaping is a smart move for a small space litter box.

Whether you like the removable sides of the Cove box or the rounded dome structure of the Choueer box, both options have you covered when it comes to scattering litter control.

An Easy To Clean Box That Helps Keep Odors Down

It’s a fact of the situation that litter boxes in small spaces need more frequent cleaning.

Keeping a litter box clean cuts down on odor that can make a small space unpleasant to be in and also keeps urine and feces out of sight.

A box like the Cove box that has easy tool storage helps keep cleaning utensils organized and saves on needing storage space elsewhere.

An automatic cleaning box like the Choueer sifts waste immediately into a well-sealed drawer that keeps odors from escaping.

Find a box that you feel comfortable cleaning, whether by hand or automatically, and plan to do it frequently when you live in a small space.

A Compact Box That Doesn’t Take Unnecessary Floor Space

Some litter boxes can take up a lot of floor space without actually offering significantly more room for your cat to move, turn, and dig.

Make sure that you are finding a box that provides space for your cat without having an unnecessarily large floor space footprint.

Some boxes are made with sides that flare oddly, that curve outward before connecting to a large, clunky cover, or have elaborate bases that are often unnecessary.

While these boxes might have appeal in some places, they won’t neatly fit into most small spaces.

A Box Whose Appearance You Enjoy

In a small space, there is a large chance that no matter where you place your litter box, it’s going to seem like it is on display.

Your personal tastes matter when choosing a box for a small space. 

Make sure to choose one whose appearance appeals to you and your decorating style.

This makes embracing the box’s presence in tight quarters a much easier task.

Final Verdict

I hope this article has given you some inspiration for picking the best litter box for your cat and your small space.

I love the two boxes recommended, and so do many others.

Those who like simplicity, tradition, and easy storage are going to enjoy everything the Cove box has to offer. 

The removable high sides paired with the clean, classic appearance and no-slip bottom, the fact that it can accommodate any style of litter and is spacious without taking up too much floor space makes it a standout option.

The included custom-fit tools and storage also add to the appeal.

Alternatively, if you have a small space paired with a busy lifestyle and a love of modern technology then snag then you’re going to fall in love with the Choueer Choubox. 

Besides, who doesn’t want an automatic cleaning litter box?!

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